How to put my online fingerprint in a Word

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Digitization has made life easier for thousands of people worldwide. It allows you to perform tasks quickly, simply and efficiently, including signing or authenticating documents. To provide security of the identity of the person, in addition to the signature, it is possible to put the fingerprint on digital documents, which could be quite useful when it comes to authenticating jobs, which are done online. Creating a fingerprint or better said, learning to do this is not difficult at all, where it is possible to convert it to the format you need, from PDF files to a PNG image.

How to Create a Fingerprint to Put in a Word or PDF Document

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  1. How can I get an image of my fingerprint?
    1. through a scanner
    2. using your camera
    3. How to convert my fingerprint to a PNG image?
  2. How to add my fingerprint image in Word?
    1. Procedure to add the fingerprint in Word from the cell phone
    2. Steps to put images from Word on PC
  3. What to do to put my fingerprint on a PDF file?
  4. How to print my fingerprint?

How can I get an image of my fingerprint?

There are many reasons why you have to execute this procedure, here we will give you the way to get the ones you are looking for. To obtain the image of a fingerprint, it is made of two elements with which the objective will be achieved, these are using a camera or scanner.

through a scanner

One method to obtain the fingerprint image is by using a scanner, which is a tool present in offices. The way to do this is to take the fingerprint with special ink and stick it on a white sheet of paper, then scan this photograph and copy it into the computer. Then make certain arrangements to get the image alone and be able to put the fingerprint on any document, after scanning your fingerprint.

using your camera

If you don’t have a scanner, another method besides scanning your fingerprint is with a camera. If the user does not have the special painting, he can capture it with his phone’s camera. It is recommended to place your finger on a white sheet and take a photo in shadow, of good quality, without flash. This will give you the best possible photo that will end up in a fingerprint.

How to convert my fingerprint to a PNG image?

Converting a photo to PNG format online is a great alternative to highlight details of the photo. There are free format converters available on the internet. However, doing it from “Paint” is quite easy.

First of all, the program must be opened, located on the toolbar and click on “Open” to be able to choose the image that you want to convert to PNG format. Then the user must click on “File”, and select the “Save as” option, a window will be displayed with the format alternatives. Choose the “PNG format” box, followed by the final step, the changes are preserved. You will have the fingerprint in the format you need, also another method is to search for format converters online, which can be of great help.

How to add my fingerprint image in Word?

Regardless of what element was used to take the picture, the user has to save the image on his computer, in the folder of his choice. Then you must open the Microsoft Word document where you want to put the footprint, first you must know how to create figures or boxes in Word , in this case a rectangle with a white background and black borders, which will serve as a base where the image of the footprint will be placed. fingerprint.

Procedure to add the fingerprint in Word from the cell phone

The procedure of digitizing the fingerprint is very similar in the Word of the cell phone, make sure to edit the image well, before adding it to the document, this in the case that you took a photograph and you were not able to scan the fingerprint. However, we will give you a more detailed explanation, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Word app on the phone.
  • In the upper right corner is the “+” symbolwhich is used to create a new file.
  • The blank document will give you the option to add images in the bottom right corner where the menu will drop down.
  • Followed by start.
  • Lastly, insert.

Ready, the procedure to put the fingerprint is the same as explained in the previous paragraph, where it is explained how to obtain your fingerprint alone, remember to save it in the format you want as PDF or Word.

Steps to put images from Word on PC

The steps to follow to add images from Word on a computer, in this case put the fingerprint. It is simple, which only consists of copying the image after taking the photo or scanning the fingerprint you want. Paste it into the Microsoft Word document you are making.

However, here we will explain the process to create your fingerprint. Then you must know how to insert the image into the document , trim its edges, removing as much background as possible. Just like clicking on the image, format editing options will be activated. You should go to the icon located in the upper left edge “Remove background”.

For a better effect , select the “Color” box, and then “Define transparent color”. If necessary, image correction can be made, it is suggested to try with “Brightness” at 40% and “Contrast” at 20%.

Sometimes, with the color edition the background is altered, so the photo may need to redefine its color, transparent. To finish, you must click on the image. Followed by “Wrap text”, then “In front of text”, and moves the photo to the box that was inserted in the document at the beginning. You can use this procedure with all the fingerprints you want.

What to do to put my fingerprint on a PDF file?

Being able to edit a PDF file The first step is to make sure that the “Acrobat Reader DC” program is installed on your computer, if it isn’t, look for it online. Once the PDF document is open, the user must go to the top of the screen and click on “Tools”. Which is located at the top right of the PDF file. When performing this step, a window with options will appear, the “Fill in and sign” icon must be pressed, and a new tab titled “Who has to fill in and sign?” will be seen, so the user must click on “You”.

The “Sign” icon is located at the top of the PDF document, when you press there, a new window will appear, you have to select “Add signature”. You must attach the photos of the fingerprints you want, pressing the blue icon “Image”. Then the “Apply” button. When the fingerprint appears, its size can be adjusted by clicking on it and moving the blue box, where you can accommodate it in the PDF file at your convenience. To achieve all this effectively, you must know how to create PDF forms in Word.

How to print my fingerprint?

It doesn’t matter which method you used to put the fingerprint on the document you want. If after scanning the fingerprints you need, you edited them to be able to use it or if you just took a photo. Once you have already carried out this previous procedure and managed to get the fingerprint in any format, be it a PDF file, a PNG image or a Microsoft Word document.

Print it, it only consists of going to the print option that appears in each of the aforementioned formats. It is necessary to say that you need a printer installed on your computer or cell phone to be able to execute this action.


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