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Essay on Muhammad Sahab Essay on Hazrat Muhammad Sahab in Hindi

The originator of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad was born in Mecca in 570 AD. His father’s name was Abdullah and mother’s name was Amina.


His father had died a few months before his birth and when he was 6 years old, his mother also died.


Therefore, Muhammad was brought up by his uncle Abutalib. His childhood passed in poverty, his education could not be properly managed.


Married to Khadija – When he grew up, he started moving from one place to another carrying camels with his uncle. At the age of 20, Muhammad took a job with Khadija, a wealthy widow.


Khadija, impressed by Muhammad’s ability and honesty, married him. At that time Muhammad was 25 years old, while Khadija was 40 years old.


Gaining knowledge- After marrying Khadija, the financial condition of Muhammad became very good and now he was not worried about livelihood. Now he became more and more reflective. It is said that at the age of 40, he had an interview with the angel Gabriel.


He told that Allah is one and Muhammad is his prophet. On this assumption, Jibril advised the Prophet to start a new religion Islam. After receiving such knowledge from the angel, Muhammad decided to spread his religious teachings.


Opposing Hazrat Muhammad by the residents of Mecca- After receiving divine knowledge, Hazrat Muhammad started spreading the principles of Islam among the residents of Mecca.


He declared that Allah is one. And I am his prophet. Allah has sent me to earth to practice true religion and destroy religious superstitions.


He opposed polytheism, idolatry etc. and propagated monotheism. Impressed by his ideas, his wife Khadija, his adopted son Ali etc. became his followers.


But the residents of Mecca started opposing Hazrat Muhammad. The ruling class of Mecca also opposed the ideas of Muhammad.


Leaving Mecca and fleeing to Medina – The residents of Mecca started harassing Hazrat Muhammad. He also socially boycotted Muhammad.


and conspired to kill him. Therefore, being troubled by the activities of his opponents, in 622 AD, Hazrat Muhammad left Mecca and went to Medina. This event is called Hijrat. At this time the Hijri Samvat of Muslims begins.


Spread of Islam in Medina – Hazrat Muhammad Sahib was well received in Medina. He founded the religion of Islam in Medina and propagated the principles of Islam in different tribes.


He took over the reins of Medina state and the residents of Medina were made Muslims. He established the kingdom by giving primacy to Allah.


He ordered to plunder the merchants of Mecca as a ruler, because they were pagan, he also formed a powerful army and ruled the kingdom in Medina till 629 AD and continued to propagate his religion.


Invasion of Mecca and spread of Islam In 630 AD, Muhammad with his army invaded Mecca, the Meccans were defeated in the war and they were forced to accept Islam.


The people of Mecca accepted Muhammad and accepted their leader and prophet. Soon Mecca also became a strong center of Islam like Medina.


Apart from this, Muhammad Sahab propagated Islam in other regions as well. Within a short time, Islam spread throughout Arabia. Muhammad Sahab died in 632 AD.


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