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Essay on My Pet Cow Essay on Cow in Hindi- Cow is a pet animal. Which we consider to be the form of mother. Cow has special importance in our life. Today we are on Cow Cow Short and long Essay for kids i hope you like and shayer this your friends.

Essay on Cow Essay on Cow in Hindi

India is an agricultural country. People here keep animals. And the means of their livelihood is the animal itself. But in our country the most found domestic animal and the most important animal is considered to be the cow.


Cow is given the status of mother in our country. Cow is the backbone of the economy of our country. Since ancient times, great importance is given to cow.


Cow is the friend of farmers. It gives its delicious milk all the time. And its calf is cultivated. Cow has many benefits in our life. Cow has the status of mother in Hinduism.


Hindus keep it like a mother. That’s why most cows are found in our country. But there is a distribution of cows in other countries including India. Everything here is done only because of the cows.

10 Lines On Cow in Hindi

  1. Cow is a pet animal, it is a domestic animal.
  2. Cow is given the status of mother in Hindu religion. And it is worshiped.
  3. Cow is also called Gau Mata.
  4. Cow gives us milk. Cow’s milk is delicious. And cow’s milk contains vitamins. Which are very beneficial for us.
  5. Cow is of calm nature. And it is kind.
  6. 33 crore deities reside in the cow.
  7. Cow is known by many names. In which cow, Gaia, Gau, Dhenu, Surbhi, Payaswini, Rishibhi, Mahei, Daugdhi, Bhadra, Rohini etc. are prominent.
  8. High quality manure is made from cow dung. And its urine destroys many diseases.
  9. The cow is said to be the friend of the farmer.
  10. Cow has four legs, four wealth, two ears, two horns, and a tail. Cow can be of different colors. In which white and black are prominent.

Essay On Cow In Hindi

Cow gives us delicious milk. Cow’s milk is very sweet. Cow’s milk is used to make curd, ghee, butter and cheese, cow’s milk is very beneficial for health.

Especially for children, cow’s milk increases the brain. We also use milk as a diet. Many people also earn their living by selling milk.

Along with milk, cow also provides us with cow dung and cow urine. Manure is made from cow dung. And it gives solar energy.

Energy is made. Many medicines are made from cow’s urine,


Cow’s urine cures all skin diseases. Drinking cow’s urine is considered like drinking Ganges water. In this way the cow is very useful for us.

Cow’s milk is sweeter than other animals. But drinking cow’s milk gives agility in our body. You must have seen that the house where there is a cow. The children of that house are very agile.

Cow’s body structure :- Cow has four legs. On which cow walks. Cow has four udders. From which we get milk. The cow has two horns. Which enhances the beauty of the cow. And the cow also protects itself from them.

Cow has two ears. By which it hears. And two eyes. It has a long tail. Which it keeps on shaking. Cow has many colours. Along with its color, it also has different names in different cities.

Major breeds of cows: By the  way, many species of cow are found in our country. But mainly 43 breeds of cows are found in India. But there is a slight difference in the size and color of all.

Gir cow is the best cow in India in terms of giving milk. It is found in the state of Gujarat. This cow gives about 40 to 60 liters of milk. Along with this, Kankrej breed is found in the western part of our Rajasthan.

Religious importance of cow: – In our country cow is called mother. Cow is worshiped. And festivals like Govardhan are also celebrated. Every new work starts with cow dung.

The temples of God are also constructed with cow dung. 33 crore deities are enshrined in the cow. That is why the cow is also given religious importance. That is why the best animal of India is the cow.

Cows were also given importance since ancient times. In olden times, Lord Krishna used to have love for cows. He used to rear cows. That’s why he is called Gaupal.

In this way, Veer Tejaji sacrificed himself to protect the cows, thus many people laid down their lives to protect the mother cow.

Conclusion : – Today in our country people keep cows. They get milk from them. And they prove their selfishness. But in this technological age, bullocks have no importance. All the work is done by machines in no time. In ancient times farming was done with bullocks. But now they have been replaced by tractors.

In ancient times people used to lay water on bullocks. Used to bring some material from the village. But today because of no importance of the bull, people wrap it. No one gives food to them. The cow is also very angry after losing its calf. But she is unable to do anything.

People leave the bullocks. Due to which they roam on the roads all the time. And due to lack of food, they eat plastic bags. Due to which the plastic in their stomach gets accumulated due to not being able to digest it. And after some time the bull dies.

Therefore, your cow, your bull, serve everyone. If we cannot feed our bullocks on time, then we should leave them in a big cowshed. So that these bulls can live their life easily. Today there are many people like this. Those who earn money by killing cow mother. They should be hanged.
“Hang the cow killers”

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Essay on Cow in Hindi Essay on Cow in Hindi

Cow is the most reared animal in our country. If we look at the whole world, about 400 million cows are reared. In this, our country has the highest number of cows in India. There are 200 million cows in India.


Cow is the most reared animal of our country. Cow has the status of mother. Cow is worshiped in Hindu religion. Cows have a special place in our country. is considered. That 32 crore gods reside in the cow.

That is why it is worshipped. Temples are built from its dung. Its milk is offered to the Lord. The importance of cow is being promoted so much. That cow festivals are also celebrated in India.

creation of cow

The composition of the cow is the most beautiful. The cow has four legs, two ears, two eyes, four legs, two horns, one mouth and one long tail. The physical structure of cows is different. In which many cows have small horns. So many cows have small ears.


The weight of a cow is about 700 kg. Cow is always healthy. Cow is a quadrupedal animal. It has sharp hooves under its feet. With the help of which it is able to walk even in hard and heavy places.


It is a quadrupedal animal and has hooves in all four legs, with the help of which it can walk on any hard place. It has small hair on its body.

use of cow

Cow has many uses. Cow gives us something or the other in its life from birth till death. Cow gives us delicious milk. From which we can make sweets.

And people also run their business by selling cow’s milk. Cow is the means of livelihood of many people. Cow dung is used as fuel. Also cow dung gas can be made from it.

Many diseases can be obtained from cow’s urine. By drinking cow’s urine, the body becomes healthy. And the mind becomes pure. The medicines we use today.

It is the gift of the cow itself. Even after the death of a cow, many tools can be made from its bones. She serves people all the time she dies in her life. It does not ask for anything from people in return.


Cow’s calf grows up to become a bull. And plows the fields. He works hard day and night. Thus cow is the best animal for us. The cow feeds us .

Many people think this. That we keep cows. That’s why we are proud of ourselves. But this is totally wrong. Because we do not raise the cow, but the cow takes care of us.

Cow gives us everything. What do we give him in return? Dry straw and what? The cow earns so much dry straw in no time. But how much does it work for us? That’s why the cow is not we, but the cow takes care of us .

Cow killers should be hanged

Even after so much use of cow, today the number of cows is coming in trouble. Many people have started cutting and selling cows. Those people who cut cows. They are actually eating their mother, not the cows.

Cow is our mother. We should protect it. Not that we should die it ourselves. There are many such sinners in this world. Those who are engaged in killing cow mother. Such people who kill cow mother. They will die in very bad condition. Those who harass the cow mother, you will soon be trapped.

breed of cows

Different breeds of cows do different things. There are many cows that work. And there are many cows that give milk. Cow is really benevolent. She does not ask for anything. And helps herself all the time. This is her nature.

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Cow is the most peaceful animal. It always stays in its tune. It is of naive nature. That’s why the cow is the most beloved animal. It does whatever work is given to it. And what is given to eat. accepts her. Cow serves us like a mother throughout life. That’s why it is called Gau Mata.


Essay on Pet Cow Cow Essay in Hindi


Cow is a useful pet animal. Who serves us like a mother. Due to which the cow has got the status of mother in Hindu texts. Cow is a huge animal. Which captivates everyone’s mind with her big and beautiful body.


Cow is an animal found all over the world. It has many species, which make their own identity for different body shape and color form. Cow has been given special importance in Indian culture.


Cow is found in abundance in rural areas. Cow gives us milk. From which we make buttermilk, curd and ghee. Cow’s milk is not less than any medicine. Cow’s milk protects us from many diseases.


Cow’s urine is also very useful. Due to which the disease of labor is removed. Cow is considered to be the most sacred animal. The manure of Gaya plays an important role in the yield of the farmers. And bullocks are useful in farming.


Thus we can say. That cow is very important to us. Cow is useful for us even with life and even after life. Many types of items are made from cow skin. Which is very important.


There is little to praise cow’s milk. We get protein from cow’s milk. which is necessary for us. Cow’s milk is given to small babies. So that they can develop quickly. Consuming cow’s milk always brings peace.


type of cow


Many types of cows are found in India. Which is of different species. Each species of cow is famous for its different color, form and size. Some cows give more milk. So some cows are less, some are bigger and some are smaller.


Sahiwal-  The cow of Sahiwal species is considered to be the best and most found cow in India. It gives maximum milk. And its milk is very pure. Because of which it is important for health.


Gir- Gir breed cow is found in the state of Gujarat. The cow of this species is found in the Gir forests of Gujarat. Due to which the cow of this species is called Gir cow. It is the largest producer of milk.


Red Sindhi – The color of the red Sindhi cow is red. Due to which it is called Red Sindhi Cow. This cow is found in abundance in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. This cow gives about 5 liters of milk.


Rathi breed, Kankrej, Tharparkar – it is found most in Rajasthan. This cow gives up to 10 liters of milk. Its milk is very tasty. It is more in the districts of desert. They are called Tharparkar and Konkrej.


Dajjal and Dhanni species-  These cows are found more in Punjab. It is very big in the body. But it is agile and powerful. This cow does not give milk like other cows. It gives light.


Mewati, Hasi-Hisar- Mewati Hasi Hisar breed cow is found in abundance in Haryana. This cow is useful for farming and giving milk. The people here make a living by selling cow’s milk.


Haryana has more cultivation. Due to which more cows are reared. Here two or more cows are seen in every house. It is also called Mewati and Hasi Hisar.


Cow Essay


Essay on cow In English


role: Although the cow has great importance in the whole world, but in the context of India, it has been the backbone of India’s economy since ancient times. Whether it is a matter of milk or of bulls used in farming. The number of cows used to be the standard of prosperity of a person in the Vedic period. Being a milch animal, it is a very useful domestic animal.



Cow’s milk is very nutritious. It is considered a very useful diet for the sick and children. Apart from this, many types of dishes are made from milk. It also makes curd, cheese, butter and ghee from milk. Cow’s ghee and cow urine are also useful in making many Ayurvedic medicines. Cow dung is the best fertilizer for crops. After the death of a cow, all its organs, including its thumbs, bones and horn, are used in some way.


Cow’s milk is very useful as compared to other animals. Children are especially advised to feed cow’s milk, because while buffalo milk brings dullness, cow’s milk maintains versatility in children. The buffalo baby (pada) is believed to fall asleep after drinking milk, while the cow’s calf jumps after drinking its mother’s milk.


The cow is not only useful for people in her life, but even after dying every part of her body is used. Daily living utilities are prepared with cow’s leather, horn, hoof. Manure prepared from cow bones is useful for farming.

Body composition:


The cow has one mouth, two eyes, two ears, four udder, two horns, two nostrils and four legs. The hoofs of the feet act as shoes for the cow. The cow has a long tail and there is a bunch on its side, which she uses to fly flies etc. Most species of cow do not have horns.

Major breeds of cows:


There are many breeds of cows, but in India there are mainly Sahiwal (Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar), Gir (South Kathiawar), Tharparkar (Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Kutch), Karan Fry (Rajasthan) etc. The Jersey cow is the most popular of the foreign breeds. This cow also gives more milk. Cow is of many colors like white, black, red, badami and brindle. The Indian cow is smaller, while the body of the foreign cow is slightly heavier.


Religious importance of cow in India:- In India, cow has the status of a goddess. It is believed that 33 crore gods live in the body of the cow. This is the reason why on the second day of Diwali, special cows are worshiped on the occasion of Govardhan Puja and they are decorated with peacock feathers etc.


The cow was considered a symbol of prosperity in ancient India. During the war, cows were also looted along with gold, jewelery. The state in which cows used to be is considered as rich. Who doesn’t know Krishna’s cow love. For this reason, his name is also Gopal.


Conclusion: Overall, cow has great importance in human life. Cow is still the backbone of rural economy. Unfortunately, in cities, the manner in which polythene is used and thrown away causes the cows to die prematurely. In this direction, everyone will have to think seriously so that the cow dynasty can be told the symbol of our faith and economy.


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