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Hello friends, how are you all, friends, today’s article is essay on the problem of terrorism, all of you can get information from this essay at the time of your school examination, so let’s read our essay on the problem of terrorism. Terrorism is completely different from war and policy Terrorism is increasing day by day. Terrorism is an illegal act. The purpose of terrorism is to create fear of violence among the people.

Explain what is terrorism – Terrorism has been determined by man himself, any human being or there are many people with him who form their group to commit violence, steal, fight, fight, shoot or blast bombs, all this is terrorism.

Terrorists are always trying new ways to spread terror, most of the terrorists blast bombs on railway and bus stations in crowded markets. If seen, our entire country is in the grip of terrorists and is suffering in some way or the other. The worst thing about terrorists is that no one knows what the next target of terrorists will be.

What is the main reason for terrorism – There are many reasons for terrorism, one of the main reasons is that Pakistan is promoting terrorism to make Kashmir its state and it also trains terrorists in Pakistan so that they attack India continuously. Keep doing it

Pakistan has attacked India many times but Pakistan did not succeed. Pakistan makes many attacks, Pakistan wants to separate Kashmir from India. Pakistan is planning to attack India.

Terrorists call themselves brave soldiers but in reality they are not brave soldiers, true soldiers are those who never harm people and they fight only to save their country from enemies.

The qualities of a real soldier are those who fight for the national interest while terrorism fights for their wrong motives. The national soldier understands all his responsibilities while the terrorist never does that. Terrorists have got their name from the word terror. Was heard about in Jammu and Kashmir but in today’s days it has spread in all areas, especially in the North Eastern areas of India.

Terrorist attack in India took place in Mumbai’s Nariman House and Taj Hotel, that attack took away many lives of the people of India and caused great harm to India.

What is the effect of terrorism on the society- Terrorism has a very bad effect on the society. When terrorists spread terrorism, many people suffer because of this. Children, old, young people of the society become physically and mentally suffering, many times many people are killed because of this.

Due to terrorism, mother loses her children, wife loses her husband, in fact terrorism is a very serious problem, it is necessary to stop it, it affects the society a lot.

Terrorism is a challenge to democracy How- Terrorism is a challenge to democracy because terrorism affects democracy a lot. Terrorism creates many problems in a democracy. Terrorism, if any, needs to be taken hard and this challenge needs to be dealt with harshly.

How terrorism can be stopped – To stop terrorism, we have to reform the politics, make people aware so that they do not fall under anyone’s guise and understand the matters of borders, educate the citizens of the country, make them aware of the country’s Loyalty and justice have to be taught so that the problem of terrorism will not arise.


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