How to concentrate on studies?

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Many times it happens with us that when we are sitting to study, we feel sleepy, our mind wanders or there is no desire to study. We forget what we have studied at the time of examination. Studying has become very difficult in the environment of COVID 19, because our whole day’s routine sitting at home has been spoiled. No matter how much we try to study, but we do not feel like it. Do you feel less inclined to study? Do you want to study well for the exam? Does your mind wander while studying? In this blog, we are going to tell you the tricks and tips on how to concentrate on studies, so that you will pass with good marks in the exam.

  1. to study
  2. save time for revision
  3. don’t pay attention to anything else while studying
  4. Do not read the same topic again and again in a single day
  5. Make sure to make a time table before studying
  6. Always make notes while studying
  7. Divert your attention from mobile TV while studying
  8. Choose the right place to study
  9. have a complete diet
  10. How to study till late night?
  11. What to do if you don’t feel like studying

to study

Think about the purpose of studying, before starting any kind of habit, we should think about its purpose. What is my purpose? What is my purpose? What is the reason behind studying? What will I get from studying? Why is it important to study? We should think about all these things. You will get the answers to all the questions then you will know that if I don’t study then I will fail. I want to become class topper. If we know the purpose of anything, then we do that work diligently. In the end, we definitely get success, in the same way, if we study hard, then we will definitely become a successful person in life.

save time for revision

Do not rote at all while studying, because we tend to forget what is rote. While studying always try to understand the subject. After understanding the subject well, practice writing it in your own language. Whatever we read after understanding, it gets directly stored in our mind. Always save time for revision before the exam. By revising, you can remember whatever you have read.

don’t pay attention to anything else while studying

When we study, do not use TV or mobile at all. Do one thing at a time. If we use TV or mobile while studying then our mind gets disturbed. We forget whatever we read. That’s why whenever you sit to study, your mind should always be in studies.

Do not read the same topic again and again in a single day

One should not read the same topic again and again throughout the day. Because if we are sitting with only one subject, then reading that subject starts getting boring, laziness starts coming. Then gradually we start forgetting what we have studied, due to which our mind becomes demotivated. Then we do not like to read the subject there. That’s why don’t sit on the same subject for the whole day, keep a fixed time, during which study the subject with full attention. This thing that has been told is being told about it when it is studied during school.

Something different happens during the exam, at that time the subject of which the paper is there, study that subject with your mind. Because its paper is on the second day, if we don’t study that subject the next day, how will we write in the exam.

Make sure to make a time table before studying

Time is very valuable, so time should never be wasted. The time that goes by never comes back. Studying is very important in the life of every student. If he studies well, he will move ahead in his career. A student should never waste time. Whenever he sits down to study, a time table must be made before that. Each subject should be given a fixed amount of time in the time table. You should study according to the time table. Due to this, our time is also not wasted and our subject is also remembered very well.

Always make notes while studying

Whenever you sit to study, always make notes together. There are many students who do not make notes, then forget what they have studied at the last moment. If we have made notes, then we do not face any problem during the exam, we can easily read our notes and remember them quickly.

Divert your attention from mobile TV while studying

Whenever you sit to study, keep mobile, TV away from you. When the mobile is nearby, we feel like looking at it again and again, due to which our mind wanders. When you sit to study, keep distance from whatever disturbs you in studying.

Choose the right place to study

Along with knowing how to concentrate on studies, it is also necessary to know how to choose the right place for studies, which are given below-

  • While studying, the environment around you should be calm.
  • There should be a good chair and table to sit and keep books.
  • Put a board of Do Not Disturb outside the room.
  • Keep your important things with you while studying. For example: pencil, eraser, water, etc.
  • So that you do not need to get up again and again.

have a complete diet

Always eat nutritious and balanced diet. Eating good food keeps your body and mind healthy. Eating good fruits, vegetables and grains can boost your brain power. Stay away from carbohydrate, sweet or fat items, eating all these things harms your body. Also, take 7-8 hours of sleep every day. If the mind and body remain healthy, then we can study well and remember what we read for a long time.

How to study till late night?

For any kind of studies, although the morning time is spoken, but it is not at all that those who study at night are never able to pass any exam. If you are used to reading at night and feel comfortable reading at night, then you can easily read at night. With the help of these instructions given below, you will be able to study better at night.

  • To study late at night, the most important thing is that you can take a good sleep once during the day, apart from this, you can rest for a few hours during the day and avoid doing some tiring work. Through these measures, you will be able to study at night without any disturbance.
  • There comes a time in the night when your body gets completely tired, in such a situation, first of all, you have to make yourself mentally strong, apart from this, you can resort to tea and coffee if you get too much sleep. Can easily study for long hours.
  • If you study at night only by lighting the study lamp and the rest of the room is dark, then even this will make you feel sleepy. If possible, study with the lights on in the room. Having good lighting in the room will remove the atmosphere of laziness.
  • Do not read while lying on the bed as doing so invites sleep. That’s why, if possible, sit on the chair-table by keeping your back straight.

What to do if you don’t feel like studying

Along with knowing how to concentrate on studies, also know what to do when you don’t concentrate, which are as follows:

  • If you do not feel like studying at all, then the simple reason for this is that your mind and mind are completely distracted.
  • Try asking yourself the question why you don’t want to study so that you can concentrate on studying in a better way.
  • One of the main reasons for distraction from studies is staying online in social media sites. As long as you are not able to come out of these sites and online games, you will not be able to study with body and mind in any study.
  • Nothing is done just by reading anything, it is necessary to learn and understand it along with reading it well. With this, you will not get bored while studying and your attention will also be maintained.
  • Maintaining discipline is very important if you want to concentrate on studies for a long time. Your mind may start wandering from one side to another but discipline is the only thing that helps you study with concentration.


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