How to set up ASUS Smart Connect?

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Most network equipment manufacturers implement special features in their routers that help improve the user experience when connecting to the Wi-Fi network. These functions take into account the characteristics of each equipment and based on that they offer you benefits to improve the connection.

ASUS as a company does not escape these functions and presents them as an application in its routers. At the time of the configuration process , the option to activate or not this function is suggested, you may not know what it works for, but today we explain it in detail.


  1. What is the ASUS Router Smart Connect app for?
  2. How to activate the Smart Connect app on my ASUS router?
  3. How to correctly disable Smart Connect of ASUS router?

What is the ASUS Router Smart Connect app for?

The function of Smart Connect is to simplify the user’s network experience and has the following features:

  • Create a unified SSID or network name that works on all bands that the router broadcasts. This means that if your router is dual-band , only one network name will be displayed instead of two. And the same thing happens when the router is triple band, instead of three names appearing, it is simplified to just one.
  • The second thing that this application does is to recognize the equipment that is connected to the Wi-Fi and assign a suitable band for it. It does this by taking into account some criteria such as: the device ‘s network capacity , its wireless standard and the strength of the signal. Among the bands that may appear available is 2 GHz, 3 GHz, 4 GHz and 5 GHz; it can also offer Wi-Fi 4, 5 or 6 signal.

asus smart connect features

As you can see, the benefits of activating this function are found in remembering a single network name and password to connect any type of device to Wi-Fi and also balance the load of the network to assign to each device, the one with which it works best. . All this is done automatically from its Firmware and improves the experience for users who connect.

How to activate the Smart Connect app on my ASUS router?

There are two ways to activate the Smart Connect application , one is from the router itself and the other is through the app. We will explain how to do it from the router interface.

  • From the computer open your browser and visit the official ASUS website.
  • Sign in to your administrator account.
  • When the account is opened, you will find in the left sidebar the advanced options, select the ‘Wireless’ option.
  • Several tabs will open, you have to go to the general one and once there you will find the option ‘Enable smart connection’. It is first at the top, select it.
  • Press on the button until it is green and says ON.
  • Click ‘Apply’ so that the settings are activated, the router will reboot and you will have to wait 3 min to get Wi-Fi back.

To confirm that it is working correctly, you must verify what type of band is enabled (dual or tri band) depending on the one your router has, then it will be necessary to configure the network name for the Wi-Fi.

activar smart connect and router asus

From the Smart Connect option you can configure the appropriate bandwidth for you, the control and the extension you want to use for each band. It also has many other tools available that will appear on the screen once you activate the function, if you have time you can dedicate yourself to analyzing each one of them and discovering all their benefits.

How to correctly disable Smart Connect of ASUS router?

To deactivate the Smart Connect application, the steps are almost the same as to activate them.

  • Log in to the ASUS Router page.
  • Select the ‘Wireless’ or ‘Wireless’ option found on the left sidebar.
  • Now go to the ‘General’ tab. Click on ‘Enable smart connection’, click on the button until it is gray and says OFF.
  • Press ‘Apply’ to save the configuration, wait for the router to restart and offer Wi-Fi again and voila, you will have the Smart Connect option correctly deactivated .

Remember that both functions, both to activate and deactivate, can be done not only through the main page of the application, but also from your phone, from the mobile application

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