How to quickly remove ice from a car windshield

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Before the onset of cold weather, many motorists have already prepared their cars. However, it will not work to overtake with ice that appears on the windshield. The only way out is a warm garage or a car cover. In other cases, you will have to get rid of the ice manually, Ukr.Media informs .

Interior heater

With this method of occurrence of scratches on the glass, you are not at risk. The heater will heat the surface to the desired temperature. After that, it remains only to wipe off the melted ice with windshield wipers. You can speed up the process if you set the heater to the maximum temperature and turn on recirculation.

Anti-rain (anti-ice)

Most often, it can be purchased in the form of an aerosol. The main active component of the product is usually alcohol. Within a few minutes, when in contact with ice, it will dissolve the upper crust and soften the main mass. After that, it is enough to use windshield wipers or walk over the glass with a brush.


Experts call this method the most effective. If possible, start the engine a few minutes before leaving the house. When you get to the car, it will already be warmed up. It remains only to turn on the windshield wipers.

However, experts do not recommend watering the windshield with boiling water, directing hot air from the heater to the cold glass. You should not try to remove the ice with scrapers, windshield wipers and other objects. All this will lead to damage to the glass.


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