How to make a beacon in Minecraft

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Minecraft has been one of the most popular games worldwide for years. It is a game where we have a huge number of elements, so there is always a new trick that we will be able to learn in it. Something that many users are looking for is to know how to make a beacon in Minecraft. We are going to talk about this in this article, so that you can master this.

The beacon, also known in the game as a beacon of light , is an important element in the game. For this reason, we have to know the way in which we can make one, since there are moments in the game in which we are going to need it. In this way we will be able to be prepared for this type of situation and always have one when it is necessary to use it.


  • What is the beacon and what is it for?
  • How to make a beacon in Minecraft
    • Ingredients
  • Rank of the beacon
    • Duration
  • Status Effects

What is the beacon and what is it for?

The beacon is an object in Minecraft, which has the same purpose as a lighthouse, since both serve or are used to project a beam of light . This beam of light is something that is going to be seen in the form of particles and it must be directed towards the sky so that it is then possible to see it. An interesting aspect when we create a beacon in the game is that we are given the possibility to change the color of the light when we build it, so each player will choose that color to their liking. It is a personalization detail that will give us a lot of play.

When making a beacon in Minecraft , you have to know that moment when you can change that color of light, since it is not automatic. It is something that can be done when it is being built, but we have not finished it yet. You can use a normal glass or a tinted one (the color you want in that case). That is going to be the color that this beacon projects into the sky when you use it in Minecraft.

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How to make a beacon in Minecraft

In order to make a beacon in Minecraft , we are going to have to follow a specific recipe, as is the case with other objects in the well-known game. The most experienced or veteran players in the game may already know this recipe that has to be used, but for many others it is something unknown. Especially those players who have not been playing Minecraft for so long do not know it. That is why we are going to tell you what is needed in this case to create one.

The first thing you need to make a beacon is to have a nether star (underworld), three obsidian blocks and five crystal blocks . If you want to make this lighthouse, you’re going to have to make different layers of blocks. It is best to put a 3×3 block on that first layer, because this is something that will make your beacon work properly in the game. Although if you want to get the most out of it, have more range, then you will have to resort to a four-story pyramid for it.


As for the ingredients that we have to use, we have already mentioned them, but it is good to keep something in mind about them. Many users do not know how they will be able to obtain these ingredients in their Minecraft account and this is a clear limitation when it comes to being able to make this beacon in Minecraft. So we tell you what you should know in this regard:

  • Glass  is the easiest to obtain, as it can be made by melting sand in the game, so it shouldn’t be a problem .
  • Obsidian  requires digging deep underground to extract it. This material is found in underground caves, although we can influence it to be generated more quickly by making the water flow towards the lava.
  • The nether star is the hardest material to find of all that we have to use in the beacon. Unfortunately, there is only one way to obtain it and that is by facing and defeating the Wither boss, who we will only be able to summon using materials gathered in the Nether or Underworld.

Rank of the beacon

If you decide to make only one block floor, you will achieve that your pyramid for the beacon in Minecraft has a range of action of 20 blocks, as we have mentioned. Although this range can be increased if we bet on building said pyramid with two floors, we will see that then the range of action will increase to 30 blocks. Whereas if we build a three-story one, the range is 40 blocks in total and in the case of building a four-story one, the range is 50 blocks around it, which is the maximum possible that can be reached. Each user must decide which one he wants to build, based on his needs, although it is better to bet on the maximum.

If you want or need to make a beacon in Minecraft that will have the maximum possible range , you will have to save all those resources so that you can then build it on your account, but it is important that you use the resources properly, since it is about something expensive and that we will not always have at hand.

Just having a 3×3 base that offers 20 range blocks isn’t going to cut it, at least in most cases in Minecraft. It may not be a big deal (at least on paper), but the difference when we use more floors and have a range of 30 blocks is more than noticeable. Greater lighting is obtained, which is something that will clearly help us in those moments when we need it. Also, if we have built this beacon using a color that we want, the effect will be more visible and more interesting the longer the range it has. It will be very limited in the case of 20 blocks.

It is best that you build that 3×3 base first. This will allow you to see the effects, especially in the case of color, and thus decide what is enough for you. You then have the possibility of adding one more floor later, for example, if you see that this base is not enough. Being able to personalize it is something important for everyone.


It is important to know that the effect of this beacon is somewhat limited , that is, it will only last a few seconds, something that many users are not aware of. Depending on the size of the pyramid that you have built, it will have a specific duration. This is the duration that this beacon has depending on the size that you have built your pyramid:

  • Size 1 Pyramid: 20 blocks – 11 seconds long.
  • Size 2: 30 blocks – 13 seconds long.
  • Size 3: 40 blocks – 15 seconds long.
  • Finally, size 4 pyramid: 50 blocks – 17 seconds long.

status effects

After  making the beacon in Minecraft, you are going to get status effects. These effects are something that can offer us a series of improvements in some of the actions we perform in the game. That is, they will provide us with more height in the jumps, greater speed, more resistance to attacks from enemies, greater speed when we are mining or more strength in attack, among others. So they are something very useful, that help us to make good progress.

In addition to this, we are also going to have a second power that will be extremely useful in this regard. It is about regeneration , which is a secondary power that will also be activated at the moment in which the beacon is placed on top of that four-story pyramid in the game. This is another of the reasons why it is interesting to have that four-story pyramid, because of that power that you obtain.

It is therefore recommended that we go to farm and save those resources that we are achieving , so that we can make this beacon in the game, especially if we have opted to build one with four floors, which will then have the maximum range, so that let us enjoy in this way all the advantages it has to offer. This is something that will also give us access to those powers and improve actions such as attack or resistance. Or being able to enjoy that regeneration, which is another clear advantage.

If you have doubts about the possibilities of this beacon in the game, you can start by testing only that  3×3 base, and thus begin to experiment with the status effects that we have explained this beacon offers, as well as see if it looks the way you you want when to lighting. This way you will be able to clearly see the advantages that this will give us in the game, such as greater speed in general or resistance to attacks from your enemies, among others. If it convinces you, you can add floors to your pyramid, because it is something that will benefit you at all times.

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