What is happiness? How to find happiness in your own way

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Everyone in this world wants to find happiness in their own way. No one wants to live without happiness. Because all ages of people want to give yourself a good feeling. to oneself and others

Therefore, it is normal if in the week that some days you will experience feelings of happiness, satisfaction, dissatisfaction or happiness. But in fact, the happiness that happens, do we know that it can happen? because others have given it to us Or we can discover happiness by ourselves. And there are still many people who still don’t know what true happiness is.

what is happiness

Happiness ( Happiness ) means the result of feeling that you feel liked. or being satisfied with something in life Happiness is what feeds our inner souls to feel good each day. No feelings of stress, anxiety, or any frustration.

Everyone wants to be happy. Because happiness results in good energy. until it makes me feel that life still has good things waiting for us to experience many encounters and are able to spend their daily lives with others in society smoothly

what makes us happy

Many people would have wondered if So what can make yourself happy? and if you want to make yourself a happy person How should I act?

#1 Self-respect and self-worth

You’re one of those people who often feels like you’re not good enough, not talented enough, or that you don’t have the confidence to do something. And keep blaming yourself all the time?

If these thoughts make you feel bad about yourself. and have a very negative effect on you

That’s why you may feel unhappy with your life. Because even yourself, you are not able to respect and respect yourself at all. In addition, he also seeks to claim various things to slander himself. By choosing to overlook the good value in oneself, so if we can start to know how to respect and appreciate ourselves first. It is considered a good starting point for living a happy life.

#2 Positive Thinking or Optimism

Several studies have shown that positive thinking or that optimism It affects work efficiency as well, so people who are optimistic are often the ones who have the strength, morale and creativity to create impressive work.

That makes people think positive. Or optimistic, always see happiness. So much fun that the world has always offered.

even if there is a problem These people will try to look for advantages in that. and pay attention to it to turn crisis into opportunity or lead to a solution to the next problem Instead of focusing on the problem until it can’t find a solution Therefore, it is not surprising that these people are always happy. Even in some situations where others may be seen as something that is unlikely to make them happy

#3 Receiving love from others

Receiving love from others is like a well-cared-for plant. Whether it’s watering, shoveling, fertilizing, etc., which is what allows the tree to continue to grow and live. And people who do not receive love are like plants that lack care and gradually wither and wait for death little by little. Therefore, receiving love from others is an important factor that will help fill our hearts. to be able to return to life and can live happily again

#4 Laughing

It is considered one of the secrets that can make people happy. This has been confirmed by both medical and psychological researchers who agree that laughter is beneficial. This is because laughter causes your body to release a substance that helps with certain pain conditions. And it also helps to increase creativity as well.

Whether it’s a little giggling or a hearty laugh. It will make us feel good and happy every time we laugh.

but must be careful about the timing Don’t laugh at the wrong place at the wrong time. because it may cause trouble for yourself So always keep in mind that you don’t try to have unnecessary expectations. or too serious about life Try to laugh at your surroundings. Then happiness will happen to us.

How to find happiness in your own way

#1 Not comparing yourself to others.

I believe that many people would have thought that they were not as good as that person. Doesn’t look as good as that person. or was born with a financial status that is not as rich as this person after thinking like this I made myself feel why the world is so unfair. So how can we be happy like this?

I want you to ask yourself again if you’re not happy these days because the world is really unfair. Is that so? Or simply because you have feelings of jealousy caused by comparing what others have. but I don’t have pressure or have thought what you have Not as good as others

When this kind of feeling arises in your heart It’s hard to be happy with what you have. And even if everyone can be like one person, we will have to meet someone who is superior to us in many ways. The side appeared again and again. Become a whirlpool of suffering caused by comparing oneself with others, never ending.

Therefore, choosing not to compare yourself to others. therefore accepting what one has and what you are when you can accept yourself can be happy by being yourself without paying attention to the negative voices of others

#2 Finding likes and act on it

Being able to do what you love may be called It is the most enviable thing in the world that has it all. Because we live with what we love every day, it naturally allows us to feel joy, enjoyment and happiness in our own way. and people who know what they like or love anything and did what he loved is the luckiest person

But for some people who still can’t find what they like, that’s okay. This may require going out into more experiences and giving yourself a little more time. because sometimes we can’t find ourselves Maybe it’s because we waste too much time on the things of those around us. I forget to think about myself. Because we never find time to have a serious conversation with ourselves.

So try to find time to be with yourself. Concentrate and ask yourself if what are we doing What are you good at, what do you want to do and what are your goals in life, etc. It will gradually allow us to process thoughts that What exactly do we want to do?

In the end, if you are able to find what you like. You might feel very emotional. Because it’s all around you, or within yourself. For example, you might find that your happiness lies in having a cute animal. And you can just want to raise it with love.

#3 Spending time with the people we love.

I’m referring to spending time with the people we love. And the other party must be loved by us as well. Everyone has someone they love. Whether it’s friends, lovers, family members. or even their own cute pets

When spending time together often It will become a relationship development. resulting in a bond and more concern for each other until the feeling of wanting to spend more time together and when they meet and spend time doing activities together will naturally cause happiness to follow automatically

which if some people are people who have few friends Or don’t have someone to know your side, it’s okay, you still have your parents. or family members who is always ready to spend happy time together with you In today’s world, even though they live in different hemispheres, people can now see face to face and talk to each other through the screen on their smartphones. It makes it easier to spend time together than before.

and if you are a person who loves animals You too can spend this happy time with your pet.

I once had a friend who lovingly raised a hamster. He always happily spends his free time chatting with his hamsters. Tell the story of yourself encountering each day. Teach me to do here and there or build a house for it treated like a member of the family

But in the end it didn’t care. He could only laugh fondly at the innocence of that mouse. Sounds incredibly happy, so whether it’s a person or a pet, if we have love to give. Then we received a response that could fill our hearts. It will make us happy to happen.

will notice that Happy people tend to create and maintain good relations with people in society including friends and family And don’t forget to respect and look for your own worth. Try to stay positive by being optimistic. Just this will bring happiness to a certain extent.

Finally, we should go out and live. and make every moment of life to the fullest Our life is short Don’t waste your time on the feud. or conflicts with others without any necessity There are no shortcuts. that can lead to a good life But we can gradually Build it with your own strength and willpower. We will surely find the happiness we are looking for.


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