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This one goes out to anyone who works in software construction: you only need to change a single file that is part of a mess of many others, but you end up making mistakes in the code and doing something stupid, not being able to go back to correct it.

It’s frustrating, right? GitHub can  be a solution to this type of problem, among many others.

The tool allows developers to have a simplified way to manage the source code of some type of software in real time , including the history of changes and a repository in the cloud based on a version control system (VCS), Git. Shall we understand better?

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What is Git and how does it work?

Before entering GitHub, it is necessary to understand what this Git is, which is basically a tool for code targeting. In other words, it allows the user to manage the changes made to a code without the mess when working simultaneously with more collaborators.

Git provides a timeline on which project point controls are made, the so-called ‘commits’, which record what each user did at that particular moment of change, also allowing these same actions to be undone, going back to previous stages .

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Git also makes it possible to create ‘branches’, that is, branches of the main timeline, so that work can be done in parallel without compromising the code of the main line. It is also possible to merge everything using the ‘merge’ function, once approved by other contributors, of course.

And what is GitHub?

Founded in 2008,  GitHub has more than 25 million active users and is already one of the most sought after solutions for teams working in the area. In addition to serving to store, track and collaborate on software projects , the platform is also a social network that encourages the interaction and collaboration of other users beyond closed groups.

Other advantages of using the Microsoft tool include:

  • learning from other programmers;
  • the presentation of the profile as a real portfolio in the best LinkedIn style;
  • being able to monitor and even collaborate on projects from the most different teams;
  • solicit help from other professionals to solve problems in their own projects;
  • have access and control of different versions of a code in the cloud.

Usage and plans

If GitHub is not previously installed on your PC, just download the installer and carry out the entire process requested by the application. After that, the user only needs to register an account within the platform, providing information for creating a login and password.

Done, GitHub will now be available for the user to browse as he pleases, allowing him to create a repository to start programming or enter other people’s projects, for example.

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It’s good to point out that GitHub is free . However, it offers paid versions for those who demand more resources and storage space. The plans are:

  • Free: offers public and unlimited repositories, 2 thousand monthly minutes of automation and 500 MB of storage space;
  • Team: for BRL 21 per month, the plan goes beyond the features offered by the free version, providing up to 2 GB of storage space and the possibility of multiple users interacting in a project, in addition to wikis, 3,000 minutes of automation and much more.
  • Enterprise: offering all the features of previous plans, the supreme version of the tool still brings automatic code updates, premium support and a modest 50 GB of storage. Enterprise costs BRL 110 per month.

Uniting brains, shortening paths

We are used to attributing great technological innovations to leading names in the field, such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. But anyone who knows this market better knows that there are millions of minds working together behind the scenes.

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GitHub has the differential of capitalizing all this interactive and collaborative space in just one place, expanding a whole universe of new ideas, and many of them gain reinforcement to get off the ground.

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There are no barriers within the software development ecosystem that GitHub cannot break, and it is even difficult to imagine a current scenario without it, just as we see the impossibility of people simply abandoning social networks, for example. It’s a concept that has definitely caught on with the public and is here to stay.

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