How to wear a scarf and sophisticate your look

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Many times you wear an outfit and think: “hmmm, something is missing…”. That’s when they come in to give your look a special charm! Scarves and scarves are perfect for adding color, texture and elegance to your look.

how to use scarf

Get inspired and see different ways to use a scarf to give your style a boost!

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Difference between types of accessories

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to accessories that are used on the neck and chest. You may not know if you’re wearing a scarf, scarf, or scarf or even a pashmina. After all, there are so many and so similar… what’s the difference between them? Also, there’s always that question: how to wear a scarf and how to use the other accessories? It’s simple! People explain:


The scarf is usually one of lighter fabric, like silk, usually has a square or rectangular shape and shorter. It is used around the neck, in the hair and is also popular in women’s purses.


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The scarves are light and very malleable, also made of thin fabric, such as cotton. But they are usually longer and wider. You have more options for tying and get a very elegant look, without getting too hot.


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The scarf is the long and thin one, which in general has a heavier fabric, such as wool, which is quite bulky on the body, ideal for winter. The intention is to protect the neck and chest from the cold, but in addition, everyone looks very elegant with a nice scarf.


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The pashmina is a blanket, specific for the winter. It is long and wider exactly to protect from the cold. It is also usually made in heavier and warmer fabrics. She composes superbly with dark and neutral clothes.


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Get inspired by various scarves and scarves ties:

Scarves, scarves and their derivatives are excellent in composing very chic and sophisticated looks. They also help to elongate the body when used vertically, hanging around the neck, and to emphasize the shoulders, taking attention away from the hips, when used in a curled way.

Now that you know the difference between the different accessories to wear around your neck, see the countless options on how to use a scarf and beautiful ties to create incredible looks.

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Did you like it? It doesn’t stop there! See other tie-down options for scarves and company:

how to use scarf

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