What is Mindfulness?

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What is Mindfulness? Like Meditation or not?

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I heard the word Mindfulness for the first time because a foreign friend said it to me.

Which is strange because as a Thai who grew up in a Buddhist context Instead, I had to ask a foreigner to explain to me what it means to live in the present.

What is Mindfulness (pronounced mine-full-ness) and what does it have to do with mindfulness or mind (Mind)?

The word Mindful means perception or feeling. It means you are aware of what is happening. Know what you are doing and aware of your surroundings Some might call this ‘Living in the present’

Is mindfulness really that important? At times, our brains or minds may become so distracted or drifting that we cannot control them. Sometimes it makes us feel anxious about the future or think about what we have done in the past. And these thoughts can make us feel sad or even paranoid.

In this article, I will not talk about ‘Living in the present’ in a very religious way. I would rather introduce the overall idea of ​​Mindfulness because I believe that every teaching of each religion has its own pros and cons.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness or ‘being conscious’ is that we stay conscious in the present. aware of what we are facing or doing And it’s that we don’t feel that the surroundings are pressing or dangerous to ourselves beyond reality.

And Mindfulness is what we reach by practicing paying attention to our thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

no matter how many problems around us We are still where we are. We understand what our duty is. and understand your own emotions For some people, Mindfulness or living in the moment is very easy to do. But for some people it’s hard to do.

In fact, for Thai people Theory of living in the present (Mindfulness) is what is cultivated in the study of Buddhism. But just having someone to talk to and explain to us doesn’t mean we’ll understand Mindfulness well.

Mindfulness is something that must be realized by oneself. That doesn’t mean we can’t learn it. There are a number of techniques that can help us stay aware of the present moment. Whether it’s sitting, standing, walking or breathing, everything can be coordinated with Mindfulness.

Some people call these activities meditation, breathing exercises, or yoga. But in reality we can do more than that.

What You Should Know About Mindfulness

The word Mindfulness or consciousness can actually be translated into Thai straightforwardly. But let me elaborate more on what it means and what you need to know about Mindfulness.

  1. Mindfulness is nothing new or trendy– it has been around for a long time. is also instilled in us since childhood It is the perception of who we are and what we are feeling. Some people or some religions may call Mindfulness differently, but the concept and benefits are still the same.
  2. We don’t have to do anything new to get Mindfulness– Mindfulness is not something we have to work hard to get. It’s not something that comes from outside. But consciousness is perception from within. And there is a scientific way to help us reach Mindfulness.
  3. We don’t have to change– Mindfulness is about recognizing and being your best selves. It’s not that we have to change ourselves. or go through failures or disappointments
  4. Anyone Can Do It– Practicing Mindfulness is not something that requires you to change your beliefs or who you are. Therefore, no matter who you are what religion do you believe You too can reap the benefits of practicing mindfulness.
  5. It’s a way of living– Mindfulness is not something you can practice for just a few minutes a day and then stop. If your heart can live in the present You will be aware of everything you do in life. Of course, the stress and pressure in everyone’s life will also be less. Even the smallest things can make you happy.
  6. Science– Mindfulness is not just a belief. Scientifically proven and clinically proven, Mindfulness has positive effects on your physical health, happiness, work life and social life.
  7. Mindfulness creates innovation– As the world enters an era where everything is complicated, difficult to understand and uncertain, always ready to change. Coming back to mindfulness will allow us to see the real problems and solve them effectively.

Mindfulness and happiness are two words that we often hear together. If interested, you can read the article on What is true happiness?

Are Mindfulness and Meditation the same?

The words Mindfulness, Meditation and Mindfulness Meditation are words that come together over and over.

But overall there are some differences between the two.

For me, Meditation is one way to enter Mindfulness or Present Awareness. This will lead to a popular term called Mindfulness Meditation, which is meditation to reach the state of Mindfulness.

Or some people may translate Meditation as concentration and Mindfulness as ‘consciousness’, both of which are very similar and related.

As I said There are many ways to understand or reach Mindfulness, but Mindfulness Meditation is the most talked about method.

In principle, the word meditation is not just a Buddhist practice. Because meditation is about entering a state of peace, comfort and bliss. our body and our minds (Read more at How to keep calm, not distracted )

whether self-awareness or access to peace is to live with that present moment

Mindfulness in Psychology

Psychologically, mindfulness is a tool that helps us become more aware of our own mind and emotions.

because over the past several years People are beginning to understand the importance of Mental Health and Emotional Health, which means mental health and emotional health.

Whether it’s helping to reduce disadvantages caused by depression (Depression) or anxiety (Anxiety), Mindfulness can be used to help (but it also requires knowledge and advice from a doctor).

I think our world today When human beings are able to overcome their own five factor problems That is to have a house, food, medicine, and clothes to wear. What humans have discovered is a mental gap that has never been encountered before. And this problem is multiplied because it is a problem that cannot be solved by anyone. In addition, we have to recognize and find the answer ourselves. For example, in the case of having everything but not being happy

I wrote this article. Because I want to present the word Mindfulness from many perspectives besides the religious perspective. Because the benefits of Mindfulness can be used in many ways both in psychology. and medical

I hope everyone understands more about Mindfulness. I do not know what techniques each person has to help. ‘Live in the moment’ or not? How effective are these techniques? If you have any suggestions, you can comment or share them below.


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