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Essay on Mizoram Essay On Mizoram In Hindi- Hello friends, welcome to all of you, today’s article on our blog essay on Hindi is about another state of India. Today we will get information about Mizoram through essay.

Essay On Mizoram Essay On Mizoram

Mizoram is a small state of India, which is included in the eastern part of the country called the Seven Sisters. This state is the most backward state of India in terms of economy and population.


The area of ​​this state is 210 81 square kilometers. In which it comes in 24th place. The capital of this state is Aizawl. There are total 8 districts in this state which include Lunglei District, Serchhip District, Aizawl District, Saiha District, Champhai District, Kolasib District, Longtlai District and Mamit District.


The capital city of Mizoram is Aizawl. Which is spread over an area of ​​about 457 square kilometers. Many rivers flow in this state. In which Turiyal, Tlawang, Tuivl and Tut are the main rivers here.


Mizoram is a mountainous state in India. This state was established on 20 February 1987 by the 53rd Constitutional Amendment of the Indian Constitution and it was declared as the 23rd state of India.


The natural beauty of this state is quite attractive. Every year lakhs of tourists come here to visit. Champai, Aizawl, Rieck village, Kolasib, Lunglei, Hmuifung Tlang, Mamit, Saiha and Vantwang are prominent among the places of interest here.


This state is the most literate state in the country. Mizo language is spoken the most in this state. Apart from this, Chakma Mara and Lai languages ​​are also spoken in this state.


Many festivals are celebrated from time to time in Mizoram. In which when the festival of Holi is celebrated across India, the Chapchar festival is organized here. This festival is also called the festival of harvest. Apart from this, ‘Mim Kut’ and ‘Thalafwangkut’ are the local festivals here.


This state was included in the eastern states of the country, which wanted to remain separate from the country. After many years of the country’s independence, these states were merged into the country. And they were also given special rights.


Rice is the most commonly eaten dish in this state. The traditional dress here is white and black in colour. Punchhi dress is famous in the dress of women here. The men here wear normal clothes of red and white colors.


Festivals and dances performed on any festival in Mizoram are Khallam, Chailam, Chavanglizon, Chheihlam, Thangalam, Zangalam and Cherav. Which are usually done on marriage or celebration. And instruments are also played.


Rice is most commonly eaten in this state, but along with it rice, maize, oilseeds, cotton and vegetables are also produced here. Most of the people here are engaged in silk works.


The High Court of this state is located in Guwahati. And its bench is located in the capital Aizawl. There are 40 Vidhan Sabha, 1 Lok Sabha and 1 Rajya Sabha seat. The official languages ​​here are Mizo Hindi and English.


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