How to enable USB On-The-Go connection on my Android phone

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It is very possible that you want to get the most out of your device. That is why we have prepared an article to explain how to activate USB-OTG on Android, Samsung, cell phone or tablet.

How to Make a Mobile OTG Compatible

The OTG connection refers to the ability of your mobile to have access to other electronic devices and that these benefit the operation of your phone or cell phone and Tablet. That is, use as a host in order to enable.

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  1. What is the Android USB-OTG connection for?
  2. How to enable USB On-The-Go connection on my Android phone without root?
    1. How to use Android USB-OTG?
  3. What to do if my Android does not recognize the USB-OTG connection?
  4. What do I have to do to properly disable USB-OTG?

What is the Android USB-OTG connection for?

The use of this connection is very beneficial to those who use it. Since it implies an improvement to the comfort in terms of the use of your mobile device, it is concerned, as well as deactivating OTG in Samsung.

Next, we will give you the main advantages of using the OTG or USB-OTG connection on your Android device to enable:

  • Greater possibilities. One of the main advantages that this action offers us is the wide aspirations of use. Since, being compatible with various electronic devices, it allows us to expand the possibilities of use to enable Samsung.

Using this connection is beneficial, because it allows us to bring more comfort to our daily lives.

  • Compatibility with Android devices. This USB-OTG driver is compatible with a large number of mobile phones, so that. If you have a recent Android version cell phone, you will not have to worry about its functionality with your cell phone.

However, you should keep in mind that there are some devices that it is not compatible with. Therefore, we recommend that you check the compatibility of your mobile with the OTG connection in Samsung.

  • Compatibility for use in various electronics. On the other hand, one of the advantages provided by USB-OTG. It is your compatibility with electronic devices to enable or activate.

That is, when we acquire this cable, we can use it in a large number of electronics such as flash drives, PCs, controls, cameras, sound players, among others from Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei or Oppo.

  • Easy acquisition. Using USB-OTG does not imply much difficulty,this is because it can be acquired quickly without root on smartphone.

In general, we can buy this conductive cable at any electronics store, and even mobile devices.

If you were able to observe, activating and using the USB-OTG on your mobile with this operating system is very simple.

How to enable USB On-The-Go connection on my Android phone without root?

The only thing you need to enjoy this benefit is an electricity driver with the OTG connection because it does not recognize. You should know that it is totally possible to make your OTG compatible with your Android mobile phone .

These allow you to make said OTG connection with any device. Because they have a micro USB terminal for your device and another to connect with Pendrives, cameras, controls, PCs and other electronic devices without USB On-The-Go root.

However, you should make sure that your mobile is compatible with the driver of the OTG connection, in general. Devices are compatible with OTG , although there are a large number of devices that are not in order to activate or enable it because it does not recognize USB On-The-Go.

This is because almost all mobile devices need 5 volts for power. However, there is a small exception, so you should check the version of it with the OTG connection driver. You can also find out if your mobile is compatible with MHL , in case you need it.

How to use Android USB-OTG?

After purchasing your USB-OTG cable, activating it on your mobile phone for use is very simple. You will only have to check its compatibility with your Android. Since, if not joined, it will not perform any function in order to enable or activate in the Software or Hardware, just like USB On-The-Go in geostationary transfer orbit.

One of the most practical ways to confirm whether or not your mobile is compatible is through an application. We recommend you to use “ USB OTG Checker ”, which you can purchase through the Play Store of your Android device .

After having verified the compatibility of USB-OTG with your mobile, you will only have to follow the following steps for your OTG connection on your smartphone:

  • As a first step , we recommend that you put your Android mobile device on charge, since it is not very guaranteed to use the USB. OTG with the mobile charging, since you could deteriorate the battery of your device.
  • After having charged your Android mobile, you will have to verify if the electronic device to which you want to connect it is functional with your Geostationary Transfer Orbit Software or Hardware.

That is, if it is a pendrive, we recommend that you verify that it works correctly, as well as disable OTG.

If it is seen from a camera, that you confirm that it is loaded or that it does not present any type of failure. And perform this procedure with each device with which you want to join it.

  • Finally, you only have to connect your Android mobile to the electronic device you want and you can use it wherever you want. Also disable OTG when you think you need to have help from your Software or Hardware.

What to do if my Android does not recognize the USB-OTG connection?

Sometimes, it may happen that your Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei or Oppo cell phone or smartphone has problems with this cable or with the geostationary transfer orbit. This can happen for a variety of reasons and disabling OTG is a bit difficult, but the solution is quite easy. You just should not start introducing third-party tools, since you can damage it severely.

The way to fix this is very simple, you just have to go to USB memory and here remove it, wait a few minutes and reconnect. In this way, your system will restart and you can start using it, that is one way to fix it, but if it does not work, use another. Which this is to erase all the USB memory of your applications. Do this on your tablet, if you wish, the process is very simple.

What do I have to do to properly disable USB-OTG?

Your smartphone has different options that you can use in order to better craft your day and actions on it. One of these is how to deactivate that function, doing it is not difficult, you just have to go to settings and here look for that and press on turn off. That way you will have more USB memory and better performance in applications.


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