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Essay On Right To Education In Hindi-  Education is the biggest weapon of today’s time. Education is compulsory for all. And we have the right to get education. In today’s article, we will read about the Right to Education i.e. Right to Education.

Essay on Right to Education | Essay On Right To Education In Hindi

The most law of the Government of India is the Constitution. The country is led according to the constitution. Which rules and regulations are written in the constitution. Accordingly, decisions are taken.


Many rights have been given to every citizen of India in the constitution. By using which people can live their life with ease and equality.


Fundamental rights have been made in the Indian Constitution to give rights to the Indian people. In which one right is also the right to education. That is, we have a constitutional right to get education. No one can deprive us of this.


Under the right to education, a person of any religion, community or any gender can get education with freedom. And can progress in his life.


Education is the name of the process of making man social by giving knowledge, making him a civilized citizen. According to the Encyclopedia of Social Sciences, it is education that enables a child becoming an adult to enter society.


The personality of the children is developed through education. The ability and ability to make them self-reliant in future increases. In a democracy, the creation of the citizens is done through the spread of education.


Right to Education – With the attainment of independence, it was decided in our constitution that in the next ten years, all children up to the age of fourteen years will be given basic education compulsorily.


But it took a full sixty years to implement this system, now the Act of Free and Compulsory Child Education has come out in the form of 2009. Which has come into force across India from 1st April 2010.


Due to this, the children of weaker section will get more benefit in the field of education. Education teaches to live life, so with the right to education, all children have got the basic right to live life.


Nature of Right to Education – The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act issued by the Government of India provides that every child from elementary to class VIII, that is, up to fourteen years, will have the right to free compulsory child education.


The Central Government and the State Governments will bear all the expenditure. A child admitted to a school shall not be detained in any class till class 8,


That is, by not showing failure, you will have to be promoted to the next class. and shall not be expelled from the school without completing elementary education.


The child will not be subject to physical punishment or mental harassment. According to the Acts of the National Commission for Child Rights, all the rights of the children will be protected.


Benefit from Right to Education – There are many benefits to the society from the Right to Education Act. With this, every child will get elementary education free of cost. The percentage of literacy in the society will increase.


Education will become basic rather than exam oriented. Commercialization of education will stop. There will be proper development of personality of all the children. Poor parents will get full benefit of it.


Epilogue – In this way by the implementation of the Right to Education Act by the Government of India, the gates of the Gyan Mandir have been opened for all the children. Due to this development of the society and proper spread of education will take place and literacy will increase 100%.


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