Essay on the relation between nature and man

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The relation between nature and man is very close. We are all dependent on nature. Water, air, fire, human beings, animals, animals and birds all come in nature which are dependent on each other.

Today we see that man has polluted the environment in many ways for his personal gain. The climate etc. present in the environment have been polluted, due to which all this has proved fatal for humans only.

Nature and man can live life in the best way by establishing good relations with each other but man pollutes nature in many ways for his personal benefit.

We should establish a good relationship between nature and ourselves. Do not cut trees. We should not pollute the air, use less smoke-polluting vehicles and do not pollute water at all because climate is very important for us.

Nature’s gift If we use these things properly, then it is a boon of nature for us. If we pollute them, then in the coming time we will have to come in the grip of many diseases and have to face many problems.

Apart from all this, we all live under the sky in nature, when the rays of the sun present in the sky fall on our body, it benefits our body in many ways.

These sun rays, a gift of nature, have a very important contribution in our life. Nature’s gift fire through which we are able to cook our food, in fact there is a very deep relationship between nature and man. We should establish good relations with nature.

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