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Beyond: Two Souls is David Cage’s most controversial game. If Fahrenheit , Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human were received well, then in the case of “Beyond”, the players and journalists were divided into two camps. Now not only owners of Sony consoles, but also those who prefer to play on PC can get acquainted with this project. In this guide, we will tell you how to complete Beyond: Two Souls.

Complete walkthrough of Beyond: Two Souls |  PLAYER ONE

Beware spoilers! The game assumes two narrative options – consistent and “torn”, as in the early films of Quentin Tarantino. Our walkthrough describes the second case.

walkthrough of Beyond: Two Souls

Chapter 1. “Experiment”

Here you need to master a little unusual control. Get up and go to the doctor. When Jodie is wearing a helmet, call Aiden and see what cards the woman in the other room chooses. Display these symbols on your table. After that, you will be asked to move items. As soon as the woman screams, you can abort the experiment.

Chapter 2. “Embassy”

Talk to Ryan, meet the Sheikh, then go right to the toilet. Lock yourself in the booth and call Aiden. Controlling the ghost, move to the second floor. The central room contains the documents you need, but first you need to go to the room on the left and turn off the cameras. To do this, distract the guard with a mug and click on the monitor. Now go through the double doors, open the drawer in the desk and press the button. The picture will move. Hack the safe and throw documents on the floor. Jody will rewrite them. After that, wash your face and leave the embassy

Chapter 3

Here you will participate in a teenage party. You can drink alcohol, smoke, dance, kiss and even demonstrate Aiden’s skills. In any case, when it comes to presenting gifts, Jody will be locked in the closet. Get out with the help of a ghost. You can punish offenders and even start a fire in the house or just leave.

Chapter 4

Go to Nathan’s office and talk to him. You can show Aiden’s power if you like.

Chapter 5. “Welcome to the CIA”

You will find an obstacle course, training battle, shooting and stealth. If necessary, use Aiden to distract the enemy or move into one of the soldiers. Difficulties should not arise.

Chapter 6. “Olava”

As soon as the police enter the train, wake up Jody. Run away from the cops. When possible, ask Aiden to break the window and get out onto the roof. Activate the ghost shield and jump down. Run away through the forest from the special forces, fight off the dogs with the help of QTE. When you get to the motorcycle, move into one of the cops , take a gun and shoot in the air. Steal the bike. When you need to drive past the checkpoint, use the shield.

On the streets of the city, Jody will again be ambushed. Move into special forces and make them kill each other. When they come to the building where the girl sat down, make the helicopter fall .

Chapter 7

Wander around the house until mom asks for help. Open the door near the stairs and take the olive oil. After that, you can go for a walk. Get dressed and go out. Go to the fence on the left, with the help of a ghost, break a hole in it and join the snowball fight. When one of the boys starts rubbing snow on Jody’s face, set Aiden on him. If you want to find out important plot information, switch to the ghost and eavesdrop on the conversation of your parents. After that, try to sleep.

Chapter 8. «Condenser»

Get out of the car, go to the entrance to the building and go inside. With the help of Aiden, repair the elevator and go into it. Read the memoirs of a dead person. Get down to the laboratory and move forward. Clear the path with Aiden – press buttons to open doors, drop cabinets and break glass partitions. Continue to study the memory of the dead if you want to learn more plot information. When you get to the fireman’s body, push the fire extinguisher with Aidenand extinguish the flame. Periodically, you will have to dodge evil spirits and attacks from people whose bodies they control. When you get to the corridor covered with ice, take the card key from the doctor in the far corner of the room on the right. After that, Jody will be attacked by zombified people. Fight them off with a QTE and then use Aiden’s abilities. While Jodie is running towards the Capacitor shutdown lever, you need to attack the ghosts that are trying to kill her.

Chapter 9

Try to make a phone call. Walk until you fall exhausted. As Aiden, ward off evil spirits and hit the trash can to get the attention of the homeless. This man will take the girl to his friends. Have a hot drink, talk to new friends. When you come to the edge, Stan will turn to you – you need to get money. There are many ways, the easiest of them is to hack an ATM using Aiden. When Stan goes to buy food, he will be attacked by scumbags. Beat them up.

As soon as the girl starts giving birth, run to the supermarket, use the ghost to open the doors and turn off the surveillance cameras . When the homeless takes everything you need, return. It is necessary to provide the room with warmth, lay a mattress and take delivery.

At night you will wake up from the fire. Run forward, open doors along the way and save the homeless. Jimmy does not want to jump, you need to move into him and make the jump. To save Saturday and her daughter, protect them with a ghostly shield, then destroy the wall. Jump from the third floor.

Chapter 10

Change clothes, get the bunny out of the suitcase and go to bed. Switch to Aiden and interact with the flashlight. When evil spirits attack Jodie, you will have to drive them away.

Chapter 11

As Aiden, possess Cole and open the door. Switch to Jody and move to the exit. Near the locked door, take the pass from the man and go forward. Talk to the guard, when he asks why Cole is silent, be sure to answer him . Get the guy to drive and have Jody hide in the trunk . When the car stops, send the guy to the forest. The girl will be in the bar. There you can order lemonade and then play billiards. As soon as you are attacked, start destroying everything around, playing as Aiden. After that, you can move into the bartender and shoot the villains or let them go in peace.

Chapter 12. “One”

You are faced with a choice – strangle your adoptive father or leave him alone.

Chapter 13. “Navajo”

The first half of this chapter is no problem – Jody will find shelter with the local Indians. She will have dinner, talk and sleep. To leave the room, use Aiden, he will turn the key. Help the Indians with the housework – bring water from the well and fill the bale price. After dinner, go outside and calm the excited horse. Take a shower. When the storm starts, get ready to run from the evil spirit Ye’iitso. He will grab you, but Aiden will come to the rescue.

The next morning, saddle the tamed horse and ride with the Indian. Aiden will have to clear the windmill. Run after the ghost to the ruins. When you see a corpse and strange objects, interact with them to learn about the events of the past.

Run to the farm, save Paul first. To drive away the evil spirit, you need to perform a ritual. Talk to the old lady. Light a fire with wood and gasoline. Deploy the talismans and use Aiden to drive Ye’iitso away. After the funeral, talk to the shaman and study the rock art in the cave.

Chapter 14

Talk to Nathan, Cole and Ryan, pack your things and leave.

Chapter 15

You need to get ready for a date. Get home. Books – on the shelf, CDs – in the nightstand, boxes – in the trash. Take a shower, change into a nice dress and choose what dish to cook. The easiest option is to order a pizza. Don’t go outside.

Aiden is unhappy. Playing as him, you can ruin the date or do nothing. In the second case, you can see a romantic scene.

Chapter 16

All you have to do is pick up the book in the next room and give it to Newton.

Chapter 17. «Assignment»

Distract opponents by moving the barrels, then switch to Jody and knock them out. You can order Aiden to choke them if you like. When you get to the person who knows Jemal’s location, check out his memoirs . Move on, killing everyone in your path. When you meet the boy, heal him. Trouble in battle can only be delivered by a machine gunner. Kill him by possessing the soldier who is standing nearby.

During the next operation, protect Jody and the boy with a ghost shield. When you get to the jeep, move into one of the soldiers and kill two people. Get him behind the wheel, and let Jody hide in the back. Drive forward past the checkpoint. After that, a “shootout” awaits you, in which you will need to kill Jemal. Take pictures of his dead body and use the ghostly shield to get out of there. Aiden has to heal Jody’s wound.

Chapter 18

The entire chapter consists of a long conversation with Cole.

Chapter 19. «Nora»

Come to the hospital. Aiden will have to move into one of the doctors. Enter the patient’s name to find out where she is. Rise to the 7th floor. Press the button, distract the honey brother with the shield. Take the key card from the sleeping person. Go further, attract the doctor with falling objects, as soon as he comes closer – move into his doctor’s body. Find the right woman and read her mind. Drive away evil spirits. You have the option to kill her.

Chapter 20. «Instruction»

Another long video in which we will be explained what to do next.

Chapter 21

You will need to get to the only whole house. It is on your left. Light a fire, drink coffee, talk to the men and go out. As soon as you notice the enemy’s technique, go back and talk about it. Now you need to run to the hangar. Move into one of the fighters, shoot the rest and open the gate. When Ryan and Jody infiltrate the sub, you will have to control it. Move to the point on the radar.

After the video, you will have a choice – to allow Ryan to injure his eyes or immediately tell who sent you on a mission. The second option is preferable. After that, move into the officer. But to pass to the condenser all the same it will not turn out. Go back, take control of one of the soldiers, pick up weapons in the arsenal and shoot the rest of the soldiers. Be sure to destroy the control panel. Fly to Jody and Ryan. They need to be cured.

Grab a bag of explosives, put on a diving suit and plant three mines underwater. Run away from another evil spirit, get out and talk to Ryan.

Chapter 21

Your task is to enable Nathan to talk to the ghosts of his wife and daughter using Jody’s body. To do this, Aiden must establish a telepathic connection between them.

Chapter 22

Decide whether or not to develop a relationship with Ryan. After that, you will need to examine his invention with Nathan. Talk to him. Once trapped, use Aiden to get the attention of Cole and Ryan . Lead them to Jody, they will free the girl. She must head towards the Black Sun to block the way to Infromir. Move carefully, hide from ghosts. Perform QTE and pull the lever. After that, the final choice awaits you, on which the ending depends.

Beyond: Two Souls endings

There are a total of 10 endings in the game. On the ending of Beyond: Two Souls, her actions in the last chapter, as well as the number of people that Jody can save. List of characters important for the denouement of the story:

  • Chapter “Homeless” If you do not save Walter and Jimmy , they will burn alive.
  • Head of the Navajo. If you do not cure Paul , but immediately engage in the ritual, he will die.
  • Nora head. You can stop Nora ‘s heart with Aiden.
  • Chapter “Black Sun”. If Cole is not treated after being injured, he will die. Nathan can be provoked and not interfere in his fight with Ryan . In this case, both will die.

It’s impossible to save Nathan anyway.

Worst ending

In order to get the worst outcome of Beyond: Two Souls, you need to incorrectly perform a QTE in the Black Sun chapter , when Jody makes her way to the control panel of the Infraworld. This ending is not affected by the fates of the other characters.

Bad endings

If most of the key characters died, one of the bad endings awaits you.

  • Follow Aiden to Infromir.
  • Return to Zoey and her friends.
  • Choose Jay and live with him on an Indian farm.
  • Stay single and travel.

good endings

If most of the key characters survive, one of the good endings awaits you.

  • Follow Aiden to Infromir.
  • Choose Ryan and live with him on an island far from civilization.
  • Live with Zoey and her baby.
  • Return to Jay and build a relationship with him.
  • Go on a trip around the world.

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