How to adjust brightness on windows 10 desktop

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How to adjust brightness on windows 10 desktop.Every mobile and desktop user is different. Some have the brightness as high as possible, while others prefer it to a minimum. Either way, you can calibrate the monitor’s brightness and contrast if you prefer. In theory it is the same procedure no matter what brand of screen you have.

How to adjust brightness on windows 10 desktop

In any case, we will shortly provide you with all the information so that you can configure the system and modify the brightness of your monitor. You just have to make sure that the Microsoft Windows configuration allows it at the software or hardware level.

How to adjust brightness on windows 10 desktop


  1. How to set screen brightness with keyboard?
  2. How to adjust the brightness of my Windows 10 PC from settings?
  3. How to raise and lower the brightness of my computer with the toolbar?

How to set screen brightness with keyboard?

The keyboard is one of those devices that is much more practical to configure and adjust our computer or PC with Windows 8 or any other version. The detail is that the vast majority of users are used to using the mouse to access certain functions.


If you are from a laptop, it is no safer that you do not have buttons on the screen that allow you to raise or lower the brightness. That is why these options are included in the keys known as Function.

If you look closely, you will notice that on the F6 and F7 keys there are some sun-shaped icons. It does not have to be strictly these keys, since they can be located in any of the 12 that there are. Everything will depend on the model of the laptop. Now, to be able to raise or lower manually and with the laptop keyboard, you just have to hold down FN and repeatedly press F6. If you want to increase the brightness, you will have to do the same, but with the other key.

As you will notice, no third-party applications or anything like that was required. This is something you can apply when you want to lower the brightness of your laptop . Applies to almost all versions and current models. However, there is another method in case this doesn’t work for you. To do this, you have to do the following:


  • If you are on a Windows 10 computer , you have to press the Windows + X key combination.
    •  A vertical window will be displayed with a series of options.
    •  You’re going to choose ‘Power Options’.
    •  On the left side of the new window, choose the ‘Display’ option
    •  Starting the new options you will be able to configure the amount of brightness that the monitor has. In addition, you can activate or deactivate the night mode and configure it.
  • If you are in Windows 7 or Vista, with the same combination of keys you can:
    • Open the power panel.
    • Raise or lower the amount of brightness you want.

How to adjust the brightness of my Windows 10 PC from settings?

Before proceeding with the explanation, we have to make one thing clear. It is that you can install display drivers to have a more exact handling of your screen. You just have to make sure you know exactly which driver to download and you will be free of problems at the Software level.

Now, to do the same modification on Windows of your computer, you have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Press the Windows key.
  • Select the nut to access the operating system settings.
  • In the new window, you will select the first option.
  • You now have on your left a list of options that you can adjust and modify.
  • Select the first one that says ‘Screen’.
  • In the bar you have you can adjust it to the level you want . You can experiment until you find the amount of light you want.


If you scroll to the end of this section, you will notice that there are more options that you can modify. Such is the case of:

  • Flicker fix.
  • Set up more than one monitor.
  • Modify the size of the letters that are seen on your screen.


The advantage that those who own an Android smartphone have, that in just two steps they can lower the amount of brightness in a matter of seconds.

How to raise and lower the brightness of my computer with the toolbar?


With the toolbar you can more or less simulate what smartphone users do. The idea is that with just one click you can increase or decrease the brightness of your PC without using applications. To achieve this, you have to do the following:

Click the notification icon on the Windows toolbar .

  • Click where it says Expand so that hidden features are revealed.
  • Now in the lower part you have a bar that you can move with the mouse to the point you want

Note that you can leave the options displayed or hit Collapse to return it to its base state.

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