Secrets for DmC: Devil May Cry

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Ten game secrets from DmC: Devil May Cry

The reboot of the Devil May Cry series pleased fans with a sufficient number of secrets, and unlike the fourth part, which was unsuccessful in this regard.

  1. After you have fought the flying enemies for the first time on the first level, look for slot machines on the side. One of them says “Giant Enemy Crab” (Giant enemy crab), which is a reference to the legendary hero of the Sony conference at E3 in 2006 (the video contains a link to him). Well, nearby you can find the second machine, where the level from Street Fighter 2 is launched and there is a fight between Ryu (Ryu) and Ken (Ken).
  2. The first reference to the roots of Devil May Cry awaits players in the first mission. Hunter’s boss knife creates a strong wind that causes a white wig to land on Dante’s head. This is how conservative fans wanted to see the main character.
  3. Continuing the theme of white hair, the downloadable content was released on January 30th with three alternate costumes. One of them is the absolutely classic look of Dante: snow-white hair and a red cloak worn over a naked body. An old acquaintance will return if you pay 79 rubles.
  4. When Dante receives the demonic hook and uses it on an enemy for the first time, he will do so with the words “Get Over Here”. Thus, the developers showed their respect to another master of pulling all living things towards him – Scorpion (Scorpion) from Mortal Kombat.
  5. The British flag is sewn on the right shoulder of the protagonist. Perhaps he points to the homeland of Ninja Theory, the game’s development studio.
  6. After the final cutscene, Dante’s hair will change color to white after exiting Devil Trigger mode. Most likely forever, so if we see DmC: Devil May Cry 2, then the hero will be blond there. You will have a skin with this hair, which you can use at any level.
  7. One of the game’s achievements is called “Fill the dark soul with light.” That’s what Dante shouted in the game in 2001, squeezing the lifeless body of Trish (Trish) in his hands.
  8. After completing the game on any difficulty level, the Bloody Palace mode opens, in which the hero destroys waves of demons.
  9. After completing DmC: Devil May Cry on Son of Sparda difficulty, you will receive the outfit of the same name. In this T-shirt, Dante runs through part of the first level, and then puts on his usual cape.
  10. There is a section of rare concept art in the game gallery, where there are four images. To open them, you need to spend 50 hours in the game, deal 5 million damage to enemies, earn an SSS rank in 60 missions, and activate the Devil Trigger 666 times. Nice test, right?

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