How to solve when iPhone freezes on startup?

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What to do if your iPhone is stuck on Apple logo and cannot be turned on? What if it crashes on the opening apple? We are going to show you two ways to solve this problem in a few steps and without having to send the device to technical assistance.

1. Use iMyFone Fixppo to unlock iPhone without data loss

With iMyFone Fixppo iOS System Recovery, you can fix the problems caused by iPhone stuck on Apple logo , white or black screen, recovery/DFU mode, loop reboot, stuck on frozen screen or no boot. And all this without data loss, which will be 100% safe.

The main advantage is that its operation is extremely simple, even for those who are not so fond of technology. The operation of iMyFone Fixppo is powerful, it can fix more than 150 kinds of system problems in simple steps.

Step 1: Connect your device to your computer

After downloading and opening iMyfone Fixppo, connect your phone to computer using USB cable and after tapping on “Standard Mode”, you will see the screen

Then tap on the “Next” button. If the device is in normal mode and running iOS 12 or later, the program may not recognize it when it crashes. Unlock the device before selecting the “Next” button.

After selecting “Next”, if the device can be detected, the program will proceed to the next step. Otherwise, you will need to put your iPhone in DFU or recovery mode as the on-screen guide will indicate. Follow the instructions and when the device is in DFU or recovery mode, the program will proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Download the firmware

Now, you need to download the firmware to fix the device. The program automatically detects the model number of the device and will display the available firmware versions. Select the appropriate version and then tap “Download”.

Once the firmware download is completed, the program will automatically check the firmware condition.

Step 3. Repair the device

When everything is ready, you can start repairing your device. Check his and firmware information. After confirming that everything is correct, tap the “Start” button and the program will start repairing the device automatically. During this process, keep your device disconnected, otherwise it may get blocked.

This process will not take long. Then you can check if the device is working properly after repair.

Successfully repaired, your iPhone is back to normal. Click here to watch a video demonstrating how to fix iPhone stuck on update bar or loading screen .

2. Use iTunes to unlock iPhone with data loss

When using iTunes to resolve the same issue of stuck on startup, some users will encounter an error code when fixing. Thus, if the prompt cannot be resolved, you can choose “Restore iPhone” option.

But note: when doing this, the data will be erased, so it is recommended to make a backup in advance. To avoid this extra worry, we recommend you to use iMyFone Fixppo to solve cases like this.

iTunes recovery operation steps:

Step 1: Install the latest version of iTunes and connect your iPhone to the computer with a data cable. After connecting iTunes successfully, press and hold the iPhone shutdown screen for a few seconds to turn off the iPhone in the connected state.

Step 2: Manually put the device into DFU mode until the iTunes connection icon appears.

Step 3: When iTunes recognizes the iPhone, it will appear in the options box. So, select “Update” and wait for the repair to be successful.

What are the reasons why iPhone stuck on apple screen?

A failed system update is the most common reason why iPhone stuck on Apple logo. With each system update, iOS adds new functions for users and improves system stability. But there are many risks involved in this process. For example, an unexpected shutdown, insufficient memory or network disconnection during the update process may cause the firmware downloaded during the process to be incomplete, resulting in iPhone crashing on startup.

Another cause could be jailbreaking. iOS jailbreaking is a technical means used to obtain the highest iOS system permissions, such as even unlocking carrier restrictions on cellular networks. Jailbreaking can cause some software issues, and there is a chance that your iPhone screen may get stuck on startup.

Also, when iPhone memory is insufficient and has not been cleared after many warnings, it will inexplicably restart or may end up crashing on startup .

If you want to use a safer and faster way to recover your iPhone stuck on boot screen, it is recommended to use iMyFone Fixppo , a safe and powerful system repair tool, which can solve 150+ iOS system related problems without data loss. Meet iMyFone Fixppo, download for free and try it.


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