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Essay on Pushkar Fair Essay On Pushkar Fair In Hindi: Do you know where the Pushkar fair is held in Rajasthan or whose fair is held in Pushkar, when it is held, about all these, tell the history, information, essay speech of Pushkar fair here today. are.

Essay On Pushkar Fair In Hindi

Rajasthan state is known for its rich history and culture. The kingdom was ruled by kings for a long period. Thousands of sacrificial tales are filled here in the past. Thousands of forts, pillars, temples and forts are built here as evidence of the historical culture of the state. One such place is Pushkar which is known not only in India but all over the world.


A wonderful combination of valor and devotion is seen in Rajasthan. In one part of the state, the chimes of heroes gave birth to self-respecting and brave warriors like Rana Pratap and raised the head of Mother India, while Meera has presented a unique example of love and devotion. This mixed form of Rajasthan enhances its pride.


Many festivals and fairs related to valor, sacrifice, love and devotion are organized in every corner of the state, folk tales and songs are prevalent behind them. From whom everyone gets inspiration. Many compositions were composed in Rajasthani and Hindi languages ​​on the culture and heritage of Rajasthan. Many big fairs of religious importance are organized in Rajasthan. Among these, the Pushkar fair of Ajmer is counted among the biggest fairs of the country. Where people from all over the country come to see the sight of unity and brotherhood.


In winter, Malkhati fills the Pushkar fair during the cold days. The entire Pushkar city seems to be lit up with electric lights on this occasion. Shoppers and artists and swing circus from far and wide reach here and start making their arrangements. People dressed in Rajasthani dhoti kurta on camels leave for Pushkar.


There is only a crowd of people at the fair site of Pushkar. In the evening, Dhoop Aarti is performed on the lake of Pushkar, with the twinkling of thousands of lamps, the atmosphere is filled with unique devotional juice. There is a tradition of bathing in the holy pond of Pushkar, crocodiles and alligators also live in this pond. People taking a dip in the lake together, the wonderful sight of devotion and reverence that is seen while offering water is rare elsewhere. There are temples of dozens of Hindu gods and goddesses in Pushkar, but for which Pushkar is famous all over the world, it is the temple of Lord Brahma. You will be surprised to know that there is no temple of Brahmaji in India or any other part of the world except Pushkar. This is the only Brahma temple which is located in Pushkar Ajmer Rajasthan.

In this fair held on the occasion of Guru Purnima, Brahma Darshan and bathing in Brahma Sarovar are considered to be of great importance. All the devotees who come here after taking a bath in the lake go to see the temple of Brahmaji, usually there is no space left to keep sesame in the temple. Despite this huge crowd, every time the Pushkar fair is organized in a peaceful manner without any damage. There are also many regional beliefs related to Pushkar temple and lake. After the holy bath, women perform circumambulation around the lake singing folk devotional songs with devotion. Women dressed in different colors circumambulate the water with beautiful songs. By doing this one gets good luck and happiness.


A large number of foreign visitors also come here who get lost listening to the Rajasthani costumes and their melodious voices. Brahmaji did severe penance on the Pushkar land, which is famous for its purity. They stay here and do penance and bathe in the lake, in their memory a grand temple was built here. Not much information is available regarding the construction and builder of this temple.


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