Essay on pottery

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Essay on potter.Introduction – A potter is a very important person in our society, who does the work of making pottery. He makes many such attractive utensils and essential items which are very important for us, by using which we can make our tasks easier.

Essay on pottery

Work of Potter- In today’s time we see that people are moving fast towards modernity and use many types of modern utensils but even today most of the houses have pottery made pottery, idols and many other types. toys are used.

The potter works hard to make such clay toys, utensils etc. He goes early in the morning to get the soil through his vehicle and after working hard he takes pottery clay and brings the clay from far away to his house and the potter works very hard to make pots, toys and idols from clay. does.

It also takes him a long time to make all these, after a long time he slowly starts making pottery, toys and idols. A potter makes utensils made of clay such as a pot, a bowl, etc. We use Matka to fill water, so that the water remains cold for a long time. In summer it is still used today. The people of the city also keep water in the pot even today and take advantage of its water.

Apart from this, people use bowls to fill many types of liquids such as vegetables, water, etc. Apart from this, potters also make many types of idols of God, which we use on many festivals and worship God at home. Those idols are also kept to do this.

Potters make various clay pots, idols of God, apart from this they make children’s toys such as bullock carts, tractors which are very important for children’s entertainment. In fact, potters are skilled in their art, they make various types of utensils, toys, sculptures etc. which attract people towards them.

Conclusion – In fact the utensils made by the potter are very useful, which is very important even in today’s time. The utensils, toys, sculptures made by potters are very much liked by people even in today’s time. We should respect and promote this ancient Indian art.


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