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A detailed walkthrough of the new cooperative shooter in the spirit of Dark Souls and Hellgate: London, as well as useful tips for destroying bosses

In this guide you will find the walkthrough of all the missions of Remnant: From the Ashes , a hardcore shooter that tells the story of the last people who are forced to survive in a terrifying post-apocalyptic world. These brave souls travel between dimensions to find the source of an ancient evil that has destroyed their planet.

New house

Remnant: From the Ashes is being developed by Gunfire Games, which released Darksiders 3 last year.

Remnant: From the Ashes is being developed by Gunfire Games, which released Darksiders 3 last year.

After the dialogue with Wallace, leave the room, find Commander Ford and talk to her. Go down to the first floor and ask Riggs about the weapon. Run to the far left of the map, go down to level B1 and talk to Ace Cotterill. Choose one of the three classes ( Hunter; Renegade; Scrapper ) and activate the reactor. By the way, it is not so important which class you choose at the very beginning of the game, since in the future you will be able to buy and equip the weapons you are interested in. Eliminate the enemies in the reactor level, climb up the block and approach the man with the prosthesis. After the dialogue, he will give you the “Dragon Heart”, an item that you will use to restore health.

What is “Dragonheart”?

Dragonheart has three charges, which can only be replenished at checkpoints. Activating the control points leads to a full respawn of enemies on the level, so to pass the location you will have to be content with only three charges. In other words, the “Dragonheart” is an analogue of the flask with Estus from Dark Souls .

Return to Rigs to complete the quest and receive the class suit. Mechanic McCabe is standing to the right of Riggs, talk to her and return to Commander Ford. Go down to the control room terminal and use the key to activate the Ward 13 red crystal. Approach the crystal and interact with it.

From the ash


Run through the ruined city, collecting resources and killing enemies along the way. It is worth noting that the resources here are scattered almost everywhere, so extra caution will not hurt. When you reach the locked gate, turn left and stop in front of the cliff. Do not rush to go down: it is better to take a position on a hill and kill the demon in the pit. Proceed in this way until you find yourself in front of the entrance to the sewers.

This is the first really difficult location to pass. You may not be able to complete it the first time, so at first just kill enemies and collect resources and scrap. At any time, you can return to Ward 13 and upgrade your weapons. Try to slowly make your way deep into the sewers and destroy simple enemies. After each group of such opponents, you will have to fight one of several demons:


Demon with swords This opponent reflects all shots when his swords are crossed. To kill a creature, it is enough to bypass it and shoot in the back
Demon with a gun Find suitable cover to hide from his shots. Attack when the demon stops shooting

In fact, the high difficulty in the passage of the Sanctuary is caused by crowds of ordinary enemies, which now and then will prevent you from dealing with demons. Demons, on the other hand, mostly spawn behind the hero, so avoiding damage becomes even more difficult, especially if you are fighting normal opponents.

Horror in the sewers

How to defeat the Shadow?

The shadow appears in the line of sight, sometimes very close to the main character. She uses normal and super attacks. It is very easy to dodge a normal attack: just take a few steps to the side after the Shadow starts shooting from the bow.

The second type of attack is accompanied by a sharp sound, after which clots of energy will begin to fall on the place where the hero stood.

Often one such attack can cause the death of a player. Fortunately, this attack can also be avoided. After a sharp sound, try to be in motion, and if possible, use acceleration.

Movement can play a decisive role in this battle. Constantly move from the lower to the upper level and try not to stay too long in one corner. This will prevent normal enemies from surrounding the hero from all sides and inflicting critical damage. Move from the bridges to the lower level to kill normal enemies and replenish supplies, then climb back up and attack the Shadow.

Find the root mother

Once on the surface, find the control point and optionally move to Block 13 to upgrade the guns. When you’re ready, go through the open gate and try to take out as many of the normal enemies as you can. After a while, a demon will appear in front of you, which uses a metal fragment as a weapon. When it starts to accelerate, get ready and dodge at the very last moment. This will save some time and shoot the monster. Having reached the building of the metro station, go down underground.

You can literally go through the metro location without firing a shot, but in this case you will have to abandon the search for resources. It’s simple: run forward along the railroad tracks, and when the first batch of enemies appears, ignore them and keep moving. If you start shooting back, a new type of demon will appear, which is more difficult to kill than the previous ones. As we said, run through the tunnel, ignoring the enemies, as well as the control point in the center of the location. Even if you get hurt, three healing charges will be enough to get to the exit.


In the church, you only need to hold out for two minutes, but this task is not an easy one. For starters, we recommend saving at least one Adrenaline Syringe and a few Red Sorrel Tinctures from previous levels to restore health. These consumables can be purchased from Ace Cotterill and Reggie in Ward 13 . When you’re ready, approach the Root Mother and talk to her. On the left side of the screen, you can watch the countdown, and below it, the scale of Mother’s health.

The player will begin to experience difficulties when a demon with a metal fragment and a Shadow appear in the church at the same time. In this case, we do not recommend killing the demon, but also not moving far from the Root Mother, as all normal opponents will rush towards her. The shadow will not be able to deal much damage in half a minute, and you must kill enemies in time and dodge the demon’s blows. It may seem difficult at first, but it only takes a little practice.

Find the labyrinth keeper

Return to Ward 13 and speak with the Root Mother. She camped in a tent next to the merchants. When you’re ready, return to the last checkpoint. Enter the church and go through the gap in the wall. Run forward until you reach a transition to another location.

In this part of the ruined city, you will encounter regular opponents with machine guns, as well as several bosses, which we will talk about a little later. First, follow the road ahead and turn right. There is a transition to the location “Root Harm”. Here you can use the “Gallows” and create wicker armor , but after you get rid of all the red plants on the map, and eliminate two demons. Plants are scattered around the location, when you destroy everything, you can safely kill the remaining enemies and activate the Gallows.

Return to the previous location, turn right, then left. At the crossroads, the player will be waiting for two new demons at once. These creatures summon normal enemies and attack from a distance, so get rid of them one at a time. When the intersection is cleared, turn right and run into the narrow passage. On the left you will see the Weeping Tree . After destroying it, you will receive the Wicker Idol amulet , which will increase the effectiveness of your armor by 15%. Explore this part of the map to find a passage to the Suffocating Hollow.

Branches and bones

Before you start the fight with Ent, we highly recommend gathering enough Scrap, getting as much oil tonic as possible, and if possible, some red sorrel tinctures.

How to beat Ent?

Let’s start with the fact that Ent’s health bar is divided into four parts, and this is directly related to his attacks. Shoot at the enemy until he tries to do it. Start accelerating in any direction convenient for you, and at the very last moment press “Space” to dodge. While the boss is rising from the ground, fire one or more shots at the weak spot. The difficulty is that in some cases the Ent makes two such strikes in a row. If this is not taken into account, then the hero will inevitably receive damage. As for the exploding enemies, try to get them as close as possible to collect the ammo they drop.

When Ent’s health drops by one bar, his arsenal will be replenished with a new attack: the enemy bends to the ground and releases six portions of rot at the hero. To survive it – do not waste your stamina in vain. Before each shot, press “Space” to make the hero dodge the falling rot. Even if you get an infection, or are close to it, you can always use an oil tonic.


The fun begins when Ent has half his health left. Now, in addition to the above attacks, the boss summons a dozen normal and exploding enemies. The trick is that with his attacks, the Ent himself destroys the summoned demons.

  • Try to destroy as many simple enemies as possible, then, before attacking the Ent, start running in any direction convenient for you;
  • The remaining opponents will run after you, but the Ent will destroy them with his attacks;
  • In between attacks, shoot the boss;
  • If you hesitate, then at best you will get infected, and at worst you will die

After defeating Ent, you will receive a Spore Gland, which can be used to create a Sporebloom , a non-ranged weapon that fires a burst of explosive bullets and leaves behind a cloud of poisonous gas.


Leave the location, activate the checkpoint and return to Ward 13 if necessary to upgrade your weapons and equipment. When you’re ready, move to the last checkpoint and run forward down the street. A huge tower will appear right in front of the hero. Come inside. Approach the Guardian to activate a dialogue. Ask the Guardian questions you are interested in, and after the end of the conversation you will find yourself in the Labyrinth.

Find the Immortal King

Once in the Labyrinth, interact with the crystal and run forward. Talk to the woman and inspect the location. There are a lot of hostile creatures here, so be careful. Some of them use radioactive attacks that can cause exposure. In this case, the hero will lose half of his stamina.

If necessary, return to the base and upgrade your equipment.

At the end of the map, you will find a transition to the Shining Temple location. New location – new enemies, both regular and mini-bosses. Try not to rush forward, as this will most likely lead to death. After moving to another map, get ready to face two bosses at once.


How to defeat the Gloom and the Cleaver?

These creatures use various attacks, including combined ones. Gloom always uses ranged attacks and restores lost health, while Cleaver strikes with a huge sword. From time to time, ordinary demons also appear on the map. Before the battle, we recommend buying a lot of red sorrel tincture, as well as Dust of Fury . It will help to break the barrier faster when the opponents join together.

Activate the lever to summon Shatter and Gloom. The staff boss shouldn’t be disturbed for now – focus your fire on the Cleaver. Just shoot at him, and when he gets close to make a hit, dodge. As soon as the Cleaver’s health bar drops by one notch, the opponents will join each other and form a radiation barrier. It is this barrier that needs to be destroyed with the help of “Dust of Fury”. Stand behind cover (any column will do), and to avoid wasting ammo on your main weapon, shoot with a pistol. Also, don’t forget to drink Red Sorrel Tincture in time – this will save regeneration charges. Repeat the steps until the Cleaver dies.

For a moment, it may seem that after his death, the battle becomes a little easier, but it is not. Gloom and his minions are still trying to kill the protagonist. In addition, the boss now uses a new attack. When the Darkness stops and raises the staff, hide behind the nearest cover. Dodge the boss’s shots, run from cover to cover and shoot at him. Even if the first time you fail to overpower these enemies, you can always start again. But in this case, you will have to return to the previous location and collect enough scrap for the consumables spent.

As soon as you leave the abode of the Gloom and the Cleaver, rest at the checkpoint and explore the Clear Sands location. There are only four large groups with normal and strong enemies, joined by flying skulls. The location is divided into two paths.

  • If you go to the right , then you will fall into the “Lair of the Blind” to the boss Eraser.
  • The path to the left will lead to a locked door with a merchant sitting behind it, as well as the Ripper boss in the dungeon.

For starters, we recommend visiting the Eraser.


At the location with the destroyed buildings, turn right and go to the Canyon of Chains zone. The entire next path is filled with common enemies such as hounds and arrows. The location is very large, but its advantage is that there are a lot of shelters here. Slowly move along the map until you get to the Lair of the Blind.

How to kill the Eraser

This flying enemy has health regeneration as well as the only active attack besides summoning normal enemies. Each of his attacks is divided into a cycle, at the end of which the Eraser spews fire at the hero. Before the battle, stock up on Coolant and Red Sorrel Tinctures.

When the boss appears in front of you – shoot at the glowing place from where he releases fire. Such shots will deal critical damage and allow you to end the battle faster. Don’t forget about the destruction of his minions – regular and radioactive flying skulls. When the Eraser starts attacking with fire, we recommend not to hide, but to shoot back. Since you stocked up on liquid refrigerant, you can stop the fire at any time.

After an active attack, the boss will hide underground and leave you alone with flying skulls. Don’t waste ammo on your primary weapon – use your pistol to deal with them. In addition, at this moment you can easily replenish your ammunition with trophies from defeated enemies. Repeat the above steps until the boss dies. After defeating the Eraser, you will receive a Shard of the Sentinel , with which you can create a powerful modifier. Head for the exit.


You again find yourself in the Pure Sands location, only from the other side. Now you can talk to Wood’s merchant and open the previously locked gate. From this merchant you can buy tincture and ammunition, as well as water, which removes the effect of irradiation. By the way, this very water is vital for passing the next boss. Don’t forget to also take a look at the accessories you’ll find on Wood’s counter. Open the gate, turn right and go to the next location. In addition to flying skulls, you will meet radioactive opponents who hit with tentacles. As usual, advance gradually picking up resources and scrap.

How to kill Ripper

In the Bunker, a very strong boss attacks the hero. He moves slowly, but if he squeezes the protagonist in the corner, he will kill him with a series of blows. When the Ripper takes critical damage, it immediately hides from the player’s view. At this moment, a huge number of ordinary enemies appear on the location. At first, you can get rid of them to continue the fight with the boss, but towards the end of the fight, they will start to respawn endlessly. Proceed as follows:

  • As soon as you find yourself in front of the boss, immediately start shooting (in order for him to hide, one clip from the rifle is enough);
  • Take a position in one of the corners on the upper level and kill ordinary opponents, and when the Ripper appears, continue to attack him;
  • When you realize that it is not advisable to stay in one place, move back and shoot enemies a little;
  • Find the boss and make sure that he destroys most of the minions with his attacks, at the same time attack him.

After the battle, you will receive the Solar Tonsil , as well as the Howling Key quest item .

Immortal King

Exit the abode of the Ripper, go to the center of the location and turn right, to a huge tower. Approach the pedestal in which there is a hole for the key and insert the trophy there. Now enter the tower. Talk to the Immortal King, who will give you a choice – kill the Beast and bring his heart to the king, or refuse and fight the Immortal.

It might not be the best idea to fight the king right now, as he is very strong. In addition to constantly arriving enemies, the king creates flying balls that attack from a distance. In addition, from time to time the Immortal will try to kill the hero with swords, and in between will restore health at the altar. After many unsuccessful attempts to kill him, we kindly agreed to bring the heart of a certain Beast for the Immortal. If you do the same, then enter the portal behind the king to find yourself in the swamps.


This location has two exits, and one of them is currently locked. Keep to the right side to find the passage to another map. When you get here, enter the huge hut, where the Unclean One will be waiting. Killing this monster is easier than it might seem at first glance. It is enough to dodge his attacks in time, as well as restrain his minions. Regular enemies don’t even need to be dealt with. The fact is that there can be up to three ordinary enemies on the battlefield. Shoot them in the legs so they crawl after you. In this case, they will pose the least threat.


Leave the hut and go to the next location. Move to the center of the map, here you will find the fairy Iskal. She will offer to trade the Beast’s heart for “gifts”. We abandoned this idea and continued on our way. Don’t forget to purchase some green leaves from the fairy, which will remove the effects of corrosion. Find the entrance to the dungeon that leads to the next boss.

How to kill a Slave

Before entering the Slave’s abode, use one green leaf. In addition to the fact that this plant removes the effect of corrosion, it also helps to protect against it a little. The boss uses long range corrosion attacks. Some of these attacks deal massive damage.

Do not even try to approach the Slave, as this will inevitably lead to death.

After the boss’s health bar is one notch down, two flying monsters will appear on the map. Kill them only when you need ammo. And if you took a few boxes of supplies with you, then don’t pay attention to these monsters at all. Just move around the map and shoot at the Slave, who will also constantly move. For winning the battle, you will receive a Swarm Sprout, with which you can create a powerful modifier.

Ixillis XV and Ixillis XVI

After the fight with the Slave, be sure to visit Block 13 to replenish your stocks of potions, as well as ammo boxes. There will be no normal enemies in the fight with the following bosses, so you will need ammo. At the next location, keep to the right side, then go down into the dungeon. Pick up a few boxes of ammo that lie in front of the entrance and exit onto the bridge.

How to kill Ixillis XV and Ixillis XVI

When you find yourself on the bridge, there will be only one enemy. Shoot him in the head and dodge spear attacks and exploding bombs. After a series of hits, the boss will summon flying balls that deal low damage. They can be eliminated with pistol shots to save ammo on the main weapon. The fight will become really difficult when the second enemy appears on the other side of the bridge – Ixillis XVI.

Bosses will start attacking alternately with different techniques. The most powerful attack you need to prevent is the energy charge. At this moment, the Ixillis freeze in place and begin to accumulate energy. Shoot first at one boss (about 5-6 rounds will suffice), then immediately at another. In this case, it is best to use Fury Dust to fire shots and reload faster. Between powerful attacks, it is best to focus your fire on the first enemy. When Ixillis XVI is left alone, it will be much easier for you to destroy him.

Find after the Founder in jungles

You now have the Guardian’s Heart , so you need to return to the Immortal King. To do this, teleport to the labyrinth, then return to the East Wind location and enter his abode. As a thank you, the Immortal will give you the key to the labyrinth, as well as the melee weapon Cleaver +5 .

Move back into the labyrinth and go to the portal on the right. Use the received key to open the passage to the Jungle. Explore the area to find several passages. One of them is the Temple of the Immortals.

Survive the siege


In the Temple, the hero will have to survive the siege of hostile creatures. As usual, there are a lot of ordinary enemies in the location who attack from close range or shoot from a bow. In addition to them, you will have to destroy four strong enemies. The last mini-boss is not only the most “survivable”, but can also attack with electric spears. Since the location is quite large, we recommend constantly moving, shooting normal enemies on the way and collecting ammo from them. Shoot at the main enemy when the opportunity arises. It’s best not to be in line of sight of the enemy, as he can throw two spears in a row. If you manage to dodge the first, then the second will inevitably overtake the protagonist. After the last mini-boss is defeated, an unfamiliar creature will turn to you. Ask him about Ford, then leave the location.


To get to this boss, you will have to overcome almost two locations. In the jungle, keep to the left to find a wooden staircase, behind which there is a passage to a location with wooden huts. At the end of this map, there is a transition to the next boss – the Petrel. Before you start the fight, go back to The Block and buy ammo, a tincture, as well as liquid coolant and a few ethereal orbs. If the merchant does not have an ethereal orb, then you need to re-examine the location with the huts to find at least one of them.

How to kill a petrel

First use liquid coolant, ethereal orb and equip long range rifle. In addition to the Thunderbird, periodically you will have to kill ordinary enemies, among which there will be a Pyro. It is from his attacks that liquid refrigerant can protect. Stand in front of the entrance and shoot the boss while dodging his attacks. When he releases two electric balls, use the gun to get rid of them.

If the enemy gets too close, change position. This will not be a problem since the map is quite large. At the moment when the Thunderbird has a little more than two divisions of the health scale, he will begin to use a new attack. The boss rises above the ground, and electric charges form around him.

In order not to fall into a trap, move around until the Petrel drops to the ground.

Of course, at this point, ordinary enemies can create the greatest problem, so try to be as far away from the main enemy as possible.

How to get Elder Suit +9

Leave the location where the battle with the Petrel took place and go to the locked gate. Interact with them to open them, but don’t run any further. Turn around and look at the ruined temple. Go down to it and go inside.

Overcome the location to be in the courtyard. Here you need to survive the attack of enemies, similar to the first task in the Jungle. At the end of the siege, the door to the room will open. Enter and take the suit.

Samoom and Burn

Now you need to get back to the location “Scorched Glade” . This can be done if you return to the opened gate in the Jungle and go through the Temple of the Immortals location, the very location where you first survived the rebel attack. Run into the central passage to find the passage to the Village of Death . We have equipped weapons with additional passive damage (as an additional weapon, we have acquired the “Swarm Cannon” ). Passing through the village, you should accumulate such modifiers, as they will be useful in the next battle.

How to kill Samum and Burn

Just before the battle, return to Ward 13 and stock up on consumables. Liquid coolant, regeneration potions, and ammo are great for now. What you need to know about opponents:


Third Flying boss that shoots fire
Burn Moves on the ground, deftly dodges the hero’s shots and shoots fire arrows in response

First, we recommend focusing fire on the flying enemy, as he will constantly interfere and set fire to the main character. Use liquid coolant before the fight, and when ignited, use “Space” several times to quickly get rid of the effect.

When Samum dies, you will have to run after the Burn. Literally. We used a rifle as a weapon, but sometimes you have to shoot ahead, as the boss will try in every possible way to dodge the shots. Try not to get close, as Scorch uses a series of fiery shots that can kill the hero. If you drink red sorrel tincture in time, interrupt the burning effect and destroy the worms, then you will not even need to use Dragonheart .

How to get the “Heart of the Wolf” ring

Run to the exit to return to the Scorched Glade location. You will find yourself on the other side of a locked door, but there is no need to open it now. Approach the statue on which the faun is standing. Ask him about the tune he plays. There are five bells next to it that make sounds when fired at. Let’s number the bells from one to five. If you count from right to left, then the correct sequence is: 3-4-5-3-2-1 .


Right after you get the “Heart of the Wolf” ring, turn left and go across the bridge. Run forward until you find yourself at the transition to the Reaver ‘s Hideout location . Before moving on to the next map, we recommend using the Swarm Cannon pistol and loading as many modifier shots as possible. This will be very useful to you later.

Enter the Reaver’s Hideout and move to Ward 13. Buy some bandages and regeneration potions. If there is extra scrap left, take a few boxes of ammo. Return to the Ravager, go to the left side of the map and shoot the boss.

This creature is like a huge wolf with six legs. He will try to attack up close, so just dodge the blows and shoot from any weapon. After the Ravager disappears from the map, he will return with replenishment. Several archers will sit right on it. You have a few seconds to use the Swarm Cannons modifier , then fire three normal shots with this secondary weapon. Thus, all archers on his back will take damage and most likely die. This is the best solution for getting rid of normal enemies. Repeat the steps until the Ravager dies.

When it’s all over, go forward a little and go down into the dungeon. Free Ford and talk to him. He will kindly give you the key card from his computer. Now the path lies to the lower levels of Block 13.


How to open a mirror

Return to Ward 13, but don’t rush to the lower levels. After the mirror is opened, you have to fight the final boss – Sleeper .

To destroy the Sleeper, you will need powerful weapons and a lot of consumables.

Pump one of your guns to the maximum, then buy as many tinctures and boxes of ammo as possible, later we will tell you why. Go down to level B2 and go to the end of the corridor (do not turn into the left long corridor!). In the room on the right, pick up the Fuse and return to the stairs.

Get down even lower, to level B1. There is a fuse box in the hallway in front of the locked door. Insert the part you found here, then activate the switch. Use the Ward 13 Keycard next to the locked door to open it.

Immediately after entering, turn left and follow forward until you reach the control panel. Use the Founder’s Key and select “Prepare Mirror” in the terminal. Opposite the control panel, the transition to an alternate reality will become active.

How to defeat the Sleeper/Nightmare

The battle with the sleeper is divided into two stages. The first step is pretty easy, so there shouldn’t be any problems. Just dodge the boss’s attacks in time and destroy ordinary enemies, which can be no more than three at a time. When it’s over, the Sleeper will turn into Nightmare . Now the real fun begins.

This enemy has health in the hundreds of thousands, so the most powerful weapon you have is needed here. Of course, you can defeat him with weaker weapons, but this one will take much more time. The boss has only one attack – Nightmare accumulates energy and releases six fireballs. Dodging them will not be a problem: immediately after the shot, press the “Space” several times to dodge in a direction convenient for you.

In addition to this attack, the boss sends the player to another dimension from time to time. In this case, the hero’s health is rapidly declining, so it makes no sense to linger here for a long time – immediately run towards the portal. But therein lies the trick. The fact is that no matter how strong the weapon you have, the damage to the Nightmare will be so small that you will have to spend several hours destroying the boss. To increase your damage dealt, deal with several enemies in another dimension. The more enemies are defeated, the higher the damage will become until the next teleportation. Optimally, you need to destroy ten enemies, and then get out through the portal. If you stay here for a long time, then in addition to the usual enemies, you will have to fight a mini-boss.

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