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Essay on Lord Mahavir | Essay on Lord Mahavir in Hindi : Welcome to you. In today’s article, we will know the essay on the life of Lord Mahavir. Mahavir Swami, who laid the foundation of Jainism, created a separate sect from Hinduism, millions of people of the Jain community give him the status of God. In today’s essay, we will know about Mahavir’s biography, biography, essay, history, teachings, work and contribution in this short essay.

Essay on Lord Mahavir in Hindi Language

We do not call Mahavir ji, who has dedicated his life for world peace, welfare and happiness and prosperity, he did many generosity works in his life and sacrificing his happy life and searching for a happy life for the world.


Lord Mahavir is considered to be the main agitator and mountaineer of Jainism. By the way, Rishabhdev is considered to be the mountain of Jainism. Mahavir Swami was a Jain agitator in BC.


Mahavir Swami is counted among the leading Acharyas of India. He is considered to be the 24th Tirthankara. He has been the best teacher of India after Mahatma Buddha.


Mahavir Swamiji was born in 600 BC. His childhood name was Vardhman. He belonged to a Kshatriya family. His father’s name was Siddhartha and mother’s name was Trishal. Who lived in Kundalgram.


The work of education initiation was done according to his tradition in the palace itself and he always lived in a strange way in life. He was very quick and effective in education. His art and valor had no value.


Swamiji left his home at the age of 30 to give a better dimension to his selfish life and to break family ties after receiving education.


After renouncing the household life, due to 12 years of continuous penance and mental devotion, Vardhaman attained knowledge and this knowledge made him Mahavir from Vardhaman.


It is believed that knowledge increases by sharing. Mahavir Ji used to use this concept. He not only attained knowledge but also propagated knowledge in the whole world and started preaching to all.


By listening to the teachings of God, people were being able to do their own good. From the king to the common man, many people became the disciples of God and started attaining knowledge. Mahavir ji gave five major sermons which are famous even today.


The ideas we study today. In which live and let live, always speak the truth, do not do violence, treat everyone well, collect money according to need, do not steal. We have got all these ideas from Mahavir ji. Which we are following today.


According to Lord Mahavir who follows these principles. His life becomes successful. Many great men have followed this. And there is salvation. Today we should learn something from Swamiji’s life and follow him.


At the age of 72, Lord Mahavira Nirvana took place in Pavapuri, which today is considered as the main pilgrimage center of the people of Jainism. Today we all consider him as God. And they are worshipped.


Essay on Lord Mahavir in Hindi


Mahavir Swami was born in 599 BC in Kundagram near Vaishali in a Kshatriya clan. His father’s name was Siddhartha, who was the head of the Jantrak Republic. His mother’s name was Trishala.


She was the sister of King Chetak of the Lichchavi dynasty. Mahavir Swami’s childhood name was Vardhamana. When he was young, Vardhamana married a princess named Yashoda. Later, a daughter was born to them, whose name was Anojya or Priyadarshana.


After the death of his parents, Vardhaman left home at the age of 30 after taking permission from his elder brother Nandivardhana and took sanyasa.


Gaining Kaivalya Gyan – Vardhamana started doing severe penance for attaining knowledge. He had to suffer a lot in this penance. His clothes were torn and after that he did not wear clothes again. People did various types of atrocities on him.


But he never lost his patience. In the end, after 12 years of rigorous penance, Vardhaman attained Kaivalya knowledge on the banks of river Riju Palika near Jambhiya village. After attaining the knowledge of Kaivalya, Vardhamana started being called by the names of Jin Nigranth and Mahavira.


Religion Propagation – After attaining knowledge, Mahavir Swami started preaching his religion. For 30 years, he continued to propagate the teachings of Jainism in the regions of Magadha, Kashi, Kosala, Vaishali etc. Influenced by his teachings, many kings, Maharajas, traders and others became followers of Jainism.


It is known from Jain literature that Emperor Bimbisara and Ajatashatru of Magadha, King Chetak of Lichchavi dynasty, Avanti Pradyot etc. were the followers of Mahavir Swami. Vaishali was the main center of his religious propaganda.


Attaining Nirvana – Finally, at the age of 72, Mahavir Swami died in 527 BC at a place called Pavapuri. A grand site has been built at this place. Where the followers worship him.


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