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We spend more than 30% of our lives working in order to provide stability for future happiness.

Working requires patience. Sometimes we get sick, feel bad, or don’t get enough sleep. We have to force ourselves to go to work. But is there any way we can work happily?

in the right environment We can find happiness from work. We can feel love for the work we do and take pride in the value of our work. We will feel that work is about more than making money to live.

People have to work to live and we spend a lot of our lives working. But we shouldn’t look at work as ‘Investing for the Future’ or ‘Building Security’ only, work can be our happiness. The happiness from this work comes from many channels. In this article, we’ll look at some ways to create happiness at work.

how to work happily

In the first few years we started working We may think that the work we do does not make us happy. Because the job may not be suitable for us or not match what we dreamed of. Sometimes moving jobs, moving departments, trying something new is a good fuel for us. Especially if we move jobs closer to home or get a higher salary than before, it’s something to celebrate.

But many people move to work and eventually get bored over and over again anyway. Boredom may be one of the reasons we are unhappy at work. And resignation is not a good solution for everyone. Maybe working happily is easier than that.

One of the challenges of finding happiness at work is that we always have goals and responsibilities. Which is difficult to ‘let go’ or ‘quit stress’ with these things. Today I will always try a method that helps you enjoy your work. Plus, some methods may help your work better as well.

#1 Understand the value of work

Many people are unhappy with their jobs because they feel that what they do ‘It’s meaningless’ Maybe we do the same job over and over again until it feels like it doesn’t matter. Or maybe we just don’t understand where our job value lies in the overall company.

Working without understanding the value or purpose of the work will make us feel bored or feel that what we are doing has no meaning. The feeling of being bored or feeling that what we do has no meaning will make us work unhappy.

Volunteers working to help society are the best examples. These people work to benefit what they care about or value. Even if there are not many returns How tired are you at work? or work over and over again He is still happy with the work he can do.

Therefore, if you think that you do not understand the value or purpose of the work that you do. Try to study the overview of the company. What type of customers does your company sell to? What do these customers use our products for? And how useful are our duties to these aims?

#2 Keep improving yourself

Another part that makes people unhappy at work is the feeling that we are trapped and unable to go anywhere.

The goal of working for many people is learning. For some people, learning something new. (Especially something that can make money) is exciting and fun.

Which working is one of the opportunities for us to learn something new. Finding new solutions that we never thought of, never imagined. and get to know and learn about people we’ve never met before

If you feel unhappy with your work Try to harvest the opportunity to learn about the company. about product or about the whole system Study to develop yourself continuously. the better you are You will be more confident in yourself. And what follows is happiness at work.

#3 Work-life balance

One thing to admit is that not every job is right for everyone. Each person has different limitations in life. Therefore, we should find a job that meets the lifestyle that we want.

If you are someone who has a lot of household obligations There are limitations that work cannot meet. You should learn more ways to improve work-life balance.

Some people, if it’s a job they like, they’re willing to devote all their time to it. Some people have limitations, having to leave work on time to pick up their children. Whatever your limitations or preferences are. You need to find a balance between work and life.

If you can’t find a balance between work and life You won’t be happy every time you lose control of your schedule, whether it’s with work or personal obligations.

look after yourself Can answer where your perfect point is and find happiness with that fit I advise people who are interested to read the article on Work-Life Balance (Work-Life Balance )

#4 Always ask for advice

When we work, we probably have a lot of headaches or things that we can’t do, right? Sometimes trying to do things on your own or learning on your own at work just isn’t enough.

Many solutions we cannot think of ourselves. Asking for advice from people in other departments or supervisors who have more experience than us or who have different perspectives than us will make us work better. Advice is not necessarily about our duties alone. Asking something as simple as ‘Think about where I should improve more’ or ‘Is there something that needs to be fixed?’ will make people want to help educate and teach us more.

Problems with tasks that are too difficult or coworkers are not friendly and don’t give information are things that cause people to be so overwhelmed that they often change jobs. If we understand the right way to ask for cooperation Our problems will be less. and our happiness will be more

However, if we choose to seek other people’s advice, we must know how to appreciate and respect their time. If we choose to let other people make decisions for us all the time Our performance may not come out as good.

#5 Always find opportunities for yourself

It is undeniable that people like to try new things and like the feeling that we are always ahead. It’s even more forward from our efforts and abilities. the more we are happy

Some jobs have little room for growth. We may feel that what we are doing is what we have to do forever. And we will be bored and lose happiness in work. (is not for everyone But most of them are.)

Knowing that we can grow in the company is to ‘Create hope’ for oneself. Hope can bring happiness, reduce stress, and push us to try harder. The more we try and improve, the better our professional and personal life will be.

in terms of hope Even if you don’t like the job or don’t find it exciting. Sometimes it just feels like ‘Everything will be fine soon’ is enough to find happiness in work.

The meaning of opportunity and hope is different for each person. Ultimately, the most appropriate answer is up to you. You may look for job opportunities at an existing job or look for other job opportunities that are available. Or maybe just change the view that every problem is an opportunity. As long as you always give yourself a chance. You will be happier.

#6 How to communicate positively

Being optimistic and creating a good atmosphere makes us happy, right? In theory, making your workplace a happy place sounds simple. But each step has to be done right.

The way we can do this right away is to start with the way we speak and communicate.

for example We should stop talking about finding the wrong person or the person responsible. And focus on how to solve problems and prevent problems from occurring in the future etc. We wouldn’t be able to control other people’s words. But we can instantly control our own way of communicating and solving problems around us.

Another positive way of communicating is to ask for advice that I described in paragraph (4). The more respect and trust we earn from our colleagues.

A final example would be self-destructive statements such as ‘I can’t do this’ or ‘Too hard’. In which case I recommend asking someone for help or advice. But for most miscellaneous tasks, it’s an opportunity for you to learn something new. A good word is ‘I’ll try my best!’

#7 Is the corporate culture suitable for us?

‘Incompatible’ is something more usable than marriage.

We can have symptoms It is also ‘incompatible’ with the company and the workplace. The easiest thing to happen is that it doesn’t fit into the corporate culture. For example, if we work for a western company The company will prefer people who are more assertive. If we work with a Japanese company, the company likes people who work in detail and work systematically. Or if we work for a Thai organization, we must understand the system. ‘Seniority level’ etc.

each culture Each working system has different pros and cons. And unless you are a superstar of the company Changing the company’s working system is something that is very difficult to change. Therefore, the best choice that makes us happiest is to find a company with a work culture that suits us.

The corporate culture here includes working methods and communication methods of each department in the organization as well. For example, the sales department may be more social than the accounting department. IT departments may prefer gaming more than management departments, for example. If we choose departments and companies that have the same culture as what we like, we will be able to work happier.

#8 Giving

Giving is about focusing on other people’s problems rather than suffering on your own. The more we give to others, the happier our lives will be.

The problem with giving in the workplace is that we must learn to give rationally and to protect our own interests. If we understand the job duties and responsibilities we have to do We should find a way to do those jobs well first.

After we have done our job well We gradually divide our time with our colleagues and our company. But what does giving at work mean?

The easiest and least burdensome way to give is information, knowledge, and advice. These are things that don’t take us a lot of time but can bring a lot of value to others. Therefore, the next time someone comes to us for advice Do not skimp on knowledge too much. Creating happiness for others will later become our happiness.

Or sometimes you may choose to buy snacks, buy nectar for your colleagues to make more friends. Donuts that don’t cost much can buy more people’s hearts than they think.

#9 What exactly do you want to do?

The job that makes me happiest is the job that I want to do. There are three types of people working there.

  • People who know what they want to do and get to work that you want to do
  • People who know what they want to do But not doing the job that I wanted to do.
  • People who don’t know what they want to do

The first type of people are happy people. The second category is people who may feel frustrated or discouraged. The third type of people are people who are lost. The second and third types are not very happy.

If you know what you want to do but don’t do the job you want to do. You have to ask questions about how you can make things better. You may change your job to do something you want to do. or if the thing you want to do is risky or unable to make money Can you reduce the risk or find a way to do this as a hobby?

If you don’t know what you want You need to find some free time to try something new to answer your own questions. Keep looking for things that you enjoy or that you are good at until you find something that you would like to turn into your ‘full time’.

#10 Getting enough rest

Physical health is important to the happiness of slugs. As long as you get enough exercise and rest, you’ll be much less stressed.

But what I need to focus on especially for working people is sleep. Oftentimes, we may spend too much time at work and come home late and sleep late as well. Or maybe we keep thinking about work so much that we are stressed out and cannot sleep.

Not getting enough sleep can make you feel blurry and unable to focus on work. It can also make you feel more stressed and frustrated.

In addition to sleeping We should divide the time to relax, travel or stay at home and take care of ourselves. Our body is like a machine, if we do not take frequent breaks to check our physical condition, we will become tired and stressed. Giving us a break isn’t lazy. But it’s like refueling a car. No matter how fast the car runs, there will always be a stop to refuel.

#11 Working is socializing.

Much work involves talking to other people. such as working together with other departments Talking to Business Partners or talking to customers No matter what level of work you do, you need to use social skills in one way or another.

This means that we have to choose a job that has a level of ‘socializing’ that is suitable for ourselves. If we don’t want to talk to a lot of strangers We should avoid work that requires meeting customers. But even if we are data analytics staff who are on the computer screen all day We also need to meet and talk with colleagues more or less anyway. It’s a good way for us to open our minds and learn to be happy with those around us.

Soft Skills or Emotional Skills Socializing will make us happier at work. If possible, practice without hurting anything. In addition, the more we practice, the more chances that our job duties will improve. Which will be related to the next topic…

#12 Always remember that everyone has different needs.

Everyone has different needs and preferences. And the best socialization is ‘Exchanging things with uneven preferences’

What do you mean?

for example When you go out to eat with your friends and order a plate of stir-fried vegetables. Do you like to eat morning glory? Your friend likes cabbage. The two of you just share your food and eat whatever you like. Work is the same.

Everyone has different needs. Some people may work for fun. Some people may work as long as they have an audience. Some people come to work to socialize, someone walks in to greet them every day and they’re happy. If you know what you want What does each person want? You can exchange these for a happier work environment.

#13 How much freedom do you have at work?

Each person’s definition of freedom is different. Some people like to think and do things by themselves because they use a lot of creativity. Others like to be encouraged by others to consider the options and recommendations of those around them.

A job that creates happiness is one that has a level of ‘freedom’ that suits us.

If you are someone who likes challenging things and wants to experiment with your own ideas. What kind of corporate organization do you think you need to be in to get this much freedom? And can you prove yourself to these opportunities?

If you are a person who needs a lot of people to lead hands or coaches. How can you find an organization with the right resources for our needs?

#14 Be conscious of the work you do.

‘Be mindful’ and ‘live in the present’ are advice about happiness that has been around for hundreds of years.

But how can we apply this way of thinking to our work?

Mindfulness means that we must not focus on the suffering of problems. When we encounter problems at work We should find solutions and prevention rather than regret or frustration.

Be mindful of what you do Focus on doing the most important work. And don’t let your mind wander with anything that doesn’t deserve our attention. Do one task at a time, gradually completing them in order of priority. The more we encounter problems, the more we concentrate. If you can do this, you’ll be happier with your work and your work will be better.

#15 Work must have goals.

The last point is my personal technique.

It’s easy to feel ‘lost’ when we don’t have goals. There are many symptoms of feeling lost. Some people may feel empty. feel that what you are doing is worthless Or feel that we work tired for what?

The reason why people want to retire or want to stop working is because they feel that their work does not meet the needs of life. But if we can find the goal of work Our lives will have more meaning. We will be able to make more use of the 30% of our work lives.

A career goal can be something as simple as collecting money. Or it could be something bigger than that. As long as career goals make us work hard and feel the urge to get up and go to work every day, that’s enough.

Finally, I would like to end this article with a quote from ‘Steve Jobs’ about work.

“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me.”

To be the richest man in the cemetery  It doesn’t matter to me at all. To be able to say to myself before going to bed that We have done some awesome things. That’s what’s important to me.


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