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In search of weight loss, there are several ways to achieve the goals, either with diets or exercises. But the combination of cycling and good nutrition can be very effective and healthy. Food is very important for cycling, whether before, during or after the activity. So, you need to know what to eat before cycling to lose weight before starting a diet with this objective.

First of all, it is necessary to define the goal of losing weight, and balance training with food. As cycling is a combination of aerobic exercises and muscle toning, to practice it you need to generate energy. The best way to generate this energy is by eating properly.

It is important to point out that a walk or a bike workout demands a lot from the body. Thus, energy expenditure is high, increasing appetite after exercise. With that, all caloric loss can be replaced with unbridled eating if not controlled. Therefore, it is important to keep your diet balanced with pedaling, and we will explain all of this below.

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To start losing weight pedaling , it is very important to combine the practice with another sports activity. Thus, after setting a goal to reach the ideal weight, it is important to strengthen yourself. Increasing body strength is important to not always maintain the same intensity in training.

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Doing some more intense workouts is a necessary factor to help with weight loss. Over time, training needs to be changed, adding intensities that increase heart rate and accelerate metabolism after activity. This effect is called EPOC (excess post exercise oxygen consumption), and it allows the body to continue burning post-exercise calories.

But, in order for the intensity to be increased without risking health, strengthening with other activities is necessary. Physical conditioning will strengthen the musculature and prevent injuries. Increased muscle helps in faster weight loss, contributing to the burning of more calories.

However, for all this to have the necessary effect, you need to have good hours of rest for the body. Resting for 6 to 8 hours allows muscle recovery and decreases hunger during the day. Finally, what to eat before cycling to lose weight helps to complete all these points. Food needs to be balanced so that training is not in vain for weight loss.


To meet the goal of pedaling and lose weight, you need to focus on good nutrition before exercising. But what to eat before pedaling to lose weight can raise doubts about the effectiveness of pedaling. Feeding before pedaling is essential to generate energy.

However, if it is a meal rich in sugar and carbohydrates, the goal of losing weight will not be achieved easily. Therefore, you need to focus on foods that generate the energy needed in the body, without high caloric value.

As many workouts are carried out in the morning, this meal can provide good nutritional value before the ride. So, light fruits are an excellent option when combined with grains and cereals, such as:

  • chia;
  • linseed;

The best low-sugar fruit options are:

  • avocado;
  • strawberry;
  • kiwi;
  • litter;
  • pear;
  • tangerine;

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Another food that can be used before pedaling and will help you lose weight is natural yogurt . It is a great source of protein and can be combined with fruits and grains, as well as nuts and cocoa. Along with them, almonds and chocolate with at least 75% cocoa are great antioxidants.

If training is at other times, there are other foods that can be explored for the weight loss cycle. So, some nutritionists recommend sweet potatoes , often used in athletes’ diets, and chicken breast . Potatoes are rich in potassium and iron, and chicken in protein. Both help with muscle growth and weight loss.

Finally, another food that can be used is chicken eggs . It is one of the most popular foods and rich in protein and healthy fats. Therefore, it is a food that many cyclists eat in abundance before training. Eggs are one of the main items in diets and help a lot to generate energy before training. Therefore, eggs, along with these other foods, are essential for losing weight in a healthy way if eaten before cycling.


  • chia;
  • linseed;
  • oat;
  • avocado;
  • strawberry;
  • kiwi;
  • litter;
  • pear;
  • tangerine;
  • blueberry;
  • natural yogurt;
  • nuts;
  • cocoa;
  • sweet potato;
  • chicken breast;


Now that we’ve covered what to eat before cycling to lose weight, let’s explore what to eat after your workout. This meal is just as important as before training, as it needs to be balanced. A very intense pedaling can open the appetite, and therefore, eating in an exaggerated way can be natural.

Therefore, it is important to focus on foods that replenish energy spent in a nutritious way. So, to maintain the goal of losing weight cycling, it is good to eat foods without excess sugar and avoid processed foods . Foods like brown rice and pasta are great sources of post-workout energy.

When the goal is to lose weight, you need to stay away from carbohydrate gels and energy drinks . But there are other supplements for cyclists that can be used, one of them is Whey Protein . He is very good for muscle recovery and complements a meal after pedaling.

To complement the diet after cycling, bananas, oranges and cereal bars also help with recovery. In addition to the high nutritional value, many vitamins and potassium, these foods replace lost electrolytes and do not compromise diets. Finally, meals filled with vegetables are low in calories and high in nutrients. Vegetables help reduce muscle pain and are good energy sources.


It is very important to distinguish the diet of a professional cyclist from an amateur one. For this it is essential to have consultations with nutritionists. But, it is important to point out that professionals ingest high amounts of sugar and carbohydrates due to the intensity of training. They spend a lot of time on the bikes and spend much more energy than those who are just looking to lose weight.

Therefore, what to eat before cycling to lose weight is totally different for professionals. So be careful: don’t follow the diet of professional athletes to lose weight !

The professionals’ diet is tailored to them. They consider the modality, intense daily training, biotype, goals (which may not be others and not lose weight) etc. It is of paramount importance not to follow diet tips for professionals. The goals can even be opposite in this case and food has a lot of influence on them.


Liquids are very important in training , even to lose weight. Fluid loss during training is very high, so it’s always important to hydrate before, during and after. The main liquid is water, and it helps with weight loss because it is not highly caloric. On the contrary, it contains nutrients needed for hydration and energy without compromising diets.

So drinking lots of water always helps with pedaling performance and after training. But, other drinks can also be used, such as coconut water and sugar-free energy drinks help with replacement. The important thing is to hydrate and avoid caloric drinks that do not help with weight loss.


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