Tip for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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Tip for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

I decided to help people who set themselves the task of finishing at all costs.

Driving school (auto) for one five, i.e. gold medals. I’ll point it out right away

can only be achieved by a very persistent young man (I don’t count girls

I take it because moders forgive me – only young people can engage in masturbation

people). So, passing both cars and other schools is extremely stupid

repeating the same thing over and over for hours. Example – when I started

pass school missions – my driving skill was 30 percent. when I

finished – I was missing one picture (many past San Andreas know that

even reaching the end, not many had him (skill) at least half) I all this

wrote to give hotheads to think again “is it worth it ..”

Your points (in %) are added up

Then let’s start.

  1. 360 – in my unpatched version I had to pass on the arrows

(having previously reassigned) because it refused to spin on WSAD. Important –

stop as close to 360 degrees as possible, no more and no less. Just

  1. accelerate, turn around and stop where you started – quite simple

if you brake at the same time with the handbrake and the brake and press the “turn” gas, releasing

for a fraction of a second (this system will continue to be used). Just

  1. turn under 90 and stop at the indicated place … we brake with the brake – just
  2. spikes on the policy car – at the moment when you run into the spikes, let go of the gas and again

we gas. More difficult

  1. 5 laps in 35 sec… the system is the same as in point 2, but to get muddled to rap out

all actions (it took me two visits on different days, because for the first time my fingers

stopped listening to me and began to press all the buttons at the same time – tension and

concentration exhausted) hard

  1. 8ka, so to speak, is quite simple. On the turn, the same technique as in paragraph 2-

it is important to stop perfectly

  1. parking 90- difficult. Drive in the direction of the left (right) car and do not

when you reach it, you release the gas a little (over-gas – twist / fly out.

You don’t gas up – you don’t eat/you don’t torque) and we brake as in point 2

  1. 2 wheels – difficult. Immediately birch bark to the left when we have already stopped at the springboard

press to the right (this will spring and direct to the right) and release the gas. Along the way

steer to the left, this will direct us straight ahead and before reaching a little turn a little

to the right to get on all wheels. Again, it is important to stay straight and in the center


  1. taxi. Just. We go backwards and without pressing anything at the moment when the camera itself

begins to turn twist to the left and almost when stopped, press the handbrake.

We gas a little and stop at the right place

  1. police line – difficult to stop next to another car. We are going

to the left (butt – if you drive off too much and hit – they will remove it for damage) and

counting so that your front falls into the back door without releasing gas

turn right and hit. The moment the other car starts

to twist it is important to press the brake in time (immediately after the gas) and stop

touching but not hitting while stopping

  1. coup – this is really difficult. It is necessary to accelerate to the stop and

somewhere, when already on the ramp we throw gas. You need to drive right by the wheels

(edge, so to speak) and at the end of the ramp, turn towards the center of the ramp (this

as in paragraph 8, will give impetus to the coup). And here the main thing is not beautiful

twist, and “correctly” land – straight and immediately on all 4 wheels otherwise

twist again. By the gold medal I had a couple thousand for a stunt and almost

full skill bar)))

  1. forced march through the city … harder, but more fun. So you have to get there

crashing the car to the marker and returning the other way. “there” we go by tram

all the way to the stop, we slow down there and immediately after lifting we turn to the right,

we go down and turn left, we pass a chicane (descent in a turn) for this

combine gas and turn so that they do not match. Then we fly along the embankment

back, jumping from his to the oncoming one to cut corners. After two

half-turns to the left there will be a passage under the railway and a turn in the rise to the left. And we’re leaving

straight to the school. And here we are waiting for the last ambush in the form of a flower bed right in front of

with a marker (I once ran into it) we “fly around” it on the left and without braking, but

Letting off the gas we fly into the marker.

All. If you have all gold, then there should be three cars near the school (for each

medal respectively – Super GT. Bullet and HotKnife – hot rod based on Ford 30x)

for these machines raise Sex Appeal to 90% somewhere

Good luck


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