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Essay on Maharana Pratap- Maharana Pratap was a Kshatriya and heroic warrior who fought all his life on the land of Rajputana and fought against the Mughals. He waved his glory in many wars in his history. Today we will get complete information about the heroic Maharana Pratap of Rajputana.

Maharana Pratap Essay in Hindi – Essay on Maharana Pratap


The name of Maharana Pratap is paramount in the pages of the history of our Rajputana. Pratap was a majestic and skilled warrior. Pratap was born in Shishodiya. Pratap was Veer Bahadur since childhood.


Years have passed by, but they are alive in the immortal legends of history.

Maharana Pratap was born on 9 May 1540 AD in Kumbhalgarh. Pratap’s father’s name was Udai Singh and mother was Jaiwanta Bai. Udai Singh ruled Kumbhalgarh and was a skilled warrior. Pratap’s original name was Kika. Which was given to him by his Bhil companions.


The son of Maharana Pratap’s step mother, instead of supporting Pratap, supported Akbar. Which was the biggest mistake of Pratap’s brother Jagmal.


Pratap was of strong body since childhood. Pratap had completed 11 marriages in his life. The Kuldev of Rana was Shiva. Pratap had promised his Kuldev that he would not accept defeat from the Mughals even if he died.


Maharana Pratap rode on a horse in his life, the name of that horse was Chetak. Who helped Pratap a lot in the war. Chetak supported Pratap till his death. The tomb of Pratap’s favorite horse Chetak has been built in Chittorgarh.


Maharana Pratap was made the king of Gogunda. At this time Udai Singh along with Jagmal went to Aravalli due to fear of Mughals. And went there and made Udaipur his capital.


Due to the fear of the Mughal army, all the neighboring kings accepted subordination, but Pratap refused and challenged the huge army of the Mughals to the war, which was an introduction to their valor.


Due to not accepting the subjugation of the Mughals, the battle of Haldighati took place on 18 June 1576 between Pratap and the Mughals.


This war lasted for three days, in this war with his small army, Pratap faced the huge army of the Mughals. But in the end Pratap got injured. And this war was inconclusive.


Akbar slept every night praying that he should not come with a blue spear in his dreams, yes the name resides in the hearts of Pratap, who did not bow down before the Mughals for the sake of his self-respect and religion.


The Rajput tradition which was said to be cut instead of bowing the head, was proved by adopting a national hero like Rana Pratap in life.


How many thousand lakh rulers did not know on the land of Rajputana and India. And the layers of time got suppressed, but names like Shivaji, Pratap, Sabhaji, Rani of Jhansi, Veer Kalla Fatta, Ajit Singh, Durgadas, Surajmal ji are still taken with great respect.


He performed the nation’s religion and dedicated his life to the defense of the nation. The sons of Mother Bharati, groaning in the shackles of slavery, continued to try to save the sovereignty from every corner of the country, Maharana Pratap from Mewar discharged his duties. .


Pratap was the grandson of Rana Sanga and the eldest son of Udai Singh. Mewari chieftains were instrumental in putting Pratap on the throne of Mewar, who chose Rana Pratap as their ruler in place of Jagmal.


There was no match of Pratap in strong physique, powerful, bravery and martial arts. When Pratap was coronated, he made a promise to the people of Mewar that he would not reside in the palaces until he took half Mewar back under the Mughals.


Mewar was an important place for relations with the Arab and Gulf countries in the medieval period, even after all the rulers across the country accepted Akbar’s subordination, Akbar considered it against his prestige to remain an independent state of Mewar.


Akbar knew that he could not easily get such a stubborn and true ruler who laid down his life for the motherland, so he sent four times to Mewar by offering a treaty to the important rulers of Rajasthan, but Rana never intended. was about to change.


He knew that Akbar’s army could not be defeated directly, he made many plans. The Afghan ruler Hakim Khan Suri was made his commander, elected the Bhils of Mewar as his chief and started preparing for the war with guerrilla style.


Finally, on 15 June 1576, the battle of the historic Haldi Ghati was fought, in which Pratap’s army won a decisive victory. In history, some leftist historians give a strange description of this war to the defeat of Rana Pratap to make Akbar great.


While Mansingh had reached Delhi with his defeat after a major military loss, Akbar, upset by this defeat, confiscated many Mansabs and Jagirs of Mansingh.


Along with the incident of the death of Chetak, the favorite horse of Rana Pratap, and the death of Chetak at a short distance from the battle site, the people of alleged history have also considered it as an inconclusive war.


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