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Exercise 1.

After watching the introductory video, we have to cross the bridge. Then we get trained. We look around with the mouse, when the military appears, we hide behind the car on the left by pressing the “Space”. If you stay behind cover for a while and do not receive damage, then health will automatically begin to regenerate. We cling to the next car and press two buttons at the same time – “W” and “Space” to climb over the shelter. We run further, we take the grenades from the box by pressing “F”. We kill four zombies, trying to get straight to the bottom. Hold down the left mouse button and aim. Then we throw a grenade with the right mouse button. If you just press the right mouse button, then the grenade will turn into an ordinary mine. Next, we select a canister of gasoline and pour over the enemies trapped in the trap. Ignite the fuel with the right mouse button. We pick up a gas bottle. With it, you can stun (LMB) and set fire (RMB) enemies. What we do with the three military. Their commander arrives and sees how we easily dealt with his people, and assigns us to guard the control room. The big, red button should never be pressed! Or is it still possible? Well, let’s try…

Task 2.

We get a job at the Sexshop and immediately begin to work on collecting finished napkins. Hold down the right mouse button to blow the garbage lying on the floor into the vacuum cleaner. Soon mothers will burst into the building, who are against such behavior of visitors in this depraved place. Therefore, they will start to destroy everything. We collect scarves on the second floor, but we deal with mothers not on the first. To drive them away, it is enough to shoot from the vacuum cleaner with finished napkins until they start to vomit.

Task 3.

You need to collect fifteen cats using mint as bait. We take the catnip from the box nearby and, seeing the cat, we spray the miraculous drug on the ground. We take away the drugged cat by pressing “F”. Having collected three cats, annoying Japs will begin to interfere with us, which will be reborn endlessly. So it’s best to ignore them, but by the way, you can kill a couple to get a weapon on your hands.

We were unlucky again: the employer was “closed” by the police and, accordingly, we can’t see the money as our own ears.

Task 4.

Protect playboy star Jennifer from crazy moms by shooting exclusively with a stun gun. To “disable” them, aim and hold down the left mouse button. Only fifteen mothers, which need to be neutralized. We act quickly and mercilessly, if we delay, the police will soon appear. As a reward for the work done, we get a day … no, unfortunately, not money, but just a stun gun and a shovel.

Task 5.

In search of dough, the Dude goes to the loot market. Here we have to make a choice, we, perhaps, will go on a good path. We destroy the fanatics who are aggressive against the cops. We kill the first enemy and take away the ammunition for the weapon or the weapon itself, if we didn’t have it before. We clean the hall of the first floor, and then the offices on the first and second floors. We open all the doors that can only be opened. At the end, a certain mini-boss will appear – a guy with a badger. He is slightly stronger than his allies, but still easily killed.

Task 6.

The police took Dude to work at the station. Before becoming a full-fledged defender of law and order, we will pass a small test. Lieutenant Shlemosos will control our work to neutralize the homeless. We deafen the shocker of all those who are without uniform in the police station.

Rebellious homeless people arrive with reinforcements. Now they have become a serious problem. On the way to the basement to the boss, we help the cops deal with enemies. We visit the courtyard, a warehouse with weapons, an infirmary. We make sure that the Helmosos does not lag behind us! Since, if he is not with us, then we will not be able to move beyond the infirmary.

Task 7.

Now we are in the role of a real policeman. We go to the streets of the city to fight crime. Since there is no map in the game, you will have to navigate the terrain yourself. Let this not scare us, because the city here is not so big. The list of tasks consists of the following crimes:

1) “Stop the vandal and prevent him from destroying the car” – we neutralize the criminal with pepper spray or a stun gun.

2) “Punish a drunken bum who is pissing right on the street” – we stop the villain in the same way.

3) “Walk in the park” – we stun the robber until he sees us (the park is located behind the police station).

4) “Deal with the robbers of the pawnshop” – three armed guys stand in our way, we quickly deal with them.

5) “Separate two suckers fighting near the pharmacy” – it’s really quite simple here: we stun the first and catch up with the second.

6) “Stop a cat attacking people” – a cat can also be silenced with a shocker.

Having completed all these small tasks, we proceed to the more complex one. It is necessary to destroy twenty-five Taliban (you can use weapons). In fact, there are many more and they are scattered throughout the city. But the amount indicated in the assignment is enough for us.

Task 8.

Get hurt! We will save Uwe Bol himself, although we understand that this is not necessary. We stun thirty distraught Protestants. We do not use weapons! Only a stun gun and pepper spray will help us in this difficult task. We act quickly and mercilessly until they bury our beloved Uwe Bol alive.

Task 9.

A call comes in on Dude’s phone. The building was taken over by angry schoolchildren. They don’t really know how to shoot, but mothers arrived to replace them! Girls from Playboy and … Sergey Mavrodiy will help to deal with them. We clean the slot machine hall from enemies, trying not to hurt our allies and visitors.

Task 10.

After such a massacre in the city, the lieutenant sends us to the border to guard it from al-Qaeda immigrants. We destroy thirty Taliban and do not allow their crossing to the territory of America. However, you can miss exactly fifteen opponents.

There is a town near the border that is still inhabited by the Taliban. We search every lane in search of opponents. They can hide anywhere, especially since their attention is directed to the extermination of the inhabitants of the city.

Task 11.

Fanatics attacked the animal laboratory and released all the maddened monkeys and cats. Let’s take them down. Cats are certainly easier to kill than nimble monkeys. We deal with twenty animals and pass further through the opened gate.

Our main enemy is the rhinoceros. Use the laser pointer to control the monkey. You need to hold LMB and indicate the place where the animal should run. We make it so that the rhino crashes into the capsules, thereby killing itself. If the monkey dies, then we will become a bait and with our body we will try to destroy the thug.

Task 12.

Let’s clean up the city from crime, as we did earlier.

1) “Defuse the robbers” – we stun two escaping with money.

2) “Stop the mad macaques” – we kill ten monkeys.

3) “Teach granny a lesson!” – we stop the old woman until she killed the unfortunate.

4) We pass into the alley, where we kill the snipers who have settled on the second floor.

5) “Stop the fight” – we deal with the gang members who staged a brawl right in the center of the street.

And the last thing: we are moving forward, where we come across fanatics who attacked lovers of tasty, but unhealthy food. We destroy them, wasps will help us with this.

Task 13.

We are given a uniform and sent to the hell – the Taliban camp. We kill forty opponents and get to the big red mansion. On the ground floor there is a warehouse with a huge amount of weapons. We go upstairs and exit to the balcony. Turning left, go to the end and stun Al.

Task 14.

We deal with ecotologists who attacked the farm. Then we save Randy Johnson, who is riding a rhinoceros. We already know that this is a dangerous beast. And you can only stun him when he crashes into something. In this case, we use columns.

Task 15.

The mayor is pleased with our work and therefore gives a promotion. Now we will personally protect him from encroachment. We accompany the mayor to the city, preferably on our own two feet, and not on a Segway. Since it is difficult to constantly get out of it to kill the attacking Taliban mayor. We get to Daveland and find out that in fact the mayor is in cahoots with the Taliban, led by Osama bin Laden! And this whole shootout was a show.

Task 16.

We set off in pursuit of three freaks – Osama, Dave and Mayor Ron. We get to the maze and turn left. We get out to the amusement park, where we overtake the enemies. Dave tries to install plutonium to blow the fuck up. All three bosses are very hardy, and therefore, competent planning is indispensable. We’ll have to use cover and run back in time. We try to separate and deal with them one by one.

Task 17.

Venezuelan troops arrived in the city, led by Huga Chavez. We need to get out of here as soon as possible. Now we don’t give a fuck about everyone and everything. No reputation is either evil or bad. We kill everyone who gets in our way. Main note: we move slowly, killing the ferocious military. Otherwise, we simply cannot get out of the city. Our faithful dog Champ will help us. The enemies of the Venezuelans, those in blue uniforms, treat us neutrally. But if during a firefight you hit at least one, then we will have exactly one more problem.

We get to the leader of the Venezuelans Hugo Chavez. It is necessary to shoot the tank, or rather the rocket launcher, machine gun and cannon. To begin with, let’s start with a machine gun, then a cannon and a rocket launcher. We must hide behind the barricade on the left until we deal with the machine gun. And only after that we can safely run around the territory, dodging missiles and killing the military. Well, the game is ove


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