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Essay on Baisakhi | Essay On Baisakhi In Hindi-  Baisakhi is the main festival of the people of Sikh religion. It is also celebrated by the people of Hindu religion. This festival is celebrated every year on 13 or 14 April. In today’s article, we will get important information about the history, importance and importance of Baisakhi festival.

Essay on Baisakhi | Essay On Baisakhi In Hindi

India is called the country of festivals. Here Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians of all religions reside here. Everyone has their own festivals and customs.


Baisakhi i.e. Vaisakhi is a big festival of the Sikh community, which is celebrated every year on 13 or 14 April according to the English month. The festival of Baisakhi is a weather-based festival, which is celebrated by Hindu and Sikh brothers residing across the country.


It has special significance in two states of India, Punjab and Haryana. Apart from the Sikh community, people of other ethnic and religious faiths of India also celebrate Baisakhi. It is an agro-based festival celebrated at the time of harvesting of farmers’ crops.


Baisakhi is not just an agricultural festival but is associated with Sikhism in terms of its faith and tradition. It is celebrated as a festival of brotherhood and a symbol of unity.


The festival of Baisakhi is celebrated to commemorate the event of organizing Sikhism by Guru Gobind Singh. This festival is celebrated continuously since 1699, in this way the festival of Baisakhi is celebrated as the manifest day of Khalsa Panth.


In North India, Baisakhi festival is celebrated according to the customs. There is a tradition of bathing in the holy rivers on this occasion. On this occasion, the religious people wear new clothes and dishes and dishes are also prepared in the house. Baisakhi fair is the main center of attraction on this day.


The festival of Baisakhi also has a deep relation with Hinduism. This day is considered to be the beginning of the Hindu New Year. On this occasion people take bath and offer bhog and worship. Many types of religious and cultural programs are organized on this occasion in Sikh Gurudwaras. Holy texts are recited after darshan in the temple gurudwaras.


Essay On Baisakhi In Hindi 2022


The festival of Vaisakhi is celebrated by the farmers with great pomp across our country. People of all religions celebrate this festival. It is especially seen in Punjab and Haryana. Sikh people consider it their birthday.


Vaisakhi is also called Baisakhi. It is generally celebrated by the farmers after harvesting the crop. Another story is prevalent about this festival, that it is celebrated in the memory of the last Guru Gobind Singh. Because on this day Govind Singh Ji founded the Khalsa Panth.


On this day people go to bathe in holy rivers for their purity. and destroys his sins. On this day people wear new clothes and prepare new dishes. and share happiness.


This festival is a festival of brotherhood and unity. A fair is organized on the occasion of this festival. In which a crowd of lakhs of people can be seen. This fair is held on the banks of the river. Where people take bath in the river.


The view of this fair is beautiful in itself. There are many sweets, chaat, toys, fruit shops, swings, people and playwrights in this fair. Who entertains people. This fair itself is a religious and brotherly spirit.



On the occasion of Vaisakhi, men and women dance collectively. And play dandiya game. In which the stick is tossed. catches. In this way a lot of fun is done on this day. And all sorrow is forgotten.


This festival is mainly enjoyed by the farmers, who express the happiness of their crops being ripe. And make this festival even better. Seeing the happiness of farmers, everyone’s heart becomes happy.


Along with dancing on this festival, songs of the happiness of Baisakhi are also sung by the people, which are very sweet and good. The raga of Vaisakhi song compels everyone to enjoy this festival.


On this holy festival of Baisakhi, meetings are held in the villages. And everyone laughs and jokes. And meet each other and greet each other. In this way, a mishmash of unity and brotherhood is seen.


In the evening, new dishes are prepared in the homes of all the people. And everyone invites each other to their homes and shares their love. And go to each other’s house and have food. and removes sarcasm.


Many religious programs take place in the night time. In which the hymns and teachings and teachings of God are told. Which people take in their lives and save their lives.


One feels happy after listening to the bhajan kirtan of this assembly. And forgetting all the splendor of life, enjoy life. And pray to God for a good life.


Vaisakhi is considered a festival of the people of Sikhism. But we all together should celebrate this festival. And happiness should be shared. Happiness is the most important moment of life. Sharing it increases.


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