How to play Pokémon GO without leaving home

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Pokémon GO is one of the most popular games in recent years on Android and iOS. The Niantic game has been renewed over the years thanks to the introduction of new elements. This is  something that has helped millions of people continue playing it. In addition, last year the possibility of  playing Pokémon GO without leaving home was introduced , something that made it possible to continue playing the Niantic game during the confinement that many countries suffered for months.

The Niantic game  is based above all on going outside to be able to capture Pokémon , although this is something that during the confinements experienced in many countries became impossible. This is a situation that millions of players experienced last year, and even part of this year. Luckily, there is a way to  play Pokémon GO without leaving the house, so it is something we can resort to in those situations in which it is impossible for us to go outside to play.


  • Faking location
  • Play Pokémon GO without leaving home
    • Available functions
  • Hatch eggs without leaving home

spoof location

Over the years, since the game has been on the market, many users have looked for ways to cheat the game, so they have  bet on falsifying its location. This is something they do so that they can play at home, but make the game believe that they are really on the street. It is an option that many use, but it is not without risk. As many already know, Niantic is known for being very strict with those users who do not comply with the rules of use of the game. So if you get caught doing this, it’s not uncommon for the company to ban your in-game account.

Faking the location  is something that can be done through Android apps. The purpose of this app is to indicate that we are in a different place than where we really are at that moment, as if we were at home. Applications like Fake GPS are well known and used for this purpose in the Niantic game. This is something that could help us to play Pokémon GO without leaving home, so it is not uncommon for it to be something that many users in the game use if they want to fake that location at any given time. In fact, they are options that are still used and that are recommended in many places, but that have their risks or dangers, so they are not something that we should laugh at.

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Since the reality is that the use of these options,  such as falsifying location using an app like Fake GPS , are simply an unnecessary risk. It is possible that Niantic will detect that we are using a fake location to play from our account in the game, so that they will then take action against this account. In addition, the reality is that  Niantic does not usually walk with half measures when it comes to taking actions against users who do not comply with the rules.

They regularly block access to Pokémon GO for players who cheat of all kinds. This also applies in the case of misrepresenting the location in which they are playing at any given time. The consequence is that the account is banned and that player is denied access for life. If we want to prevent this from happening, what we are going to have to do in this case is to use the official method to play from home. Since last year it has been possible to play the game from home, also having many of the game’s functions available in this case. So we can play the game at home, with many options available and without taking the unnecessary risk of falsifying the location and having our account banned.

Play Pokémon GO without leaving home

Last year many countries announced various types of confinement due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19. Countries like Spain forced citizens to stay at home, being only possible to go out to work or do the shopping, for example. Faced with this type of restrictions, which in some cases lasted for months, going out to play Pokémon GO became impossible , as well as being illegal in many countries. At that time, Niantic introduced a new function in the game that finally introduced the possibility of playing without leaving home. This made it possible to continue playing the game during this confinement.

This option was initially launched temporarily, intended to be available for a few months, as restrictions were lifted in those countries where there had been confinements. Despite this, today there are still options to play the well-known game from home. Although not all game features can be enjoyed in this way anymore. In this way, users who want to play at some point, but cannot leave their home, will continue to have options available in it that will make it possible to play the Niantic game, although somewhat more limited now.

On the Pokémon GO website we can see the options that we have available to be able to play without leaving home , available at this link . Thanks to them, users will be able to continue accessing their accounts in the game on Android and thus be able to carry out various actions from their homes with total comfort. There are many actions or functions currently available in the game that we will be able to activate or play from home. In addition, it is a list that changes over time, so it is good to keep an eye on it.

Available functions

Playing Pokémon GO without leaving home is something possible , but the functions that are made available to us are something that change over time. This is why all features are not available in this section at present. Although it is something that is constantly changing, so functions are being added and removed in this regard. If we currently check the list, these are the functions that we have available to play wherever we are, also if we play at home:

  • Activate Incense to attract Pokémon.
  • Open the Mystery Box to meet Meltan.
  • Receive a bonus Field Research task every day.
  • Make your friends smile with a sticker on a gift.
  • Send and receive more gifts!
  • Enjoy more ways to explore, grow, and bond with your buddy!
  • Remote raids.
  • Rank up in the GO Battle League.
  • Fight with your friends (share with QR code and participate from anywhere).

This section is constantly updated, as we have told you. Niantic itself has a dedicated section where they show the changes that are introduced in this field, such as new measures related to COVID-19, which are what make it possible to play Pokémon GO without leaving home. So it is good to consult this section from time to time, since we will be able to see all the changes that are being applied over time or if new functions arrive to it. Also if some of the functions are just removed, because there are less restrictions globally, it is reported in this section. In any case, there will always be a series of functions or challenges that you can access from home comfortably.

Hatch eggs without leaving home

One of the most important functions in this period is the  possibility of hatching eggs without leaving home . This is a trick that depends on an app like Google Fit on Android, but that is of interest to many users in the well-known Android game. For this to work on your account, you must first activate Pokémon GO synchronization, so you can use this trick at all times.

If you’ve already turned on synchronization (something available within Niantic’s in-game settings), you’ll already be able to use this feature on your account. The steps you have to follow to make it possible to hatch eggs without leaving home are these:

  1. Download the Google Fit app on your Android mobile (link below). This health application is the one that will be used in Pokémon GO to be able to control the steps you take inside the house.
  2. After you have downloaded the app, you must close Pokémon GO completely and go to Google Fit.
  3. In Fit, press the “+” symbol and select “Start training”.
  4. When the screen with the map has loaded, you must press the Play button.
  5. Start walking so that steps will be added to your account, in addition to being able to see the number of calories burned.
  6. When you have already spent some time walking (training) in the app and you have a good number of steps, then press Stop to stop that training in the app.
  7. When you open Pokémon Go on your Android phone you will see that said synchronization has been carried out and that you already have those steps detected and that some of those eggs are finally beginning to hatch.

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