How to deal with disappointment

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Disappointment is something that we cannot avoid.

People have many disappointments. Whether it’s being rejected for a job interview It doesn’t work out well. Going to a bad restaurant – no matter how prudent we live disappointment can happen

…and it can happen to anyone too. Everyone’s life has its ups and downs. Even the most successful people like Steve Job still has the day that he used to be fired from his own company.

Disappointment and regret are what make us afraid to try new things. But it doesn’t have to be like this at all. Today, let’s see how to cope with disappointment and regret so that we can stand up and fight again. But first, let’s see why disappointment and regret hurt so much.

Why is disappointment painful?

Disappointment or the fact that our expectations do not come true can put our bodies under stress and sadness. And the body in this state will not be able to produce happiness hormones. A lack of happiness hormones can make your body suffer from depression, insomnia, or anxiety.

Instead of starting by talking about pain and sadness, Let me first explain the opposite, which is ‘happiness’.

Every time we experience happiness Whether it’s a successful marathon to eat something delicious or being loved Our bodies will produce happy hormones for themselves. These happy hormones are biological science motivations. that makes us want more and more happiness

Which the disappointment is the opposite. Our body doesn’t get happy hormones. And our body, when the happiness hormone is not received, it will be in a state called ‘sad’ and ‘pain’. specially

and if we are very There is a chance that we may experience depression or anxiety.

However, sadness is sadness. pain is pain Using science to describe emotions may make the problem less romantic.

…and no matter how well we understand our bodily systems, it is difficult for us to overcome this feeling.

Therefore, let’s try to understand how to deal with disappointment and regret.

How to deal with disappointment and regret

There are two forms of disappointment. The first is disappointment from something that is inevitable, and the second is disappointment because we expect too much.

There are many things that disappoint us. I don’t think there is a one-size-fits-all solution that works for everyone. I advise everyone to read each method carefully. And see which method best suits the situation and our preferences.

#1 Give yourself time to think

First of all, it’s when we feel disappointed or sad. Our brain tells us that we are not getting what we want and therefore we should be sad. And the body responds to the brain’s needs by making the body feel more sad. such as tension headaches as I have described above.

Giving time to indulge yourself In addition to giving you time to consider the situation, You’ll also give your body time to adjust and cope with the changing conditions.

Each person’s mind time may not be the same. Some only take a few days. But some people spend years unable to overcome their own disappointments.

In addition, while waiting, waiting to calm down We can use this time to analyze the situation. Understand your own emotions and feelings. Or find solutions to problems and negative consequences that may come with disappointment.

#2 Let the Ho Come Out

One of the best ways to accept disappointment and accept regret is to accept your emotions and feelings. So sometimes we have to let go.

Crying doesn’t always mean you’re weak. Crying means that we are in touch with our own emotions and feelings. We accept that at this moment we feel regret or disappointment. We understand that the body needs to cry in order to be able to overcome this problem.

But we also have to be honest with ourselves. If we allow ourselves to accept this disappointment and regret. If we’ve already cried so big We have to promise ourselves that we will become stronger and be able to stand up to the next challenge.

Scientifically speaking, crying makes your body feel less stressed. And sleep allows the body to recover more energy. Therefore, one should not be afraid of crying or doing anything that others might find weak.

#3 Ask yourself if it’s really disappointing.

Sometimes the disappointment and regret are all in our brains and imaginations alone.

Some of the disappointments and regrets, if we really look at reality and ask ourselves, may not be so regrettable or disappointing. Some disappointments when looking back 5 years, 10 years later, it seems to be a small thing.

A simple example is when we were studying and couldn’t wait for the exam and felt like the world was collapsing. Everything is priceless. But when we came back again after we had finished our studies, it really was secretly impossible that we used to worry about these problems so much.

So every time you feel disappointed or sad, ask yourself if it’s that sad or disappointing. Some people may use a way to talk to friends or family members in order to gain perspective that we can’t think of while ‘sad’.

#4 Find something happy to do

If disappointment and sadness hurt because we are unhappy The most straightforward solution is to find happiness for yourself.

??? ??? ????? ? ???? ??? ????????? ?????????? ??? ??????????????? ?????- ????? ????? ? ?????????? ???? ??????? ???? ?? ??? ?????? ?? ?! Maybe going out to find something we like to eat. watching funny movies Or even going out to places we’ve never been before.

Finding happiness for yourself is not wrong or embarrassing. We just have to understand that our bodies lack happiness right now. And the best thing for us right now is to add happiness to ourselves, that’s all.

Each happiness has its limitations. People who are sad or disappointed are likely to become so addicted to happiness that they forget to look at the downsides of happiness for a long time. It could be something as simple as eating too much ice cream and making you fat. or squandering money to reward yourself beyond merit

#5 Change our point of view

Someone once said Every disappointment is always an opportunity for us to learn and improve ourselves.

Sometimes disappointment and regret don’t always bring bad things. Being lost may lead us to see new paths that we have not traveled before. When we are deceived, it allows us to love those who are more sincere to us.

If we can accept that everyone has a chance to fail, disappoint or regret. We will be able to understand that failures and disappointments are opportunities for us to learn something new.

What matters is We must be open-minded. try to be optimistic

In case you’re still drowning in sadness Try writing down the pros and cons of this situation. For example, is there anything you said or did wrong that could be learned and corrected in the future? Is there anything about ourselves that we’ve just discovered or learned because of this event? Or is there someone who is still by our side when we are sad?

Just when you find something good in your life (Which there are so many, you just have to find them.) You can overcome the regrets and disappointments.

#6 Take care of your own body first.

Let’s come back to talk about the hormone of happiness again.

A healthy and well-rested body is better able to recover from stress and sadness.

Disappointment and sadness will cause stress. Stress prevents your body from producing happy hormones and functioning at their best. Therefore, we can solve the problem directly. This ‘production system’ by taking care of our own health.

Take a simple example. If you ask someone who has run a marathon or run at Suan Lum how they feel when they finish running. Your answer will be that he feels refreshed and has more energy. That was because his body was fully taken care of. So if you feel sad or sad, try going for a run or exercising to get a sweat. I’m sure you’ll feel better right away.

It may sound a bit simple but it really works. just you exercise Eat food from all 5 food groups and get enough sleep. You can recover from disappointment and regret.

#7 Express your feelings

If the feeling of sadness and disappointment is stuck in your heart causing you to feel uncomfortable You need to find a way to drain it out.

Expressing feelings can be done in many ways. Some people may vent by talking to friends or family. Some people may vent together to sing karaoke. Or some people may vent by writing that feeling out.

To release feelings is to release stress. In addition, the more we vent with communication or writing, The more we have the opportunity to think and describe our feelings more.

We humans are social animals. It is difficult for us to go through many problems in life by ourselves. Therefore, human beings invented what is known as a way of communicating. If we can learn to communicate or explain this feeling to others. Learn to rely on others when you are in trouble. We will reduce the burden that we carry unnecessarily. Because believe me, people who love us would want to hear our problems anyway.

#8 Accept and look for ways to make it better in the future.

Many times, we may be unlucky or make mistakes that put ourselves in a situation that we can’t fix. In this case, it’s best to admit wrongdoing. accept the situation we are in and find ways to make it better in the future

for example Many businessmen who used to be successful but encountered the economic turmoil made their business worse. These people were a pitiful one because they were at the top of society. But that stand was destroyed.

People who are disappointed or failed but do not accept their situation. will not be able to get up and fix the situation to make it better In the case of this type of businessman He still lives a rich life, spending more than he needs himself. Because he did not accept the fact that he had made a mistake and so on.

However, acknowledging our situation doesn’t necessarily mean that we live as unhappy people. We just have to learn to be happy with what we have today. Find ways to prevent this from happening in the future. And learn to improve yourself to make your life better and better.

#9 Look at the bigger picture

A lot of sadness and disappointment happen because we focus too much on what we want. Because what we wanted didn’t come true, we were disappointed.

But our world is wider than the thoughts in our heads.

You may adjust your perspective, thinking that in the next 5 years, 10 years this problem will not be that big.

Or maybe adjust your perspective to be optimistic that everything has both advantages and disadvantages. We can choose to live with many happy things in life or we can choose to be everything with only a few bad things.

Or you may look at your own problems compared to other people who have more problems. For example, today we won the lottery and lost thousands of money. But if compared to the problem with people who play stocks and lose millions of money, then our problem seems so small.

It has been suggested that the best cure for disappointment is to give. Giving (such as volunteering, donating, or charitable giving) can help you stop focusing on your own problems. and adjusting the perspective to understand problems with other people more The less we focus on ourselves Disappointment and sadness will be less and less.

Both problems and life perspectives depend on people’s decisions. No one can tell if this problem is really important or not. Or is this view really correct? ??? ??? ????? ? ???? ??? ????????? ?????????? ??? ??????????????? ?????- ????? ????? ? ?????????? ???? ??????? ???? ?? ??? ?????? ?? ?!

#10 Reduce addiction to negative emotions

Our brains are strange things. when we do something wrong or experience disappointment Our brains will think about this disappointment over and over again. It’s like repeating yourself not to do this again, it’s not good.

The more the brain repeats the more thoughts The more sad our bodies feel. But in reality, these repetitions are a bit too much.

If you make a mistake or find something that disappoints you It’s okay to feel sorry for the first time. ??? ??? ????? ? ???? ??? ????????? ?????????? ??? ??????????????? ?????- ????? ????? ? ?????????? ???? ??????? ???? ?? ??? ?????? ?? ?!

for example When a heartbroken person comes, what most people do is turn on YouTube and listen to heartbreaking songs to make them feel even more sad. I understand the word that music is because it comes up when heartbroken. But why are we punishing ourselves so much? The more we waited to hear it, the more sad we felt.

If you’re disappointed, then feel sad. Let’s try to observe your own behavior. Each of these behaviors encourages you to be happy. Or is it actually making more people addicted to negative symptoms?

#11 What are your values ​​and where are they exactly?

Finally, you need to constantly remind yourself what your values ​​are and where exactly they are.

The first set of questions you should ask yourself are: what kind of person are you, what do you like to do, and what is most important in your life?

After you understand yourself Ask yourself a second set of questions: Will you allow these disappointments and regrets to change who you are? Can you change the value of who you are?

If you say that the most important thing in your life is your family Are you going to let this disappointment and sorrow disrupt your life and cause your family to worry?

Or in case you really lost something important in your life. What other things in life are important to you? So how can you take better care of them?

We humans have special powers. I call it the power of believing. As long as we have what we believe in what we value We will always be able to get up and do what we think is impossible.

Finally, I believe that there is no one who can avoid regret or sadness throughout my life. Our life has meaning because it has its ups and downs. But that doesn’t mean we have to fear regret until we lose our joy in life. We just have to learn to combat regrets and sadness in life. And find a way to get up to live and find happiness for yourself again.


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