Tip for Pray for Death

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Tip for Pray for Death

Hy and now in the hands, or rather before your eyes, you have a text that should help you in

walkthrough of the game PRAY FOR DEATH! And in order to pass it you will need all your

courage and ability to hit the keys quickly and accurately ūüôā

Prehistory (not carrying any useful information :)).

Once upon a time there was Death. And tired of her life. That is, not to live, but simply became her

boring. And she decided to arrange a championship and invite those who were for

it is easily accessible, that is, the warriors who have died once. And how is the prize for

In this championship, she put forward the fulfillment of the desire of the winner. Practically

anyone (winner or wish). And since people came under the soft wing

Death at all times, then the people gathered for a motley duel. For

victory will need to score everyone who came to the competition, including his own

double (it is not clear where it came from), some kind of victim of Pain’s experiments and

Naturally, the hostess Death.


Not so yzh and complicated. Four directional arrows and four strikes.

And you can reassign all this in the game itself.

Designations in the text:

F – forward – –≤–Ņ–Ķ–Ņ–ĺ–ī

B – back – did not

U – up – –≤–≤–Ķp—Ö


SP – speed punch

HP – hard punch – strong punch with a punch

SK – speed kick – quick kick

HK – hard kick

General strikes (combinations) for all fighters.

D+HK – undercut

D+HP – uppercut

B+(HP or HK) – roundhouse kick

U+(B or F) – jumps

B + HP – close: grabs the enemy by the neck and throws him on the floor

B + HK – close: takes the enemy by the neck and makes several hits

SP + HP – a sharp attack with a ydar rykoy

SK + HK – a sharp attack with a kick

D+SK+HK – podcat

Each fighter has a special combination of punches when he makes

chop off the enemy. 10 hits pass, so further in the text this combination

is called Combo10.

If the enemy is unconscious, you can jump over him and press

D+HK together. There will be a gentle lowering of your feet on his soulless (yet)


——- Cheat Codes ——–

In this game, as well as in many others, there are Cheat codes. They let you

adjust the game specifically for you. For example, if you are too nervous, you can

turn off the blood. They are entered as follows: launch the game, select Credits. There

information about those dear to our hearts people who piled these gamy will go.

And then you just type in the code.

And here are the codes themselves:

BLOOBABLOOBA – turns off the blood

SENDMEFASTER – ybystpyaet igpy

TOONSOUND – “baby” voices

MEETTHEGUYS – Enter!¬†laugh heartily ūüôā

NEEDNOBATTERIES – the screen is covered with gray and you are fighting blindly ūüôā

MAMMASPAGHETTIPIZZAMANDOLINO – Death said you will hear a hidden track

Napoli and all the fighters will dance :)))

Personally, I didn‚Äôt succeed ūüôĀ Try

And now let’s analyze each fighter separately.

——- Anubis ——–

History: Egyptian god Anybis. He died when his cult disappeared from the face of the Earth.

Went to the competition to revive his cult.

B, D, F, SP – throw energy

B,D,F,HP – Combo10. Sphinx Enigma

B, D, F, HK – double kick

F,D,B,SP – “Zolotoi Anybis”

——- Jan Fun ——-

History: the authors apparently took Bruce Lee as a prototype. Born in China as a child

moved to America. Opened the Kung-Fy section there. Founded a new style, which is not

adhered exactly to the techniques of only one style, but was free. Died at

unknown and mysterious circumstances. Went to fight

reunite with your family.

B, D, F, SP – throw energy

B,F,SK – Combo10. Dragon’s Tail

D,F,HP – yar with slip

——- Cthulhu ——-

Story: came to Earth from another dimension. During the time of Atlantis was a god

for people. There are still those who worship him. With the disappearance

Atlantis lost the passage to our world. Wants to return to our dimension and

destroy it, which is why he came to the championship.

B, D, F, SP – throw energy

B, D, F, HP – take power from the enemy

F,D,B,SK – Combo10. Stranger Tentacles

D,F,D,HK – invisibility

——- Painbringer ——–

History: a robot made for the US Army. All movements and strikes are included in it.

the best specialists in martial arts. Designed for soldier training

martial arts, but during training with him, a lot of soldiers died. In the end

Finally, by the efforts of the special forces, it was possible to deactivate it. Came to

(it’s like a disease for machines) to show that a robot is better than a person, for which

is going to kill Jan Fun, who is considered the best fighter in the world.

B, D, F, SP – throw a small beam of energy

B, D, F, HP – toss a large beam of energy

F,D,B,SP – Combo10. Thunder Slash

B, F, SK – kick with lightning

F, D, F, HK – jump shot

——- Maelstrom ——–

History: lived somewhere in the XIII-XV centuries. Renounced Christianity and adopted a cult

Hecronomicon. In legends and tales about him, he was described as the most terrible and

bloody killer. Got into the tournament in order to score Cthulhu and become a god.

B, D, F, SP – throw energy

F,D,B,SK – Combo10. Ancient Magic

B,F,B,HP – energy shield strike

——- Murgan ——–

History: keeper of the gates of hell. For his entertainment, he arranged duels between people

with myself. For victory, he promised to let him out of hell. True, no one succeeded in it

win, because he used all sorts of magic bullshit, and generally fought

not fair. He was killed (and the right was found for him) by the fallen angel Uriel. Wants

get back the trust of your former boss.

B,D,F,HK – shoulder strike

B,F,HK – two ydapa pagami

D,F,HK – Combo10. Astaroth Rage

F,D,F,HP – roundhouse kick

——- Pantera ——-

Story: rock star. Under the influence of drugs, she developed schizophrenia,

As a result, she became a ruthless killer. She was killed by the police, but already

after she also managed to do her dirty deed (that is, kill 15

human). Came to the tournament to kill again.

B, D, F, SP – throw one knife

B,D,F,HK – throw three knives

F,D,B,SP – Combo10. Psycho Maniac

B, F, SP – claw strike

D, D, B, F, SK – tackle with a series of shots

F,D,F,HK – “–≤–Ķp–Ķ—ā–Ķ–Ĺ–ĺ”

——- Uriel ——-

History: was thrown from heaven along with Lucifer to hell. There she was sent to

building hell, but she refused. For this they threw her, poor thing, into the very

distant and dark corner of hell. But she managed to defeat Murgan and get out. Hy and

of course she wants to go back to heaven.

B,D,F,HK – winged blades

F,B,HK – flying with a kick

D,B,SK – Combo10. Apocalypse

D,F,HK – vettyshka

——– Wolfrich ——–

History: was the custodian of something magical y Odin, the leader

Vikings.¬†A lot of people tried to steal this something (let’s call it for the sake of

orbom). And (strange as it may seem) no one succeeded. But one day Wolfrich was

poisoned by a cunning novice thief and alchemist Xenobius (about him later). And

Naturally, the orb was stolen. Wolfrich wants to take revenge on Xenobius and rise to

the eyes of Odin.

B, D, F, SP – throw an ax

D,B,F,SK – Combo10. Thunder of Thor

F, D, B, SK – tackle with an ax blow

F, B, F, SP – a powerful blow with an ax in a jump

——– Xenobius ——–

History: young sage and alchemist. I wanted to devote my whole life to that

get to the gods. As already mentioned above, with a mean trick, he succeeded

send Wolfrich to the next world, and steal the orb. So I got into his arms

inhuman power of magic. But she was not subject to man. And not being able to

deal with what was actually meant for the gods, Xenobius died at 22

of the year. And then he decided to kill Maelstrom and find out the secret of the Necronomicon, why

actually appeared before our eyes.

D, B, F, HP – throw ball lightning

F,D,B,SP – Combo10. Ice Hurrycane

B, F, SK – jump ending somersault with kick

F, B, HK – jump with kick

F,D,F,HP – strong uppercut


Hy that’s like that’s all!¬†I wish you good luck in the battle with Death!


I apologize for the fact that there is no so-called.¬†Fatality and Combo20 ūüôĀ I hope you find


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