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Essay on Karnataka Essay On Karnataka In Hindi Our country is a huge country. It has 28 states. Which is quite famous for its own specialty. One of them is the state. Karnataka In today’s article we will read an essay about Karnataka.

Essay On Karnataka In Hindi

Karnataka is a beautiful and huge state of India. Which is very famous for its agriculture and products. This state of India is one of the agricultural states. The income of most of the people here is agriculture.

The state of Karnataka is called a great state. Because the word Karnataka means Maha State itself. And indeed it is a great state. Where every facility is available.

The capital of Karnataka state is Bangalore. Which is the best city in Karnataka. Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, is also the team of IPL. Whose full name is Royal Challenger Bangalore.

The official language of Karnataka is Kannada. Most of the people here speak only Kannada. But many people also speak Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English languages.

The folk dances here are ‘Yakshagana’ and ‘Gullu Kunitha’, which are performed with great pomp in the program or marriage held here. This dance is the most popular dance here.

The folklore of Carnatic is Carnatic music, which supports Indian music and heritage. The folk song here is famous all over India. There have been many musicians from Karnataka. Chitraveena is a famous musical instrument of Karnataka. Which is used by every Indian musician.

The food of Karnataka is very famous, along with dosa, idli, sambar, rice is also eaten here. And food is eaten by mixing curd, coconut, tamarind and tomato, which is very tasty.

The culture, nature and historical heritage of this state, situated in the southernmost part of India, makes it the most distinct state. The name of this state used to be Mysore before independence. But on naming the state in 1973, it was renamed from Mysore to Karnataka.

Karnataka became a state of India on 1 November 1956. Its capital was made Bangalore. Which is its pride. Bangalore is the best tourist destination in Karnataka.


There are many tourist places in Karnataka. In which Bangalore, Hampi, Mysore, Madikeri, Wayanad, Mysore Palace, Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bannerghatta Biological Park, Sri Virupaksha Temple, and Bangalore Palace are prominent.


The area of ​​this state of India is 191,791 km. Where its population is about 7 crores. The executive branch of Karnataka is located in Bangalore. The governor of Karnataka is Thaawarchand Gehlot.

The state of Karnataka is bound by the Arabian Sea in the west, Goa in the north-west, Maharashtra in the north, Andhra Pradesh in the east, Tamil Nadu in the southeast and Kerala in the south.


Presently there are 30 districts in Karnataka. And in terms of area, Karnataka is the sixth largest state of India. The biggest rivers here are Kaveri, Tungabhadra, Krishna, Malay Prabha and Sharavati.


There are many mountains in Karnataka. But the best and highest peak here is the Mullayan Giri mountain located in Chikmagalur district. Which is the best mountain here.


This state is geographically divided into four parts. In which the first is the coastal region, the second is Malmad, the third is the northern plain and the fourth is the southern plain. Which divides it into four parts.


Karnataka is also called Karnataka. The costume of Karnataka is silk sari and dhoti, which is the identity of this place. About 70 percent of the people in this state speak Kannada language.


Karnataka is the land of many thinkers, philosophers, Bhats, poets, writers, social, literary, sages and social reformers. Many cricketers have taken birth from this land.


The state animal of Karnataka is the elephant. That’s why elephants are found in abundance here. Along with elephant, sheep goat and cow buffalo etc. are also reared here. The state bird here is Neelkanth.


The state tree of Karnataka is sandalwood. Which today is considered more expensive than gold. But sandalwood trees are also seen here. And trees like teak, rosewood and casuarina can also be seen here.


Today the population of our country is increasing continuously. Due to which the process of family planning is being resorted to in our country. India’s first club of family planning was opened in Karnataka itself.


In Karnataka, 70 percent of the people do agriculture. Most of the land here is cultivable. It receives high rainfall here. But there is less rainfall in some areas, where irrigation is done through irrigation.


The major rivers of Karnataka are the Krishna, Kaveri and Kali rivers. In which water is sufficient at all times. People here irrigate from these rivers. And use it for domestic needs.


Karnataka also has 2 international airports, one in Bangalore and the other in Mangalore. Metro rail facility is also available here. And the rail network exists for a total length of more than 3 thousand.


Karnataka produces 70 percent of the most popular beverage in our country, Kopi. And Karnataka is the fifth state in the country in producing the highest oilseeds.


Karnataka Legislature

  • 75 Members of the Legislative Council
  • 225 assembly seats
  • 12 Rajya Sabha seats
  • 28 Lok Sabha seats

ports of karnataka

  1. New Mangalore Port
  2. old mangalore port
  3. belerki port
  4. toddy port
  5. Honnavar Port
  6. Bhatkal Port
  7. Kundapura (Gangoli) Port
  8. hangarkatta port
  9. Malpe Port
  10. Padubidri Port
  11. inland water transport

Famous temples of Karnataka

  • Kollur Mukambika Temple
  • Udupi Shri Krishna Temple
  • Dharmasthala Manjunatha Temple
  • Gokarna Mahabaleshwar Temple
  • Murudeshwar Temple
  • Kuke Subramaniam Temple
  • Horandu Annapurneshwari Temple
  • Gurgaon Mahaganapati Temple

Karnataka is the best place to visit. The cinema hall and natural environment here is worth seeing. Karnataka is the main state of India. The atmosphere here is a symbol of peace.


In Karnataka, all festivals from Makar Sankranti to Dussehra are celebrated with great pomp. People of many religions live in this state, but all live with equality.


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