How to contact the technical support of OrdenesYa

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This online store is not only beneficial to consumer users . If not also for the owners of food establishments, who can offer the number of menus they want. Even presenting offers and combos of any kind to various support contacts.

How to Contact Support in OrdenesYa to Solve Your Doubts by Chat?

However, like any application and delivery service, it has its positive and negative sides. That is why today we want to show you the correct way to file a claim with this application and clarify all the doubts that may arise in this regard.

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  1. How to contact the technical support of OrdenesYa
    1. Email
    2. Social networks
    3. WhatsApp Number OrdersNow
    4. Chat Orders Live
  2. How long does the OrdenYa service take to respond to your customers?
  3. What is the use of knowing the contact of OrdenesYa?
    1. Cancellation of orders
    2. Customer Support
    3. claims
    4. Clarification of doubts

How to contact the technical support of OrdenesYa

To make a claim, it is best to first identify what the type of problem is . If it has to do with the food in question, then it would be prudent to contact the center from which the purchase was made.

When placing an order with support, we recommend that you do so at a restaurant that is known or that you can contact through a quick Google search. This will allow you to contact them quickly if there is a problem with your order. You can also try to have the phone numbers on hand to use in case of any type of mishap in support.

Now, if the problem is associated with the application, for example, that an incomplete order is being sent, that you have been charged in the wrong way or a complaint with the couriers. You can use the Online Attention or support area found on the official website of OrdenesYa.

One of the most common inconveniences that usually arise is because of the distributors, who may have a type of problem or be delayed more than necessary or place in support. That is why OrdensYa has its line open to hire new people .

At the time of entering the application. Be sure to select your country and then go to the Online Service option and dedicate yourself to expressing your contact complaint.


OrdersYa has 2 of these through which you can communicate with them. One of these is and the other is

Both emails are available to anyone who wants to communicate with the application. However, the response time is unknown , users through the online route have expressed the fact that the response is not usually immediate in support. They recommend that you constantly write several of these in order to get a response in a few days.

Email OrdersNow contacts are active, as they frequently send messages and notifications in support. It can be noticed more when a user receives a promotional coupon.

Social networks

Using these as a means of communication between a store and its customers is a good method. More if it seems to be the only way to find an answer to questions and complaints in support.

Orders You already have 3 social networks , the most common such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Its user of it is not very communicative and the interaction with the user is nil in support.

The opposite happens with Instagram, where comments and DM are frequently answered . As is the case with the Twitter account, mentions and private messages are usually answered more quickly than a support email.

Both on Facebook, and on Instagram and Twitter you can get the application with the name of @pedidosya You can write and express your complaint without problems and wait to get a response to your contact.

It is also advisable to try to communicate with OrdersNow through a phone number . To do this you have to know if this option exists in your country and if the mobile line is active you will have support.

WhatsApp Number OrdersNow

When you make an order, you can have contact with a phone number which you can locate and know the level of your order. This is what you can achieve with the help of the WhatsApp messaging application.

Chat Orders Live

Here you will have the best attention than in many other places, with your web browser and internet connection you will get live messages with the sellers.

How long does the OrdenYa service take to respond to your customers?

The application does not have online help for direct contact with people, in the customer service area you can find all the answers to previous questions made by users in support.

If the information does not satisfy you, then you have the option to notify it, explain the reason for the dissatisfaction and send the communication. In the same way, to know the Attention process, follow the steps that we show you below.

  • Enter the official area of ​​​​OrdersNow and select the country in which you are located, this is found by support.
  • Sign in to the page. Then, open the information menu located in the upper left with your photo and select the option that says Online Help.
  • Choose the tab that expresses what you want to claim, you will find a menu that goes from Orders Now to Other Support Queries.

After entering the option that matches your claim, locate the question you want to ask, display the arrow that appears on the right and read the entire answer.

What is the use of knowing the contact of OrdenesYa?

These applications have support phone numbers in the web browser with social networks to be able to make or cancel OrdersNow. Here you will see online help through WhatsApp, in this way with an internet connection and with the right of authentication you will have the opportunity to do what you want with your order.

These are some good things that you will get in case you got the contact, phone number, email or social media from the website. With support and online help you will be having many advantages:

Cancellation of orders

When you start to have contact with the people who will take your orders, you must already be clear about what your actions will be that you can develop. Among these, we can find that the way to cancel order with online support help will be very feasible. Here you can do it with your email, social networks or the website, quickly deleting your order without much trouble.

Try to do it now, you will have help online with your phone number or from the web browser with authentication. Enter your applications whenever you want and the process will be very easy with your contact.

Customer Support

Like the other actions, this is the most complete, it is characterized by having incredible contact with its users as a good thing.


That is another advantage that the platform has, you can do everything you want of this type , you just have to click on it.

Clarification of doubts

OrdersYa is one of the applications where they give you more stable attention than in others with an internet connection . It has authentication that you can use to give whatever you think is necessary.


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