How to save Kate in Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me

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In The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me, players can experience the storytelling from the perspective of various characters. Kate is one of the main characters in this story, and you need to make some key decisions to keep her alive. Choice is paramount in a narrative game like The Devil in Me, and players need to know how to save these characters. Here’s how you can save Kate in Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me.

How to save Kate in “Breathless” in “The Devil in Me”?

Kate’s life will hang in the balance in three different chapters, and your decisions will decide the fate of this character. In “Breathless”, Kate and Erin are trapped inside two vacuum chambers, and it’s up to Mark and Jaime to save either one. You’ll see Kate and Erin faint and you’ll have to choose which character to save.

Key decision : In order to save Kate in this scenario, you must kill her. It’s a little weird, but players need to save Erin in order to save both characters. Once you save Erin, a cut-scene will start where Kate finds a crack in the glass and Mark breaks it to save her.

How to save Katya from the “Director’s Suite” in “The Devil in Me”?

In the Headmaster’s Room, Kate, Erin, and Jaime decide to capture Grantham Du’Met. Here, Jaime offers Kate a screwdriver. You can either take the screwdriver or leave it with Jaime. While it doesn’t really matter, it’s better to give Jaime a screwdriver in this part of the storyline. Jaime acts as a decoy and the narrative eventually escalates into a critical decision. Jaime and Kate end up in a room with a hydraulic glass wall.

Key Decision : If Jaime has a screwdriver, you need to select the Defiant option, which says that she will not play Du’Met’s game. The glass wall falls on Jaime and she runs away, smashing it with a screwdriver. Alternatively, if Kate has a screwdriver, you need to select the Apology option for Jaime. The wall moves towards Kate and after a short cutscene, we see her escaping with a screwdriver.

How to save Kate in Lake in The Devil in Me?

At the lake, when everyone returns by boat, the perspective will change for each character and you can choose what to do with them. Keith is taken to a crossroads, where players can either attack Du’Met and save Mark, or jump into the water, leaving Mark alone.

Key decision: Attack and rescue Mark, as this will ensure Du’Met’s defeat. Leaving Mark alone means that he loses the battle with Du’Met and dies.

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