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Introduction – Human service is the only true service, in fact, if we all serve human, then there can be no greater service than this, but in today’s time many such things are heard that it is not necessary for people to do human service. It is left. All of us should consider human service as true service and do human service.

Human service is true service- We all should take the initiative to do human service because no service can be greater than human service. In today’s time, it is seen in many places that instead of serving human beings, human misbehaves with human beings, due to which many types of problems come to the fore in the society and it has a lot of side effects on the society. 

We all should consider human service as true service. The person who considers human service to be true service also has many admirers. He is able to achieve the greatest success in whatever work he does because human service is really true service.

Man should understand true service to human service because by doing human service we get merit and we move ahead in our work areas in life, many of our friends also become, if we are in any dire situation then people come forward to help us

But if we misbehave with the human beings around us then no one comes to help us in times of trouble, in fact human service is the real service. 

For human service, man needs that he should behave well with each other, always speak the truth and walk on the path of non-violence, speak sweet words with others and help the poor, destitute people, this is the real service that is why we You can get many benefits. 

In earlier times, many of our kings have come to consider human service as their best religion, we should also consider human service as the best religion, that is, human service as true service.

Conclusion – Human service is really true service, whoever does human service, he progresses in many fields and there are many who know him, people never fail to praise him. That person makes an identity in his family, in his society, in his country.

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