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As in the Android world, iPhone and iOS is about improving all the options that they give us throughout their existence. Consequently, to please the exquisite users of this operating system, it brought a mobile application from Google Play called Start app. When we learn to use it definitively, we will love that one; but it is normal that we do not know how to uninstall  or disable the home screen of this platform.

With this Android, iPhone or iOS app, they give you the option to configure its use so that you can enjoy a different blocking system than usual. The strange thing about this with other apps of this type; is that it offers you to leave applications from Google Play that you can use without unlocking your smartphone or cell phone from Start in order to uninstall or deactivate.

How to UNINSTALL START from my phone and remove it from my lock screen?

In addition, it guarantees that you will not have any problem forgetting a notification or not seeing it.  It allows you to put everything in a list and will tell you how many of these you have Start.

However, many people who have used it, want to make their mobile more accessible, seek to uninstall or disable the Start app home screen. For this you need to continue reading this guide.

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  1. What is the ‘Start’ app?
    1. What is the use of having Start installed?
  2. How to uninstall Start App
    1. What happens if I uninstall the Start app from my phone?
  3. How to disable Start from my lock screen without uninstalling it?

What is the ‘Start’ app?

As the world is, we always want to be informed of everything that happens in the universe, this can be done through the news. What better for that than that information reaches our devices without having to investigate something . This platform is responsible for that, to keep all your accounts informed for free.

This app does not take up as much space in your storage and gives its users many advantages in its use. But sometimes, it is usually annoying that these messages that notify you of some new event arrive in the main bar, so they decide to eliminate it.

What is the use of having Start installed?

Although you will no longer have the same advantages that you had with the application, you will still be able to enter from the web . Apart from this, it can be useful if you did not have space in your storage, sometimes, it can relieve you somewhat.

How to uninstall Start App

Just like installing platforms from your phone, deleting them is that simple. With this you will have many improvements for your device, since it is space that you may need later. If you no longer use this news app, you can start to delete it, for this an internet connection is not required. But you should know that the information will be deleted from here, be careful with this.

What happens if I uninstall the Start app from my phone?

You must take into account that in addition to the lock screen, Start app offers you several options. For you to fully customize your mobile or cell phone, as well as modify the notification bar and place it in the iPhone style .

Being part of its most sought after benefits by users, who download it every day in the Play Store. Although some phone or cell phone brands include, this Google Play mobile application in which they bring from the Start factory.

  • This app will show you various plugins that can be quite useful, interesting depending on your taste. For example, there is a way to place a side access bar with the applications that you are normally using. No need to unlock your smartphone from start.
  • It is also quite useful for when other people ask to borrow your cell phone and need basic communication applications. But you can avoid, that I train, for example, in your gallery where you have personal photos that you don’t want anyone else to see of your Hardware.

Another example that we can also cite is the case, if we have or see it necessary, we save a bank password on our phone or cell phone. To possess greater accessibility than anyone else can access this. Thus protecting your privacy from Start in order to uninstall or disable on your Android, iPhone or iOS.

  • Notifications will appear in the same place as the buttonyou drag to unlock your phone or cell phone. That way we can visualize the number of notifications we have.

However, they will not bother us for any utility that we need, much less the options, which gives us the privacy of enjoying a mobile application as complete as Start App.

In conclusion and in a general way, we can say that Start App offers a series of benefits in addition to the lock screen of your Hardware.

Although if you don’t want to uninstall or disable the Start App boot image . And you are one of those who prefer the simple, but original lock pattern, we also have information on how to do it. 

Because what is mainly sought is that you protect your privacy. But it also gives you the possibility that the personalization of your phone or cell phone includes accessibility to the same start and that it says uninstalled.

In this way, we will be able to optimize time for the series of tasks that we have to accomplish on a daily basis, using our mobile or cell phone. Either in personal life or in the work of your Hardware.

How to disable Start from my lock screen without uninstalling it?

To do this procedure you will only need to follow these next steps, which are also very simple when you want to have more accessibility. You can do it with your mobile phone, deactivating the Start app lock screen or definitively uninstall :

  1. You must enter your phone and go to the part that says ‘Settings’ normal in the logo that has a gear.
  2. After all the options that it will display, you will go to what says ‘Image unlock’. This box will help you to customize the screen lock you want, so that your mobile phone has start in uninstalled form.
  3. Therefore, in the ‘Lock type’ tab we will press ‘None’ to uninstall or disable

Done, in this way, you will be able to enjoy more accessibility on your phone by removing or deactivating the Star app home screen. Likewise, to replace it we will only have to activate it with the same procedure.

If you want to add to this the option of placing an animated background on your screen, you can also do it and have your app uninstall! You just have to take into account the following steps. 

These are one of the most common doubts, but they have a very simple solution. Which can also help you customize your smartphone as you want from start, and have it uninstall.

Normally, we let our devices sleep, because we are doing different things at the same time. But it does not mean that you do not bring, we have with them and we have to be unlocking it from time to time on your cell phone.


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