Tip for MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat

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Tip for MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat

So, it’s time to explain what’s what in this game. Armament Tips, Mechs and

we will give tactics a little later, but now we will deal with management.

As indicated in the description, ACTIVISION gave a very large field of activity for

selection of control buttons, but we will focus on the standard configuration


Arrows :

right, left – turn the body to the right, left;

up, down – raising and lowering the turret;

Mouse :

right, left – turn the turret right, left;

up, in them – raising and lowering the turret;

Left mouse button – shooting from the selected weapon;

Right mouse button – switch to the next weapon;

Ctrl + arrows – rotate your head in the cockpit (you can look around

without rotating the ‘Mech’s body or turret, visibility will naturally be limited


Home and PgUp – quick turn of the head to the right, to the left (after releasing the key, you

_turn your head_ to the starting position);

5 on the _gray_ keyboard – centering the _head;

M – rotation of the body and its centering along the axis of the turret;

? (/) – centering of the turret along the axis of the hull;

+ and – – increase and decrease in speed;

“1”…”0″ – fixed speed setting from 0 to maximum;

BackSpace – switching movement forward, backward;

Shift + _1_…_3_ – combine the selected weapon into a group (first, second,


Enter – extrusion of the next weapon;

_ (_) – switching between groups of weapons;

: (;) – shooting with the whole group of the selected weapon;

| (\) – switch _Shooting with one weapon, _Shooting

a group of weapons_;

SpaceBar – shot with the selected weapon;

NumLock – shot with the first group of weapons;

Gray / – shot by the second group of weapons;

Gray * – shot by the third group of weapons;

Z, Shift + Z – zoom;

X, Shift+X – change the scale of the radar;

A – enable/disable autopilot;

C – enable/disable external camera;

V – switching on the amplifier of impulses of myomena muscles (MASK), which gives temporary

speed boost if your ‘Mech is equipped with it;

B – issuing a combat order to partners;

N – switching by navigation points;

J – use rocket boosters (JUMP JETS) and jump up;

Gray Nome and End – flight on accelerators forward, backward;

Gray Insert and PageUp – flight on accelerators to the left and to the right;

Gray Delete and PageDown – turn left and right with the help of accelerators;

T – capture the next moving target (Mech, tank, helicopter, etc.);

R – capture of the previous moving target;

E – capture the nearest enemy target;

Q – capturing a fixed target (building, structure, not included Mech, etc.);

I – identification of the captured target (distance 200 – 250 m);

S – turn off and turn on Fur (SHUTDOWN) (in case of overheating);

Alt + P – save the screen to a GIF file;

Ctrl + P – pause;

U – turn off the cockpit (you will not see the part of the cockpit in which

are located);

W – enable _extended_ view mode – vector models, on which

showing damage;

L – inclusion of infrared vision for work at night;

F1 – cyclic switching of views on the right camera;

F2 – switching modes of the radar;

F3 – switch to satellite view;

F4 – switching the operation of the left camera, which is responsible for showing the target;

F5 – turn on the mode of showing the damage of your Mech on the right camera;

F6 – switching on the mode of showing the status of the Mech’s armor on the right camera;

F7 – turn on the right camera for the review back;

F8 – turn on the right camera to look down;

F9 – turn on the right camera for viewing from a weapon;

F11 – disable all information (data does not block visibility);

F12 – view the task for the mission;

Esc – call an additional menu in which you can change the


game, complete the mission, exit to DOS.

Now let’s pay attention to the armament of the Mechs.

Conventionally, weapons can be divided into three types:

1) energy weapons (lasers and ion guns);

2) non-energy weapons (autocannons, machine guns, etc.);

3) missile weapons.

Energy weapons.

Includes Ion and Pulse Lasers and Proton Ion Cannon. This type

weapons do not require ammunition, since they are powered by thermonuclear

Mecha engine. Due to this, this type of weapon is the most used in

short skirmishes and is preferred in long raids where supplies

ammunition can be problematic. Ion and pulsed lasers (ER Laser,

Pulse Laser) are divided by weight into Heavy, Medium and Light (LARGE, MEDIUM,


The heavier the laser, the greater the distance of its action. Pulsed laser always


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heavier than an Ion laser of the same type, operates at a shorter distance, and weighs and

takes up a little more space, but causes more significant damage and

recharges faster. Usually, Clan members and their opponents prefer melee

in combat, use Medium and Light lasers, and when attacking at a long distance

use Heavy, but tactics vary from pilot to pilot and from situation to

situations. Energy weapons also include the Proton Pulse Cannon –

PIP (ER PCC). PIP is a fairly powerful weapon with a long range –

about 1.5 km. When hit, there is, as it were, a double explosion – an explosion on hit and

explosion of armor under the influence of its local overheating, so it inflicts

significant damage. The only drawback is the heavy weight – 6 tons, and

low projectile speed, so you can dodge it.

Non-energy weapon.

This type of weapon includes the Gauss Cannon, machine gun, autocannon and rapid-fire

tool. This type of weapon requires ammunition, which significantly limits its

application, but at the same time it causes more significant damage than

energy weapon.

The simplest of these weapons is the MACHINEGUN. He

acts over a relatively short distance (like the Medium Laser), but has

high rate of fire and due to the small caliber and, accordingly,

a small mass of ammunition allows you not to limit yourself in cartridges. At

successful positioning, two Machine Guns successfully compete with the Medium Pulse

laser, especially at close range, when the rate of fire and accuracy of weapons

is especially important.

The most long-range, slowest and heaviest weapon in this group is the Cannon.

Gauss (GAUSS RIFLE). The Gauss Cannon fires heavy steel cannonballs that

especially dangerous for heavy and assault ‘Mechs, since medium and even more so

light ‘Mechs successfully dodge it. The Gauss gun is the most


of all types of weapons at the disposal of the Clans – a radius of about 2 km. But

again – low rate of fire, low projectile speed and a lot of weight as

guns, and shells for her. Nevertheless, in some cases, the Clan Warriors

give preference to her. So, we have come to, perhaps the most successful, in

in some respects, the weapons of the Clans – the Rapid Fire Gun (LB X AC) and

Autocannon (Ultra AC). The gun and the autocannon are not very different from each other

are essentially similar in many respects. The differences in them are the same as in the Ionic

and Pulsed Lasers, namely: The gun weighs a little more and takes more

places than the Autocannon, but does more damage and slightly longer range

despite the fact that the speed of the projectiles and the rate of fire are lower. Basically the same difference

Hardly ever. Both the Gun and the Autocannon are produced by the Clans in 4 modifications

having different calibers: 20, 50, 100 and 200 mm (LB 2-X AC … LB 20-X AC; Ultra

AC/2 … Ultra AC/20 ). Both the Cannon and the Autocannon fire bursts, and the more

caliber, the greater the weight of the cartridges, and the less you can take them. And neither have

the rate of fire is less than that of the Machine Gun. But despite this, they are


very popular with the Clans and quite dangerous.

Rocket weapon.

Weapons of this type include one type of Long Range Missile

Missile – LRM) and two types of Short Range Missiles (Small Range Missil – SRM).


of this type of weapon it goes without saying that ammunition is required – rockets, but it

very widely used.

Long-Range Missiles (LRM), in the future, LRMs have a significantly larger

range than Short-Range Missiles RBD – about 1 km. Besides

RDDs are homing, i.e. it is almost impossible to avoid them.


are issued in four modifications – LRM5, LRM10, LRM15, LRM20. It means that

for one shot, 5, 10, 15 and 20 missiles are fired from the launcher, respectively,

those. a flurry of fire is provided and great damage is inflicted. Missiles Middle

Actions are available in three modifications – SRM2, SRM4, SRM6 – i.e. let in at a time


4, 6 missiles. But at the same time, the damage inflicted by one RBD is twice the damage

caused by RDD. In addition, RBD missiles are launched from 400 – 500 m and with accurate

it is impossible to evade them. And if you say that they are divided into two

subtype – homing (Streak SRM) and non-homing (simply SRM), and


ammunition is larger than the LRM, it becomes clear why the Clan members love these so much


Now that we have more or less figured out how to control the Mech and its weapons,

you can pay attention to the Mechs themselves and the tactics of managing and combating them. Clans

provide you with 15 different types of combat robots of various weights


capabilities from 20 tons _Fire Moth_ (FIRE MOTH) to 100 tons

_Dread Wolf_ (DIRE WOLF). Since there are many bellows, and there is little time and space, then

we will limit ourselves to pointing out the significant shortcomings of the Mechs, since all the same

it is impossible to appreciate the best qualities of each ‘Mech.

As said, the lightest and weakest is the _Fire Moth_. it

the oldest and weakest machine that the clans could only come up with. She is in

mainly used for training cadets, and if you sit in it, then

get ready to be cannon fodder. The only merit of this Mech, which

can only prolong your torment – the highest speed of all.

No special features and _Nova_ (NOVA) because its design

allows you to rotate the turret only within 5-10 degrees, only possible

relatively good maneuverability of this Mech and jump boosters will prolong

yours and his agony.

As for _Little Fox_ (KIT FOX), then it is him, and not _Forest Wolf_


WOLF) The clansmen should have called the Walking Coffin. Although _Little_ and


Wolf_ clans use quite often, perhaps because of the cheapness of the first and

excellent fighting qualities of the second.

In general, the Mechs are quite good, and each is good in a certain situation. But

it should be said that those Clan members who can choose their own ‘Mechs give

multiple preference:

Falconer Joanna, Jade Falcon Clan – _Mad Dog_ (MAD DOG);

Colonel Aiden Pryde, Clan Jade Falcon – _Summoner_ (SUMMONER) and

_Forest Wolf_ (TIMBER WOLF);

Colonel Martha Pryde, Clan Jade Falcon – _Summoner_ (SUMMONER);

Khan Natasha Kerenskaya, Wolf Clan – _Dread Wolf_ (DIRE WOLF);

Khan Phelan Kell, Wolf Clan – _Timber Wolf_ (TIMBER WOLF).

You yourself have to choose your favorite Fur, perhaps you will

proceed from the recommendations below:

– the heavier the Mech, the more armor and weapons it can carry, and the more


and inflexible;

– when re-equipping the Mech, you can change the strength within certain limits

engine, weapon power and the amount and type of armor;

– despite the fact that the most vulnerable spot of any robot is its legs, especially

leg injuries are dangerous for robots with a _bird_ chassis system: _Mad Dog_,

_Timber Wolf_, _Storm Raven_ (STORM CROW), and especially _Marauder_ (MARAUDER).

And now a little about tactics. Basically, as you will see over time,

own skin, the tactics of the Clans are not particularly difficult: when approaching

initially, long-range weapons are fired (Heavy lasers, Cannon

Gauss, PIP), then a volley is fired from the RDD, and after approaching, the dance begins

death using all available weapons. Possibly also temporary

removal from the enemy for repeated volleys from the RDD. At the same time, heavy and assault


as a rule they go head-on, and medium and light ones run and jump over you

constantly shooting. This tactic justifies itself, but not always. That’s why

some tips and battle secrets:

– as already mentioned, the most vulnerable place of the Fur is its legs, especially the places

joints – knee and foot. Kick off his legs and he will stand still and you

you can deal with it later;

– standard configuration, and it is used most often by the Clans,

provides for the location of the main part of the weapon in general and heavy weapons in particular

in hand. Therefore, by shooting off the enemy’s hands, in the worst case, you will deprive him of

half, if not three-quarters, of all armaments;

– after reading the previous paragraph, we can conclude that it is best to have

weapons in the body of the robot, and rightly so;

– the most successful weapon for shooting legs, arms and everything else is

Autocannon and Rapid Cannon, coupled with Medium Power Pulse Lasers.

After shooting off the opponent’s legs, in a few shots from the Autocannon or Cannon, you

you can easily finish it off with lasers;

– by skillfully distributing the weapons and armor of your Mech, you can achieve

amazing results. So by strengthening the engine you can reduce the amount

armor or weapons and, having lost in security, win in maneuverability, etc .;

– skillfully dispose of ammunition and carefully monitor the sensor

overheating. Of course, single shooting does less damage than shooting

group, but the Fur heats up much less, and the temperature of the Fur greatly affects

its performance. Overheating can even lead to an internal explosion

ammo and you will die;

– carefully monitor the condition of the armor and turn to the enemy as needed


And now a few secrets to battle tactics:

– The _Mad Dog_ (MAD DOG) ‘Mech is almost impossible to shoot the left

hand, although the right one almost immediately falls off;

– in the fight against Mech type _Gargoyle_ (GARGOYLE) try as quickly as possible

shoot him both hands and slightly spoil the body, as a rule, the pilot immediately


begins to run away and is an easy prey;

– the same applies to the _JENNER_ type ‘Mech as soon as it loses its

_ears_ (rocket launchers) he starts to run away. Besides, if he’s just yet

stepping on you

– a couple of bursts from the 100mm Autocannon into the cockpit and the pilot is ready (as

however, most ‘Mechs of the light category as well);

– beware of Elementals (ELEMENTAL) – elite infantry in special armored suits.

With their small sizes (more precisely, very small ones – 3-4 m against 10-15 m of your

Mecha) and relatively weak weapons – the Machine Gun and the Medium Laser, they are ways

inflict very significant damage if they manage to get close to you.

So shoot them from a distance.

Well, that’s all the advice. Oh yes!. When fighting, try not to crash into

buildings and other robots, because at best you will damage the armor, and at worst –

lose an arm or a leg, or you might explode. Try not to get close to those

Mechs that, for one reason or another, are about to explode because they


or the explosion of any fired part can lead to quite serious

damage. Well, that’s really EVERYTHING! May good luck accompany you

the battlefield, and may the Spirit of Nikolai Kerensky help you, freeborn @$@?!@…

Vitaly Maksimov.

PS About mission scoring. Points are earned for completing the most

missions, for killed opponents, for the total percentage of hits during the mission.


In addition, the difference in the total mass of the equipment involved in the mission and

the total mass allowed for this mission (i.e. specified in


in the Dispute of the Nobles).


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