Tip for Dune 2: The Building of a Dynasty

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Tip for Dune 2: The Building of a Dynasty


Minimum configuration: 286 16 MHz, 1 MB RAM, 8.5 MB free

free disk space.

Recommended: 386 SX 33, 2 MB RAM, 8.5 MB free space

on disk.

Management: keyboard, mouse.

In the class of strategy games, DUNE II ranks completely

a separate place, combining the genres of Strategic and

Wargames/Fantasy. This disc features her

Russianized version. The game retains the original

interface, graphics and sound. DUNE II in its English version

quite difficult to manage for an unprepared player in

due to a sufficiently large amount of textual information,

appearing during the game. Russified version

extremely easy to understand and can give you a lot of

pleasant hours, demonstrating all the diversity of their


In DUNE II you can play on the side of one of three

races vying for control of the planet Dune, which hides

a precious spice in itself. Spice possession and control

Dune automatically give control over the entire universe. Your

the task is to ensure by all means the victory of your race (House) and

establish their dominance on this planet. Which side are you on

will perform – you determine at the initial stage. Each

of the races has its own strengths and weaknesses. Choose what

More to your taste:


Planet data:

Caladan, home of the Atreides, has a warm, calm climate.

Covered with lush green vegetation. Rich soil and soft

climate allows for a variety of agricultural

work. Industrial and technological development has produced

a great contribution to the prosperity of the Caladans.

Brief description of the House:

As one of the Great Houses of the Empire, House Atreides

known for thousands of years for its long tradition of fair and

reasonable management. They rule the faithful, industrious and peaceful

people. Noble and wise rulers, the Atreides inspire

love from his subjects. According to the latest reports, the army,

the Atreides fortifications and vehicles are in top fighting shape.

Our sources report that the Atreides military campaign on

Dune is controlled by the prominent mentat Kirill. As expected,

The Atreides have taken a wait-and-see attitude and have not yet

attacked the positions of other Houses, despite the fact that they successfully

defended against enemy raids, sabotage and larger

operations. Being naturally honest, the Atreides tried to achieve

their goals through negotiation and diplomacy, strategies do not

capable of bringing success on Dune.


Planet data:

The homeland of the Ordos is a cold, ice-covered world. We presume,

that the Ordos import agricultural and high-tech

goods from nearby star systems. merchants and intermediaries,

Ordos do not produce goods themselves, relying on their art


Brief description of the House:

Our sources report that the Ordos are

coalition of wealthy families united by a common desire for big

wealth. Ordos are not too tormented by conscience; their power

based on sabotage and terrorism. The status of the Ordos as

one of the Great Houses is supported by their colossal

wealth, despite a long history of manipulation,

betrayal and deceit.

Recent reports say that for the Ordos operation on Dune

the cunning mentat Ammon is responsible. This is a rare opportunity

see Ammon in action. It will be interesting to get more

detailed information about these secretive people.


Planet data:

From the distant dark world of Gaidi Prime, House Harkonnen is

spreads terror throughout the universe. The cruel Harkonnen are ruthless and

friends and foes in pursuit of power over Dune.

Brief description of the House:

House Harkonnen is the most ferocious House in the universe. Story

The Harkonnen is a story of fear and violence to achieve goals.

In House Harkonnen, status isn’t awarded, it’s earned. If a

subordinate kills his boss, he gets his place and

respect. Their war machine is constantly changing, behind it is practically

ki is impossible to follow.

Our sources say House on Dune’s strategy is being dictated by

mutable mentat Radnor. Like a real Harkonnen, Radnor achieved

his position by killing his predecessor and mentat teacher

Marco. We do not know how much confidence he enjoys with his

the people and the House he serves. The main efforts of the Harkonnen

Dune were aimed at expanding the military presence. We

doubt that they intend to actually collect

Spice for the Emperor. They appear to be convinced of their

the ability to simply conquer other Houses. Lust for power combination

Radnor and his powers of persuasion are very dangerous. We will

continue to keep a close eye on House Harkonnen, as they

completely unpredictable.


Foundation Slabs:

Type: Foundation Weight: 1.469 kg

Material: gravel/sand mix Armor: Medium

Foundation slabs can serve as a road surface and

make the foundations necessary for the construction of buildings.

If the Foundation Slab is damaged, it cannot be repaired. They should

replace or leave.


Type: Protective Walls Weight 2.245 kg

Material: gravel/sand mix Armor: Medium

Walls can be used to improve buildings and strengthen

protection. Like Foundation Slabs, Walls cannot be repaired.

Wind Traps:

Type: Power plant

Armor: Light Generators: Escort 650hp

EL-2a with double turbine

Wind Traps provide objects with energy and water.

Huge ground traps pump air into underground turbines

to power generators and extract moisture.


Type: Industrial enterprise Armament: none

Armor: Average Capacity: 1000 tons of spice

The Refinery is the backbone of Dune’s spice mining. Harvesters

collected spice is delivered there, where it is converted into credits

(monetary units of the Empire). Recycled Spice automatically

distributed among the Warehouses. Each Refinery is supplied with



Type: Vault

Armor: Light Capacity: 1000 tons of spice

The Warehouses store the collected Spice. As processing

Spaska Refinery automatically distributes it to

repositories. Attention: when the amount of spice collected

exceeds the capacity of the Warehouses, the excess is lost.


Type: Patrol radar

Armor: Heavy

The capabilities of the Outpost radar are used to effectively

troop control. The radar map appears on the screen

completion of construction of the outpost. To produce any

military units must first build an outpost.


Type: Ground Turret Gun Elevation: from 0°

up to 20°

Armor: Heavy Range: 100m

Armament: 105 mm howitzer

This stationary installation fires at targets with armor-piercing

projectiles in a small radius. Operated by one officer

ground troops, providing target selection, guidance and shooting.

The turret automatically opens fire on any enemy

object within reach.

Missile Turret:

Type: Ground Turret Gun Elevation: from 0°

up to 20°

Armor: Heavy Range: 100 to 1000 m

Armament: 105 mm howitzer / twin rocket launcher

A modified version of the regular Turret. At the Missile Turret

the radius of destruction is significantly increased, cumulative

armor-piercing projectiles. An additional

rocket launcher.

Factory Designs:

Type: Production Armament: none

Enterprise Armor: Medium

The Structure Factory is required for the construction of any new

buildings. It contains all the materials needed to run

construction on Dune.


Type: Production Armament: none

Enterprise Armor: Medium

Barracks are needed for the production and training of parts

Light Infantry.

KTP (Heavy Infantry Barracks):

Type: Production Armament: none

Enterprise Armor: Medium

Performance: no data

CFT allows you to produce Heavy Infantry by supplying

exceptionally well-trained troops with first-class weapons.

Plant of Light Armored Vehicles:

Type: Production Armament: none

Enterprise Armor: Medium

Performance: no data

The Light Armored Vehicles Plant produces small combat vehicles

with light armor. Must be built before the Tank Factory.

Tank Factory:

Type: Production Armament: none

Enterprise Armor: Medium

Performance: no data

Tank Plant produces heavy tracked combat vehicles

(including tanks) and Harvesters.

High Technology Factory:

Type: Production Armament: none

Enterprise Armor: Medium

Performance: no data

The High Technology Plant produces aircraft, in

including Carriela.

Repair Plant:

Type: Production Armament: none

Enterprise Armor: Medium

Performance: no data

The Repair Plant is needed to repair damaged vehicles.

The cost of repairs depends on the severity of the damage and the type of machines.

I.Ts. (Research Center):

Type: Science Lab

Armor: Medium

Research Center provides new technologies

enterprises and technology. Also allows you to get special weapons and



Type: Spaceport

Performance: n/a Armor: Heavy

The spaceport allows you to start intergalactic trade with

Guild of Merchants. They supply the market with technology and

aircraft at market prices.


Type: Capital Building

Armor: Heavy

The opportunity to build Palaces is awarded only to outstanding

strategists who have demonstrated courage and courage. palace is impossible

buy or build. The palace also serves as a command center.

Palaces provide unique additional features.



Type: Spice Picking Machine Armor: Medium

Armament: none Crew: 5

Speed: 32 km/h (caterpillar)

Harvester isolates the Spice from the sand. Waste rock then

thrown into the dump. After filling the containers, the harvester will automatically

delivers raw Spice to the Refinery for processing.

PZK (Mobile Structural Plant):

Type: Base Laying Machine Armor: Medium

Armament: none Crew: 15

Speed: 36 km/h (caterpillar)

PZK is used to search for a stone platform under

construction of new buildings. When choosing a suitable location, the PZK

becomes the new Construction Factory.


Type: Ground Troops Armor: Light

Armament: 9 mm carbine Number of parts: from 1 to 3

Speed: 5 km/h (walking)

They are foot soldiers with light equipment, armed

9 mm army carbines firing armor-piercing

cartridges. The firing range and infantry speed are very limited.

Heavy Infantry:

Type: Ground Troops Armor: Light

Armament: 10 mm six-barreled machine gun; grenade launcher

Speed: 12 km/h (on foot) Number of pieces: 1 to 3

The Heavy Infantry is armed with 10 mm rotary six-barrel guns.

rifles with armor-piercing incendiary cartridges and anti-tank

grenades. Heavy infantrymen wear powerful self-contained suits,

increasing speed and security.

Armored car:

Type: Scout Armor: Light

Armament: Coaxial 20 mm machine gun

Speed: 72 km/h (wheeled) Crew: 2

Armored car – a small, light three-wheeled vehicle that shoots

armor-piercing ammunition. Has a small damage radius, but

greater speed of movement.

Armored personnel carrier:

Type: Light Attack Vehicle Armor: Light

Armament: Coaxial 30 mm machine gun

Speed: 59 km/h (wheeled) Crew: 2

Armored personnel carrier – a light four-wheeled vehicle that fires armor-piercing

incendiary cartridges. Slower than Armored car, armored personnel carrier

has stronger defense and firepower.


Type: Medium Tank Armor: Medium

Armament: 155 mm gun Crew: 2

Speed: 40 km/h (caterpillar)

The tank has medium armor and fires powerful

armor-piercing projectiles. It is slower than other tanks and has

limited maneuverability.

rocket launcher:

Type: Fire Support Vehicle Armor: Medium

Armament: Rocket Launcher Crew: 3

Speed ​​48 km/h (caterpillar)

The rocket launcher fires combat missiles of the “Earth-to-Earth” class.

The radius of destruction of the Rocket Launcher is very large. Possessing a low

shooting accuracy, the rocket launcher fires two rockets at once,

covering a large area, and moves faster than tanks.

Heavy tank:

Type: Main Battle Tank Armor: Heavy

Armament: Twin 155 mm gun

Speed ​​32 km/h (caterpillar) Crew: 3

Heavy Tank – a tracked vehicle with a twin gun.

Armor-piercing incendiary shells of a Heavy Tank more than doubled

surpass similar shells of the Medium Tank in terms of damaging

capabilities. He has stronger armor and moves slower.

most cars.


Type: Aircraft Armor: Light

Armament: none Crew: 4

Speed: 160 km/h (aircraft)

Carriel is a lightly protected aircraft without

weapons. It can lift and carry heavy machinery and

cars. Carriels are used primarily for transportation



Type: Fighter-Interceptor Melee

Weapons: Combat Support Missiles

Armor: Light Crew: 2

Speed: 340 km/h (aircraft)

The ornithopter is a lightly armed fighter. Uses

unusual M-flex technology, consisting in a unique

“flapping” movement of the wings. Ornithopter – the most maneuverable and

fast machine on Dune.


Type: Dune Dweller Armor: Heavy

Armament: Appetite (and big!) Speed: 56 km/h

The original inhabitants of Dune. Attracted by the vibration of the soil, they

visit the battlefields and often absorb all the numerous

opponents. Sandworms are almost impossible to destroy,

they feed on military equipment and Harvesters with a huge appetite.


Type: Ground Troops Armor: Light

Armament: 10 mm army carbine / missiles

Speed: 17 km/h (on foot) Units: unknown

Freemen are local residents of Dune. Exceptional warriors; them

knowledge of enemy territories makes them quite dangerous

opponents. According to informed sources,

in the near future they are going to enter into an alliance with the Atreides.

Wave Tank:

Type: Forward Battle Tank Armor: Medium

Armament: Wave Modulator Crew: 2

Speed: 44 km/h (caterpillar) House: Atreides

This advanced battle tank uses advanced technology

sound waves. Shoots wave packets. high energy

vibration destroys the molecular structure of the target. invented



Type: Fire Support Vehicle Armor: Medium

Armament: Rocket Launcher Crew: 3

Speed: 48 km/h (caterpillar) House: Ordos

The Ordos Deviator is a regular Flare Gun that fires

missiles with a unique warhead. The warhead contains nerve

paralytic gas that does not damage military equipment and buildings,

however, confusing enemy troops so much that they

temporarily out of control.


Type: Fast Attack Vehicle Armor: Light

Armament: coaxial 20 mm machine gun

Speed: 90 km/h (wheeled) Crew: 2

Dom: Ordos

The Ordos Raider is a light vehicle, very similar to the Armored Car,

but less armor and more speed and maneuverability.


Type: Reconnaissance Armor: light

Armament: no data Crew: 1

Speed: 95 km/h (armored car) House: Ordos

Saboteurs – a specialized military unit

Ordosov. Being well trained in the Palace, even alone

A saboteur can destroy almost any building or vehicle.

Hand of death:

Type: Fire Support Missiles Guidance: inertial

Dimensions: 8.12 m (length) Range: 1120 km

Warhead: H355 XC cluster Home: Harkonnens

Hand of Death is a special weapon located in all

Harkonnen palaces. This ballistic missile is impossible to accurately

direct or control it in flight, however, the presence

many warheads allows you to inflict great damage on

vast area.


Type: Forward Battle Tank Armor: Super Heavy

Armament: twin 190 mm gun

Speed: 20 km/h (caterpillar) Crew: 3

House: Harkonnens

This tank hits targets with plasma bolts. This is the most powerful

tank on the planet, but too slow. The destroyer has

autonomous nuclear reactor and may prove unstable in combat.

Invented Harkonnenami.


Type: Ground Troops Armor: Light

Armament: secret Quantity of parts: 3

Speed: 15 km/h House: Emperor

Sardukars are the Emperor’s elite heavy infantry. They have

excellent weapons and protection. Intelligence reports presence

sardukars have rotary machine guns with incendiary cartridges in

addition to portable rocket launchers.



By choosing the ATTACK command, you can attack military

units, buildings, or terrain features, including both allied units and



What is hiding under these sandy hills? You may be expected

the following surprises: Spice deposits, hidden credit cards, abandoned

vehicles, enemy troops in ambush, etc.

How to find out what is hidden under the hill? Can be directed to

him his military unit or shoot into the hill. If you

sent their troops there, and under the hill there were deposits

Spice, then your part will be destroyed, and fresh Spice will scatter

along the surface. If you fire on the hill under which you were

credit cards are buried, they will simply disappear. So what needs to be decided

which approach should be used in the study


Team Formation

How to create a team? First, choose one of the military

units and give her the “MOVE” command. Specify as a target

another unit. Then the first will reach the second and attach

behind. Now choose on the map the destination of the second unit,

and the first will follow her as if on a leash until

will receive a new command from you.

Capturing Enemy Structures

How to capture an enemy object? First, it can do

only Light or Heavy Infantry. Second, indicator

This object’s damage should be in the RED area. To

to capture the object, you need to send the infantry directly to it with the command

“MOVEMENT”. If you send infantry to the object before

its Indicator will turn red, then this military unit will explode and

will damage the object.

What happens when an object is captured? He becomes one of

your structures. If you have captured the plant, then it will be able to produce

for you all those machines and equipment that he produced,

being under the control of the enemy. This tactic allows you to

those special weapons that your House cannot produce.

Certain objects such as KTP, I.C., Palaces, Outposts and

Barracks cannot be captured. They must be destroyed. Be careful

because some Houses mine their buildings in case of capture. These

objects explode immediately after capture or after some time.


What can you do if the Sandworm is eating your cars?

They eat anything in the sand, so try your best

keep your technique on the rocks. Can also be specified as

the object of attack is distortion in the sand if you damage enough

Worm (half), then it will crawl away forever. (On each card –

one to three worms). Remember that it is harder to destroy the worm,

than the Harkonnen Destroyer.

Number of military units

Why does the message sometimes appear: “While producing

impossible”? The fact is that you can effectively manage only

a limited number of military units (about 30). Until they are

destroyed any of the existing vehicles or infantry

connections, you won’t be able to produce new units. In that

case, you can attack and destroy some of your parts,

to then produce others.

Good luck in the fight for Dune!


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