Warning sign! Burn out symptoms How do you cope?

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Warning sign! Burn out symptoms How do you cope?

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In the past several months, many people have to work from home. Wake up early and turn on the computer and sit at work. online meeting or talk to some customers The daily work routine will continue like this, and working at home in the beginning felt fun and productive. concentrate on work Focus on every piece to the fullest with every task No matter how early you have to wake up or how late you go to bed, you will not be able to fight back. But as time goes on, working from home means you don’t have time for yourself. which most of the time is spent working It turns out that working at home is harder than working at the office. Until starting to feel tired, bored, stressed, depressed, lack of concentration, lack of motivation to work I don’t want to wake up to work at all. And want the working day to be over quickly. These things that happen may be because you are in a state of burnout at work (Burnout Syndrome).

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What is Burnout Syndrome?

Burnout Syndrome which is caused by the state of change in the mind caused by chronic accumulated stress and exhaustion from excessive work until affecting both physical and mental condition It can make you feel tired, exhausted, bored, depressed, and indifferent to everything. I don’t want to grab anything feel like a failure No motivation to work, no happiness, no enjoyment of work as usual. Work efficiency is reduced. and began to have negative thoughts about work These symptoms may affect the body, such as headaches, insomnia, etc. Although the initial symptoms of Burnout Syndrome may not be as severe as depression. But if you continue to let yourself live in the same environment and mental state, there is a chance that you will eventually develop depression.

Causes of Burnout Syndrome

The main cause of Burnout Syndrome is mostly caused by work at work. There is chronic stress that has not been resolved. Excessive workload or workload The difficulty of the task plus the amount of time given was too short. As a result, it cannot work as intended. lack of performance I feel like I’m under pressure, stress, relying on no one to help or be a consultant at all. making it feel like being alone incompatible with others In addition, they do not receive compensation that is worth their dedication to work. As these accumulate more Until it made me feel that I had run out of energy to work.

8 Ways to Cope with Burnout Syndrome

Of course, no one would want to give it to themselves. must be in a state of Burnout Syndrome or a state of power outage in work But when you start to realize that there is a tendency to happen to yourself should prepare ways to deal with and manage it Today we have 8 easy ways to cope when you are faced with blackout at work. What’s there? let’s see

1. Modify the way of working

The first thing to deal with when encountering Burnout is to adjust the way you work. should work but fit Don’t work too hard or work beyond your strength or ability. Should choose a job that is good and has expertise. and should organize new work By ordering the importance of the work. which work should be done before or after Importantly, should not bring work back to do at home. and if assigned a task that is urgent which you estimate cannot perform this task. should consult directly with the supervisor to find a good solution together

2. Communicate more with others.

which some work cannot be done alone Will have to work with a large group of people through various departments until the job is completed. Therefore, when working with other people It should be more communication. Whether it’s talking about general matters, including the work. have a joint consultation Help each other solve problems or ask for help. Discuss work stress Whether it’s colleagues, supervisors or subordinates to help create a more pleasant working atmosphere. And you will no longer feel alone.

3. Get enough rest

When working too hard or having a heavy workload Should sleep and rest enough. Don’t try to think that you’re sleeping just like that for your body. Because you must not forget that you are not a robot that can command your body. Sometimes the mouth says But the body may not be able to. Feeling tired, dull brain, blurry brain, dull head, can’t think of work, in the end, have to sit and stress with work for no reason. Anyone who stays up late should change their sleeping habits. Focus on both the quantity and quality of sleep. Which a good rest should be about 6-8 hours and should sleep for the right time.

4. Modify the working environment

Try to adjust the new work environment. May arrange a new work desk Decorate with plants to help add freshness to work or anyone working from home, try to change a new work corner and should not use the bedroom as an office. should be separated into clear proportions

5. Find inspiration for work

If when you work too hard or start to feel tired, discouraged, discouraged from working I suggest you look for inspiration. encourage yourself in order to rekindle the working flame whether to increase their own skills to increase Find books that help build morale to read. Find new social circles to open up new perspectives and experiences. to inspire you to work for yourself

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6. Find a relaxing activity

No matter how hard you work I should have time to rest. If there are activities to do during your free time To relax the brain, such as playing music, listening to soothing music, watching movies, watching series, favorite stories, playing games, especially now, PS5 promotional price. Anyone who likes to play games can’t miss it. It will reduce stress from working well. or looking for activities that require physical strength like planting trees Exercise for about 2 hours a day, it will help you relax. Give your brain a break from having to think about work. Plus get good health and strength as well. Or you can go to the shopping mall and eat delicious food as well, no matter what activities you can do. Just do it and feel relaxed.

7. Find time to take yourself on vacation.

In addition to finding activities to do during your free time You should find a free day or vacation, take your family or arrange a group of friends to hang out at various tourist attractions and spend the night in a good atmosphere, either the mountains or the sea. To relax from the tiredness of work. Reduces accumulated stress There is still time for myself to relax more. and spending time with family makes him happy Recharge your life before starting to work again.

8. Change your perspective of thinking.

Train yourself to be a positive person. Seeing anything, don’t be prejudiced about everything. Be optimistic, know how to appreciate, appreciate yourself. Ready to learn and how to deal with various problems well. Look for opportunities in crises. Even in what you think is not good You should look for something good hidden in it. Another thing that should be done is to reduce the commitment. too high self-confidence and should not expect anything that is too high should live based on reality If you can do these things It will help you not to fall into a state of blackout in work.

You see, dealing with Burnout Syndrome or burnout at work. It’s not as difficult as many people think. Because every problem always has a solution. But the important thing to solve the problem to get good results. is to know first what the real problem is If you know then start fixing there. like people who know themselves that they are in a state of burnout in work Let’s start fixing from yourself. Then all problems will be gradually resolved well. Just have to accept and stick to the basics of reality. but if anyone still feels that the symptoms have not improved It is advisable to consult a medical professional. in order to continue to treat symptoms


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