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If I Were A Leader Essay- The amazing power of our mind is the power of imagination. We are immersed in fantasies throughout our lives. I wonder what I would do if it were like this and what would I do if it were like that. Imagination power is the pillar of creativity. Because till date, the power of imagination has an important contribution in all the inventions of science.

Politician or leader is a well-known and respected word of the society. Nowadays everyone wants to be a leader. The importance of the word leader can be gauged from the fact that the person with whom this word is associated gets identified as a leader more than a personal one.

If I Were A Leader Essay On If I Were A Leader In Hindi

Leaders are in political parties as well as organizations. Every organization is run by a leader. There are many types of leaders in political parties. Some are at the state level and some are local.

In the present day democratic system, every action is influenced by the leaders. Even the smallest, the biggest work can be seen getting done with the intervention of the leaders.


If I was a leader, I would have been associated with him all the time for my country and society, standing with him in all his happiness and sorrow, the best rules of social service were made. I would have served the people by becoming the best leader of the country.


Helping the poor and helpless sections, I would try to get equal opportunities for all, I would inspire everyone on the strength of my honesty and integrity. Standing with the people in the injustice done to them, leading the movements and providing justice.


During my reign, I would get the development of my city done whatever the people wanted and would become popular among the people and would also inspire the leaders of my surrounding areas for development and play an important role in the development of the country.


If I had been a leader, I would have always been on the side of the people and provided them justice and would have been ready to cooperate with the people under any circumstances at all times and would give the message of development of the country and help to the poor with the same principle. .


In today’s time, whenever the name of the leader comes in front of the people, when only one voice arises, corruption, corrupt leader etc. Keeping them for their selfish interests, uproots their positions from the roots, thus tries to change the image of the leaders and makes the place of leaders in the minds of the people.


If I were a leader, I would have helped the people more than myself and would have devoted my whole life to the people, would have stood with the people selflessly and with honesty and integrity.


If I was the leader, I would have kept the entire environment of my city clean and asked people to clean up around their homes and thus make my whole city clean and beautiful with the help of all the people. On the annual festival of everything to come, I would inspire all the citizens of the city to plant one sapling and entrust the responsibility of protecting those plants to those people and I would give medicines to everyone on my behalf to protect the plants from pesticides.


If I was the leader, then whatever new rule was made in our country or any new scheme was implemented, then I would call all my urban people and I would tell everyone about that rule and motivate them to take advantage of them. .


If I was a leader, I would have inspired all the people of my city to build houses and toilets and persuade those who have not built them to get them built in some way by extinguishing them.


If I was a leader, I would have promoted water conservation, air conservation and environmental protection in my city and made strict rules for this and made everyone follow it.


If I were a leader, I would drive away the dirt and promote cleanliness. And in small and big villages and cities, I would have closed the plastic bags and in this way I would give my support to save the environment pollution.


If I had been a leader, I would have got schools built from place to place and made provision for free and higher education in them. If I were the leader, I would have supplied water to everyone’s houses and would have made arrangements for water by making pots where there is no water system.


If I were the leader, I would have got the wild animals protected and provided food for them. And cleans the polluted rivers in the forest through filters and supplies water to the forests through dams.


If I had been a leader, I would have banned cutting of forests and would have made provision of punishment for those who cut trees and plants. If I was the leader, I would have built temples of gods and goddesses in my city and would have banned the old practices like purdah system, dowry system and child marriage etc.


Removes all the discrimination in the society and treats Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Jains and all other religions as one and gets equal opportunities for all and tries to remove the social discrimination happening in the society.


I used to serve the public in my life, due to which people remember me for my honesty and social service for many generations, like we remember Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Jawaharlal Nehru Mahatma Gandhi etc. I consider social service to be the salvation of my life. I want to dedicate my whole body and money for public service.


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