How much are TikTok gifts worth?

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Surely you have heard of TikTok gifts and why not, if in recent times it is one of the social networks that has become so famous among children, young people and adults. Since it consists of an unlimited variety of summarized content, from any area, from entertainment to information. With areas in technology and computing where users create their script or scripts to make content. For example, videos of programming languages ​​like JavaScript. Of course, it all depends on what the user is looking for.

How much are TIKTOK GIFTS worth? – Price in Mexican pesos and euros

You can download it and register with the app for Android or Apple at any time, with an email or by linking accounts such as Gmail or Facebook. If you decide to make content, you can earn money through TikTok giveaways, sponsorships, and even views.

Although we know that the idea of ​​​​gifts surely sounds great to you, we will tell you how much gifts are worth on TikTok.  Among social networks, this is the method used to convert them into real money that you can withdraw through PayPal. Which could be linked to any web page by JavaScript, you just have to do a few simple steps.

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  1. How do TikTok gifts work?
  2. What gifts can be given and how much are TikTok gifts worth?
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  3. How to collect money from my TikTok gifts?
  4. How to get more gifts on TikTok?
  5. How much is a TikTok Universe worth?

How do TikTok gifts work?

Surely you want to know  how the gifts work in the app, from Android or Apple. At first, the coins allow us to buy gifts , these will be a gift to another user, in short, it is a thank you for good content, in order to get gifts you will have to use the wallet that we have on TikTok.

We must acquire coins, which we are going to obtain by paying, (social networks have different payment methods). When you acquire those coins you can only use them to buy virtual gifts, this tends to be confusing because coins are exchanged for gifts, which can have different shapes or be a simple emoji. If you want to give that as a gift, it will be through a live, at the bottom of the screen you have the option to ‘Give a gift’.

Now, to obtain these coins you will only have to enter the application, go to the part of your profile, within the ‘Settings and privacy’ and then click on ‘Balance’. There you will find your wallet, press ‘buy coins’ there will be different prices, select it and Google Play will open where you choose the method by which you want to pay, PayPal is almost always used.

What gifts can be given and how much are TikTok gifts worth?

TikTok gifts do not have a specific price, there will be from 1 coin to more than 199, and the gifts are a kind of emojis that present different logos, a purple guitar, a hotdog, a panda with glasses, a hand, among others. . You can only do these when the user is live, and, by the way, your identification will be seen, in addition to the detail of the gift you gave.

Once you give the gift, it will be removed from your account, and the user you sent it to will have it in the form of diamonds. Which the platform recognizes as a popularity meter in the TikTok App.


You obtain these by buying them on the platform to be able to acquire gifts or presents, all with real money. You must transfer through platforms such as PayPal or any authorized agent, where there is a limit of coins that you can buy, ranging from the modest amount of 70 to 7000.

These are exchanged within TikTok for any of the wide variety of gifts that this social network offers. How much are they worth? Well, the exchange rate varies according to each country. An approximation is 100 coins for $1.29 dollars or equal to 26.13 Mexican pesos or 70 coins for 1.09 euros. The gifts you can buy also range in price from the most expensive of 34,000 to the cheapest of 1 coin.


TikTok gifts are the items you redeem the coins you’ve already purchased for. What we always look for is to get diamonds because the latter are the ones that you can exchange for real money. So gifts are one of the ways to earn profits on the platform, remember that the prices of these vary a lot depending on the stickers, from 1 coin to more than 30,000.


You only get diamonds when you get TikTok gifts, there is no way to buy them, they can be turned into real currency. How much are they worth? Diamond prices vary, and it depends directly on the creator of TikTok ByteDance, it can be withdrawn for a minimum of 100 per week, and for a maximum of 1,000 dollars.

How to collect money from my TikTok gifts?

The social network has a policy that there must be a weekly minimum and maximum, so you cannot withdraw all the money you want, usually the lower limit is $100 and the upper limit is $1000 . The procedure to follow to withdraw the money consists of having associated a PayPal account with TikTok, where in this case the money transfer is made directly, however, there are also other banks that allow these transactions with the social network.

How to get more gifts on TikTok?

Getting gifts from TikTok is a great way to earn money, but it’s not the only way. There are many methods, perhaps more ‘easy’ and direct, such as visualizations. Which you can get by developing your script or scripts to make your videos better on tiktok. Managing to  maximize the content  you make by searching for topics of your liking such as art or technology and talking about anything that you are passionate about, for example videos of programming languages ​​such as JavaScript.

There are also the sponsors in these applications, which is one of the largest sources of income for a content creator on TikTok. Now, the gifts themselves are also a way to get money there, but it depends on the gifts that your followers give you.

To win more gifts you must learn to do live broadcasts, this you have to meet certain requirements such as being over 18 years old, and having more than 1000 followers. To give you an idea, 70 virtual coins have a price of 1.09 euros, which is the same, each user can buy up to 7,000 coins.

If you want to get more gifts you must learn to create popular content and sympathize with your followers, join the trends, make lip sync videos, make your script, try the newest filters and talk in your live streams. You can get a lot of money! So, you have diamonds from your gifts that your followers have given you and you want to redeem them. Congratulations! Because it will be very easy, you just have to follow the following steps and go for them.

  1. Open the TikTok Android or Apple app.
  2. Once you are inside, look in the lower corner for the “me” icon
  3. Select ‘Privacy Settings’.
  4. Enter the balance you have.
  5. Go for the ‘Wallet’
  6. Tap on ‘Live Gifts’
  7. Now, you must enter ‘Redeem’
  8. Choose how much you are going to redeem.
  9. You must link your PayPal account and that’s it!

How much is a TikTok Universe worth?

There are many gifts on TikTok with different applications depending on the context, among the most common is a panda, tiktok or the rose, which are the cheapest between 5 and 1 coin.

However, there are some gifts that are considered strange because of how much they are worth, because they can be very expensive, among them are the TikTok Lyon, which has an approximate price of $400 (8,101.00 Mexican pesos) and the famous TikTok Universe with a price of $500 (10126.25 Mexican pesos). Translated into platform coins, they would cost 29,999 and 34,999 coins, respectively.


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