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International Literacy Day- Education is the most important in today’s scientific age. In the absence of education, there is no importance of a person. To make our life happy and progress of the country, it is necessary to have all the education. Essay, article, paragraph and speech have been brought on International Literacy Day / World Literacy Day. In this article you will get complete information about Literacy Day.

Essay on International Literacy Day in Hindi

Education is the most important part of our life. Education conducts our life in a better way. The government is making many efforts for education. Unless the citizens of the country are educated, the country cannot progress.


Education is an important tool in the development of the country. That’s why the government is making many efforts. But people are still not aware of education. International Literacy Day is celebrated on 8 September to spread awareness about the importance of education.


Literacy Day was celebrated for the first time on 8 September 1965. Since then we have been celebrating it every year. The main objective of this day is to make all the citizens of the country literate.


By the way, it is necessary to spread awareness about education and get education. But the special day is celebrated as Literacy Day. That’s why we respect this day.


By adopting this weapon of education, your life can be decorated. Literacy Day is celebrated globally. This day is needed by the whole world. If one figure is seen, then 20 percent of the people in our whole world are illiterate.


From this we can guess. How important is it for us to be literate. And if we look at the literacy of women, then two-third of women are illiterate. The main objective of this day is to educate youth and awakening.


Purport- Literacy does not mean just getting knowledge and getting a job. The meaning of literacy is related to getting equal opportunities in our life and development in life.


Education is the way to live life well. It is not necessary for every educated person to become a government employee or a servant. But the person who is skilled in education. He is the greatest person in today’s time.


An educated person understands about the importance of education. And today’s illiterate people do not understand about the rules and regulations of the country and to be aware.


That is why today our country is a backward country. Countries like Canada, America and Japan are the most powerful countries in the world on the strength of their education. Today our country also needs education.


The biggest problem for the economic condition of the country and the development of the country is becoming illiterate people. Illiterate people are not only deprived of education but they are left behind in every achievement of their life. The reason for poverty in our country is the lack of education. Poverty is also becoming a hindrance in the development of the country.


Purpose- Most of the youth and girls in our country are such. Those who are deprived of education. The main objective of this day is to introduce the youth and new generation of the country to education.


World Literacy Day is the main day to show the importance of education and to spread the awareness of education. Our country has also benefited a lot from this day.


But women’s education is not being given importance even today. That’s why 50 percent of women are illiterate. This is the reason for the poverty of our country. Illiterate women are a matter of concern for us today.


We have to acid on this. And the education level of women will have to be strengthened. A woman can educate three households by being educated.


On the day of Literacy Day, we have to take a resolution. That we will be satisfied only by running away from illiteracy from the country. And everyone will have to be made aware of education. Awareness is the main means of eradicating illiteracy.


History of Education


Education in our country has been going on since ancient times, in ancient times the education system was not like today. Resources were not available.


The development of education in our country happened after the alphabet became popular, after the alphabet, people focused their attention on education and after that people made provisions to receive education in oral as well as written form.


In ancient times, the work of writing was written on the bark of trees and many writers succeeded in writing big literary novels from this art.


Education is not very ancient to them. The rise of education in our country coincided with the rise of Buddhism, as education spread, people were inspired for education.


To get education, education was provided by making world famous institutions like Nalanda Vikramshila and Taxila, due to these institutions most of the people used to come for education. In this way, ancient institutions made their important contribution in the rise and development of education.


spread of education


The propagation of education in our country started from the British rule, before this, knowledge was obtained orally in the forests by the sages, but after the British, there was a change in the education system.


And the education started taking place in writing. In ancient times, Nalanda Taxila and Vikramasila were the only three institutions in the whole of India where knowledge was obtained.


Today, thousands of schools, colleges have been built in our country and higher education is given. But people are not paying attention to education even after having such a better system of education.


In our country today, high level education is given in our country, by which our life can be made easy and if all citizens pay attention to education, then development of our country is possible.


Today, due to poverty in our country, there are many families who are not conducive to get their children’s education in the college, they are hardly able to maintain their family.


They are hardly able to maintain their family even for such poor students, many ashrams and schools of free education were opened where you can get free education.


Female literacy has increased a lot in our country since independence but still we have increased female literacy a lot but still we need it.


According to statistics, in 1950 the literacy rate of our country was 18%, which has crossed the 60 mark today and thus in the next few years our country will become the sexiest country in the world. Is.


History of International Literacy Day


Every person is ready to make his life successful. But today’s people consider education as a waste of time and send their children to labor after depriving them of education in childhood.


In order to promote the importance of education and the awareness of education, the United Nations Organization of the United Nations UNESCO tried to celebrate World Literacy Day on 17 November 1965. Since this year every year on 8 September as International World Literacy Day. began to be celebrated.


The main focus of this day is to raise awareness. Educated people understand the importance of education, but people who are illiterate lack information about the importance of education in the phone, so they do not give much importance to education. Therefore, we have to make uneducated people aware of education by explaining them about the importance of education.


Manmohan Singh, the former Prime Minister of our country, started “Saakshar Bharat Diwas” on the day of International Literacy Day to promote the literacy of the women of the country. Happened too.


When in our country only one third of the women were educated. And today this number has crossed the 50 mark from our country.


Goal of International Literacy Day


The main goal of celebrating Literacy Day is to provide education to all citizens. From children to elders, education should be provided equally to everyone. Every citizen of the country has the right to education.


And everyone should use it. Everyone should be educated and get the benefit of their rights. And their duties should be followed.


From this day, by educating all the citizens of the country, to make their life respectable and to get education for their life and for the progress of the country.


People should be made cultured by getting education and the poverty and social crimes of the country should be reduced. Life should be made successful and happy by getting education to all.


How is International Literacy Day celebrated?


On the day of Literacy Day, many programs are organized in schools and colleges. And competitions are organized. And people are inspired for education.


Many new education resources are started on this day. And the best performing institutions are honored.


On this occasion, children give their presentations in the school. And the teachers congratulate everyone on this day by giving speeches. And make everyone resolve for education.


On this occasion all the parents are called to the school. And a grand program is organized. On this day rallies are taken out by the children in the whole village. And slogans that inspire for education are spoken.


On this day, people divide into many groups and go from house to house and tell everyone about education. And motivate them for education. And ask poor people to enter the institutions of free education.


In this way, Literacy Day is celebrated all over the world. And everyone is given the responsibility. That all together will come forward to solve this global problem. And educate everyone.


Growing Steps of Literacy in India 


Today, without education, a person has no existence. An uneducated person has no importance in this life. Our country has been increasing the literacy rate since last many years.


Our country is ranked 168th in the whole world in literacy. Literacy rate is increasing rapidly in our country. For this the government is organizing many schemes. Is.

  • Rajiv Gandhi Literacy Mission
  • mid day meal scheme
  • All punishment campaign
  • Saakshar Bharat Abhiyan
  • Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya Scheme
  • adult education scheme
  • Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Scheme

Due to these schemes and due to the regular efforts of the government and the awareness of the citizens, there has been a considerable increase in the literacy rate in our country.


According to one figure, according to the 2001 census in our country, male literacy was found to be 75%, which reached 73% by leaps and bounds in 2011. And the female literacy rate has increased from 53% to over 60%.


We expect this. Similarly, the literacy rate in our country continues to increase and as a result of this, our country should become the best country in literacy rate. The development of our country is possible only by increasing the number of literate people.


We have benefited a lot in the past results. In our country, the literacy rate in many states was 100 percent, in which Kerala (94%) and Mizoram (91%) were the best literate states.


On the day of International Literacy Day, let us inspire all the people for education. And at the earliest, drive the country away from this darkness and make the country fully educated and move on the path of development. Through education we get to live a respectable life, so teach everyone. And progress in life.


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