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Pokémon GO is one of the most widespread games in the world. Through it we can recreate all the adventures of the famous saga, like fighting in gyms or getting hold of the best creatures in this unique universe. In addition, to all this, we can find special items with which we can evolve or get the best Pokémon. In this tutorial we are going to explain everything about  Sinnoh stones , one of the most coveted items in the game.

In order to get the largest number of Pokémon and comply with the famous catchphrase “Get them all” , sometimes we have to use some specific procedures for it. There are different objects that allow us to evolve some of the rarest creatures to get, and this is the case of the Sinnoh stone. This object has been present since the first games in the saga that saw the light, and the truth is that they have never been easy to obtain. With them we will be able to evolve some of these creatures, which are quite powerful.

This stone arrived with the appearance of the fourth generation, receiving the name of the same region. As we said, these stones allow us to get many Pokémon, but the truth is that in the game they do not give us the guidelines to get hold of them. Therefore, we are going to tell you what are the methods to get them, and to which creatures we can apply them to increase the registration of our Pokédex.


  • Methods to obtain this evolutionary object
  • Which Pokémon evolve with the Sinnoh stone

Methods to obtain this evolutionary object

In Pokémon GO, we find a wide range of objects to make our adventures easier. We can find pokéballs, potions and much more. There are some objects that are special or cost more work to obtain, since they fulfill more specific tasks. They do this to increase the interest of users and avoid falling into monotony. In the case of Sinnoh stones, we can find several ways to get it, and if you’re already familiar with the game, they won’t be very complicated.

The first of these is by completing research tasks . In case you don’t know, these are missions that can be completed daily and through which you can get rewards and special items. There are two types: field investigations and special investigations . The field ones are easier to complete, and we will obtain them simply by turning any Pokéstop that you find on the street. Only three can be stored at the same time, so the ideal is to complete them to get the rewards and be able to unlock new missions. Every time you complete one, you will get a stamp , and when you get sevenof these, you will unlock a research achievement that will provide you with the rewards.

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The specials are more difficult to complete and require more time than the previous ones. These are assigned directly by Professor Willow , and every time he has one for you he will notify you on the game screen. They are provided to all players at the same time and can only be completed once. In addition, they have several phases that we must complete as we play. Although they have more difficulty than the field ones, the truth is that in these we can get the best bonuses in the game. Sometimes we will have the possibility of having an encounter with a rare or legendary Pokémon and being able to capture it.

The second method is by fighting other trainers in PvP mode . By fighting against your friends you will be able to obtain all kinds of rewards, such as berries, pokéballs and special objects such as Sinnoh stones. Normally the winner usually gets the best part, but the truth is that both of you will receive some useful elements in the game. You can do it from a distance too, although you must have the level of Ultra Friendship with your friend. Team Rocket GO is also another chance to get the coveted stones, for which you will have to eliminate one of their leaders.

On the other hand, you can also do it with other trainers that you meet on the street. In this case, you do have to be close to each other, although in these cases the rewards are usually less than in the previous case. You can also do it against bots that the game itself puts at your disposal, fighting against the leaders of Team Valor , Instinct and Wisdom . This is usually the easiest, since the difficulty and level of these is usually not very high.

The third and final method is through the GO Battle League . This game mode was designed to bring together players from all over the world and create a competition to test our best creatures and get great rewards. These battles are divided into three different categories, and they are the Super Ball , Ultra Ball , and Master Ball league . In the first you can choose Pokémon with a maximum of 1,500 PC , the second 2,500 and in the third there is no limit . If you achieve victory, you will obtain “mystery items”  of great value, obtaining in many cases the Sinnoh stones.

Which Pokémon evolve with the Sinnoh stone

Now that you know how to get these items, we are going to tell you which Pokémon you can evolve. As we have already said, with Sinnoh stones we can get really strong and rare creatures, unlike the traditional method of evolution. For this you also need candies of each species, which are obtained by capturing or hatching eggs. These are the evolutions available today, although in the future it is expected that they will add more:

  • Weavile : it is achieved by evolving a Sneasel plus 100 Sneasel candies
  • Frosslass : it is achieved by evolving a Snorunt  plus 100 Snorunt candies
  • Magnezone : if you get a Magneton plus 100 Magnemite candies by evolving it
  • Tangrowth : it is achieved by evolving a Tangela plus 100 Tangela candies
  • Rhyperior : it is achieved by evolving a Rhydon plus 100 Rhyhorn candies
  • Yanmega : it is achieved by evolving a Yanma plus 100 Yanma candies
  • Lickilicky : it is achieved by evolving a Lickitung plus 100 Lickitung candies
  • Electivire : it is achieved by evolving an Electabuzz plus 100 Electabuzz candies
  • Porygon-Z : it is obtained by evolving a  Porygon 2  plus 100 Porygon candies
  • Probopass : it is achieved by evolving a Nosepass plus 100 Nosepass candies
  • Magmortar : it is achieved by evolving a Magmar plus 100 Magmar candies
  • Togekiss : it is achieved by evolving a Togetic plus 100 Togepi candies
  • Gliscor : it is obtained by evolving a Gligar  plus 100 Gligar candies
  • Honchkrow : it is achieved by evolving a Murkrow plus 100 Murkrow candies
  • Gallade : a Kirlia is evolved plus 100 Ralts candies
  • Mamoswine : it is achieved by evolving a Piloswine plus 100 candies Swinub evolves to Mamoswine
  • Dusknoir : it is achieved by evolving a Dusclops plus 100 Duskull candies
  • Ambipom : it is achieved by evolving an Aipom plus 100 Aipom candies
  • Roserade : it is achieved by evolving a Roselia plus 100 Roseli candies
  • Mismgius : it is achieved by evolving a Misdreavus plus 100 Misdreavus candies


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