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Post is an important means in the means of communication, although the history of post is centuries old, but the form of modern postal is given by the British in India. In the 18th century, the British government started using the post office to make the intelligence system more effective. For the first time in the country, the British opened the country’s first post office in Mumbai in 1688.


Later, the British government opened the post office for civil services and post offices were opened at different places of importance across the country. On 1 October 1854, the postal department was officially recognized and duly started in India. In its early days post offices were the medium of exchange of information, post cards were distributed from one place to another by the postman.


At present, the Indian Postal Service is one of the largest postal services in the world. It is run by the central government. Various types of facilities are provided by the post office. There are lakhs of post offices available in the country from small villages, towns to cities and every state. Envelopes, money orders and post cards can be easily sent from one place to another post office through post offices.


Every post office has a head who is called post master. Whose task is to reach the mail received in the postal box to the destination. Over time, there was no special system to transfer information from one place to another, messages were sent through pigeons etc. Gradually that system improved and post offices came into existence. Now not only messages, information but also small and big goods and money transactions are being done by the post office.

Essay on post office work in hindi

The post office is a central institution that handles envelopes, post cards, money orders and goods sent by the people to the destination. Along with this, apart from post cards and stamps, they also play the role of savings schemes, pension services and lockers. In the remote areas thousands of kilometers away, where even today the means of transporting messages and goods are not available, the post office has an important place in common life.


Government documents, documents sent by banks etc., cards etc. are also delivered to customers by post only, documents of most government schemes including Aadhar card have also been sent to every Indian through post office. Many online shopping sites have contracts with the Indian Postal Service to deliver their content to the customer at a very low service charge. We can also keep our small savings money safe in the post office, we also get reasonable interest on it.

Importance of Post Office

Post offices are also among the important institutions used in public life. With the help of this, we can send our parcels or papers anywhere or can easily receive them sitting at home. You can easily send your message or any item to your family and relatives through post even by staying away from your home. Through post office, we can send registered letters, birthday wishes, parcels and money orders etc.


With the changing times and the increase in the means of communication, the usefulness of the post office and postal system has definitely decreased, but still its importance has not ended. We have a special relationship with the postman (postman) who delivers mail. Sometimes we even get the delivery of online shopping from the post office through post.


Post office has simplified many difficulties in our life. We get the benefits related to government schemes through post only. Small savings schemes for students, old people, women prove to be very effective many times in life. Post office saves both our time and money and delivers essential commodities to our doorsteps, in a way, post offices are proving their usefulness in life by playing the role of public service center. People from all sections of the society get benefits from it. Especially for the business class, it is nothing less than a boon, the post office provides them with a lot of facilities at a very low cost.


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