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Essay on Indian Farmer | Essay on Indian Farmer in Hindi : Hello friends, today’s essay has been given on the farmer. In this essay, paragraph, speech, we will try to understand briefly on the life of Indian farmer, their problems and history.

Essay on Indian Farmer Essay on Indian Farmer in Hindi


India is an agricultural country. Agriculture is the source of employment for more than half of India’s population. Most of the people of India are farmers, who depend on agriculture.


Farmer whom we also call as Annadata. The farmer has only one aim in his life. To produce more and more food grains and strengthen the economy of the country.


The number of farmers is very less than the population of the country, because every person demands food grains. But not everyone produces. That is why it is the responsibility of the farmers that the country does not have to yearn for food grains.


It is because of the farmers that we are getting exports instead of bringing food grains from abroad. That’s why it is said. The true sons of the country are youths and farmers, the jawans protect the country. And the farmer provides grain to everyone.


The farmer works hard day and night. And by starving himself, he produces grain. We and our country can never forget this benevolence of farmers. Most of the farmers still do traditional farming today.


Farmers consider it appropriate to do manual labor by using the least amount of new technological resources. Not only ethnic diversity or cultural diversity in our country, but uneven distribution is also seen in rainfall.


In many states like Meghalaya, there is unlimited rainfall, in the same states like Rajasthan, people are suffering from thirst. Therefore, in many places, farmers have to irrigate for cultivation.


Many farmers still depend on rain instead of irrigation. Due to which many times they feel disappointed. Sometimes we have to face famine, sometimes we have to bear the loss of crops due to floods.


Chemical fertilizer is a very useful fertilizer in the production of agriculture, which is used by many farmers. And increase the yield, many farmers use natural fertilizers instead of these fertilizers for soil conservation.


The farmer is the most hardworking person of the country, the condition of the farmers is always pathetic, because they are never taken care of. But in the last few years, the smile of the farmers can be seen.


In the last few years, special attention is being drawn towards farmers. Farmers are being given the benefits of many schemes. Due to which the farmer is very happy.


In today’s time, the price of every item in the country is touching the sky, so the farmer is unable to buy his essential commodities. Even in this time of inflation, the produce of the farmers is being sold at the price of the soil.


Only mother earth helps the farmer, so the farmer first salutes the earth. The farmer is able to fill his stomach through farming. That’s why he thanks Mother Earth.


If starvation prevails in the country, then the country will be stuck in a dire situation, the produce which is being sold to the farmers at a night’s price, will be sold in lakhs. That’s why farmers should be given respect. And we should be proud of them.


Many people consider the farmers to be low or low class, which is the biggest mistake of their life. The farmer is also rich. But he does not give up his karma and dharma. That’s why farming is his karma.

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Essay on Farmer Essay on Indian Farmer in Hindi


India is called the country of agriculture. The basic basis of the economy here is agriculture. Thus it can be said that the foundation of India is completely dependent on farmers and agriculture. The Indian farmer has an important role in running the country’s economy smoothly.


Even after being such an important link in the country, it is a matter of great shame that today our farmer brothers have been forced to live a life of deprivation. 60 percent of India’s population lives in villages, whose main occupation is agriculture.


After independence, as much progress has been made in the field of industry and service, there has not been much development in the field of agriculture, due to which there has not been any significant change in the life of the farmer. The peasantry of the country is completely cut off from education, the level of literacy in them is very low.


Due to illiteracy, they have failed to raise their status. The lifestyle of the farmer of India is very simple, he wears simple clothes.


His life is discharged in the midst of such an environment where there are no conditions to take care of his health. Lack of cleanliness in the environment is also a reason for the declining health of the farmer.


The farmer has a deep connection with nature. He spends his life between summer, rain, cold sunshine and happy life. A simple-natured farmer fulfills his life by working hard.


Their skill, hard work and tolerance are not possible to compare with anyone. He works in the fields in the late afternoon when people are lurking in their homes.


It is not that the farmer does not work hard to improve his condition, but despite his tireless efforts, he finds himself unable to bridge the poverty gap.


There have been many reasons for their backwardness, the biggest reason is not to use new methods in the agriculture sector. Even today, our farmer does farming from the age-old traditional style.


Due to ignorance, he is not able to use the inventions and facilities of new science. If the farmer has sufficient knowledge about advanced seeds, fertilizers, agricultural techniques and commercial agriculture, then surely he can bring a big change in his standard of living.


It is not that illiteracy and poverty are the reasons responsible for the plight of the farmers, but their agricultural practices and natural calamities are also important reasons. Determination of future of Indian farmer is based on monsoon


Many times drought, flood, frost, unseasonal rains also come as a disaster. If we want to see improvement in the condition of our farmers, then efforts need to be made to benefit them through various schemes.

For the progress of the farmers, we need to ensure that our farmers become literate and aware, the government should give knowledge of scientific techniques related to agriculture through institutions.


The state and central governments have been engaged in this direction for the last several years. Today such awareness programs are also being organized through internet and TV so that farmers can know the techniques of modern agriculture.

Governments are trying to make available cheap fertilizers, seeds, agricultural machinery to the farmers at their level. The Modi government has prepared schemes to make available the Kisan Samman Yojana and other subsidies and agricultural loans at low interest.


With these efforts, gradually the farmers are taking their steps towards becoming self-reliant by getting rid of the debt of moneylenders. If we review the changes in the agriculture sector after 7 decades of India’s independence, then the situation today is many times better than before.


Now villages and farmers have been made the focal point in the agenda of development, such efforts were never made in the past. Still, there is a need to take more measures towards the prosperity of the Indian farmer because the economy of the country can be strengthened only by the development of the farmer of the country.

We not only hope but have full faith that our farmer will sing songs of happiness one day, now the annadata will not have to sleep empty stomach. Along with filling his stomach in a good way, he will make the country rich with food grains.


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