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Walkthrough Subnautica Below Zero ?️ detailed guide and game guide ➦ We tell you how to complete the Half-Life remake story campaign, where to find all the weapons, secrets, what tactics to pick up against

Note : Since Subnautica: Below Zero is only available in Early Access, the story is not fully represented in the game. The game will report the end of the story content in the “Journal” section on the PDA.

Below Zero originates at the research station of the planet 4546B, where alien structures are being studied. We find a heroine named Robin at the beginning of her working day. As soon as we go out into the fresh air, we will be contacted by Robin’s boss in the person of her own sister Sam, who will send us in search of a missing colleague. Destination: archaeological site located in the gorge on the left side of the station. Having reached the alien structures, we notice an abandoned PDA inside. Soon we will be contacted by the alien complex itself, which will politely ask us to get out. Well, that’s how we do it.

However, everything is not so simple here. A storm that has arisen from nowhere, with a well-aimed shot of lightning, will collapse the rock right on the path leading back to the station. To get out of the impasse, we will have to climb over the debris located a little to the left of the collapse (see screenshot).

Then we walk along the frozen river until we reach the station, which, unfortunately, will be covered by a giant avalanche at the same second. A crane will fall next, successfully breaking through a layer of ice in a small pond. Under water we will find a cave along which we have to follow.

As a result, the heroine will get out onto a kind of lake surrounded by massive glaciers. This water area is the main setting for the current version of the game. After some time, Sam will contact us again, who will indicate the location of the temporary home – our central base for the next hours of gameplay. Having reached it, we are instructed to get provisions and improve equipment. First of all, let’s get food. Since the action of the game takes place mainly under water, the main menu consists of seafood. We can meet several types of small fish near our base, each of which is suitable for consumption. By the way, we can improve the beneficial properties of food by using salt in cooking, whose deposits lie all over the bottom. In addition to food, the heroine needs water.

But with equipment, things are a little more complicated. For a comfortable study of the underwater world as part of the passage of missions, we will need:

    • scanner,
    • flashlight,
  • improved fins,
  • knife,
  • large oxygen tank
  • sea ​​glider.

Let’s start with the scanner – one of the key devices in the game. With it, we can get blueprints for creating various items up to the elements of the new base. To make a scanner, we need to find two ribbons, copper ore and titanium. The first two elements will be used to create a battery, which, together with titanium, will give us a scanner. Copper ore and titanium are among the most common resources in the game. They are contained in limestone deposits, concentrated almost in the entire location. With ribbons, it’s a little more difficult. The ones closest to the hideout are located in a small depression behind it and directly below it (see screenshots).

Next in line is a flashlight . To create it, we need a battery and glass. The latter we make from quartz, which is also on the list of the most common resources in the game. We create improved flippers from silicone rubber, and it, in turn, from algae seeds (see screenshot).

Silicone rubber, along with titanium, will give us another important item – a knife . With it, we will be able to extract algae, which will be used to create a mesh fiber. It, in turn, together with titanium will allow you to create a conventional oxygen cylinder .

Well, there’s not much left. At some point in the process of collecting resources, Sam will contact us. The heroine will instruct to follow to the emergency cache point, where we will get a drawing of a high-capacity oxygen cylinder. In addition, nearby in the thickets of algae is a deep cave, on the walls of which you can find deposits with precious metals. The resource of interest to us is the silver ore needed to create the balloon.

The last stage is the sea glider . First of all, we need to get a list of the ingredients required to create it. To do this, we arm ourselves with our scanner and begin to rummage along the bottom in search of the remains of that same glider. The sea abyss, oddly enough, is full of them, so no difficulties are foreseen here. As a result, we get the following list of required resources: battery, lubricant (made from algae seeds), copper wire (made from copper ore) and titanium.

So, having collected the minimum set of equipment, you can go to the following tasks. At this point, we have a lead from Sam – it says about the alien sanctuary, located at a depth of 200 meters in the direction of the north (relative to our base). The descent itself is quite uniform, and it starts literally two steps in a straight line from the shelter (see screenshot).

In the end, we will find ourselves at the entrance to the sanctuary (see screenshot), where interesting finds will be waiting for us inside.

Having overcome several hundred meters of the cave, we will find ourselves in a spacious hall with a talking alien cube. Behind him we find a terminal, after interaction with which an extraterrestrial intelligence will safely settle in the head of the heroine. Here we have no choice but to return to the shelter with him.

The presence of alien consciousness in Robin’s body did not go unnoticed. As a result, Sam sent a bioscanner to our zone in order to reveal the reasons for the heroine’s strange biometrics. Having reached the indicated mark, we use the received device, after which we go to the island with a cargo rocket. The rocket itself is located at the top of the hill, and on the way to it we will meet a station like the one that was covered by an avalanche at the beginning of the game. If desired, we can scan every object inside the premises – in case we want to build our own station in its image and likeness in the future. Meanwhile, the rocket, due to malfunctions, will refuse to send a biometric sample. This problem is solved by creating a repair tool. The only unfamiliar resource on the ingredient list is crystalline sulfur. It can be found on the walls of the recess leading to the entrance to the sanctuary. True, there is a nuance – sulfur is in a cocoon next to an aggressive suicidal fish. So first you have to deal with it.

Having built a repair tool, we return to the rocket. First, we repair the damaged compartment at the tail, then the control panel. Next, we put our sample in the rocket storage and initiate the launch through the terminal.

This concludes the story content of the current version of Below Zero. As third-party entertainment, we will be offered to build our own base, as well as perform a number of side tasks, a list of which is available in the database

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