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Essay on Anganwadi | Essay On Anganwadi In Hindi- Hello friends, in today’s article we will learn about Anganwadi, an organization started for the health of children and mother. What is another name of Anganwadi?, What is the purpose of Anganwadi? And what is the work of Anganwadi worker? etc. will be discussed.

Essay on Anganwadi | Essay On Anganwadi In Hindi

Anganwadi is an Indian institution. Its purpose is to look after the health of rural children and women. Anganwadi deals with problems like malnutrition and starvation for the children.


This institution was started in 1975 by the Child Development Services Program. Another name of Anganwadi is “Courtyard shelter”. Anganwadi institution works in child development and care of their health.


It is a system of care for children up to 6 years of age. There is no discrimination of any kind in this. No one can be deprived of education, nutrition, medicine and other activities.


In today’s corrupt society, people adopt the method of discrimination to fulfill their selfish interests. And many employees do not even distribute it. Due to which there is a lack of care of the health of the children.

10 lines about Anganwadi

  1. Anganwadi is an institution started by the Government of India. Its purpose is to check the health of children and their mother and to save them from problems like malnutrition.
  2. Another name of Anganwadi organization is Aangan shelter. which means. Aangan means home, family and shelter means support. That is, the name of this institution has been kept in the name of the help of home or family.


  1. This institution was started by the Indian government in 1975.
  2. Anganwadi organization provides services to children below 6 years of age and their mother in rural areas.
  3. According to the scheme of this institution, only a child of maximum 6 years can be the beneficiary of this scheme.


  1. Many Anganwadi centers have been set up in every village by the Anganwadi organization. Where children are given facilities like sports material, food and drink arrangements, health related check-up etc.
  2. Vaccination for young children is also given free of cost by this organization.


  1. Free medicines and counseling are given to the pregnant woman under the Anganwadi scheme.
  2. Beneficiaries are called to the center from time to time. And their health is checked. And medicines are given. And nutritional items are also given.
  3. Many schemes are run by the Anganwadi organization. In which Sahiya Didi, Mamta Vehicle, Jal Sahiya, Asha Didi, B.L.O etc. are prominent.


Anganwadi essay in hindi

Anganwadi is an organization started for small children. Which has been going on for the last several decades. The health of the children is taken care of in the Anganwadi. And they are given proper counseling. Arrangement of nutrition, sports equipment is also done by these centers.


The main objective of Anganwadi is to nurture and keep healthy children from poor and rural areas. In which they are successful in keeping the children healthy in the basic time. For this reason child health is in much better condition.


This institution was started in India in 1975. Which is almost half a century gone today. This institution has done commendable work in the last years, due to which development has been seen in the health level.


Anganwadi centers have been set up by the government in every corner of the country. Around 15 Benefit Anganwadi Centers have been set up across the country. Where children are given health benefits.


The employees of Anganwadi Center work only for some time in the eyes of the government. But according to the employees they have to do more work. But they do not get salary according to the work.


A better effort Anganwadi has been kept by the government neither in the state list nor in the union list. That is, less importance is being given to it. Employees get negligible salary. Due to which corruption is also seen in this campaign run for young children today.


Anganwadi worker gets only 1500 rupees salary. And no work limit has been set. Due to which the employee is not satisfied with this job. There is a need to improve their economic condition.


Due to the demand of the employees and the positive efforts of the government, the salary of Anganwadi workers and their assistants has been increased. The honorarium of the recipient of 3,000 honorarium has now been increased to Rs 4,500. The employees who were given Rs 2,250. They will now be given Rs 3,500.


The salary of Anganwadi helpers has also been increased. Which has been reduced from Rs 1,500 to Rs 2,250. This a better change of government will help in reducing corruption. Anganwadi helps for better health of the growing population of the country.


What is the purpose of Anganwadi?


The main objective of Anganwadi is to take care of the health of small children. To get rid of mortality, disease, malnutrition. To study and improve the nutritional and health status of children from birth to 6 years.


To sensitize pregnant women by giving them health related information. To maintain better health of children by giving them proper diet in infancy. Anganwadi scheme was started with other objectives.


How to become an Anganwadi worker?


The need for Anganwadi workers and helpers is increasing due to the increasing population ratio and the increasing number of Anganwadi centres. Therefore, like any other job across the country, there is a competitive examination in this as well.


One has to apply online for Anganwadi exam. This examination is conducted by the Department of Women and Child Development. According to the need, recruitment is done by this department for the seats. And those who pass in the examination are selected.


What is the job of Anganwadi worker?


Anganwadi workers make an important contribution to child development. A worker acts with responsibility. The work of the worker of this institution is to take care of the health of pregnant women. And to take care of the health of the child even before his birth.


Vaccination of pregnant woman as per requirement. And vaccinate the newborn by taking care of the health of the newborn after birth. And vaccinate him from time to time till the age of 6 years and distribute nutritional material.


These workers have some responsibilities. In which to survey all newborn babies and to survey about their health. Making everyone regular beneficiaries.


To check the health of the pregnant woman from time to time. Distribution of nutritional material, sports material given by the government to all. etc. is the responsibility of an Anganwadi worker.


Services provided in Anganwadi are

  • Periodic vaccination of pregnant women. and health checking.
  • Vaccination of child from birth to age.
  • Distribution of nutrition, available sports equipment till the age of 6 years.
  • Connecting children to education. and get an education. Providing health related education to women.
  • Health survey of newborns by surveying them.
  • vaccination report. and its assessment.

What facilities should be in an Anganwadi center?

  • There is a big building. In which there is a seating arrangement.
  • There should be a verandah in front of the building. Where you can sit Or to stand.
  • Anganwadi center should have a playground and sports material should be available.
  • There should be a kitchen.
  • There should be cleanliness and hygiene in the center.
  • There should be a better arrangement building, in which there should be a provision for electricity connection.
  • There should be a provision of water but there should not be an open stitch. essentials
  • There should be water, bucket, brush, broom, soap, study material etc.

Through Anganwadi, the government is making arrangements to take care of the health of small children by connecting more and more people with them. Using this system, we should benefit small children.


We should follow the message given through Anganwadi. You should cooperate with schemes like family planning and follow the guidelines issued by the government.


Started for welfare, Anganwadi scheme becomes harmful for us in some situations. In which many such incidents were seen where children left this world due to lack of security in the Anganwadi center.


In one incident, many children died after the wall of the center collapsed. We demand this from the government that for the safety of the children, they should set up the center in a good building. and repair buildings. All of us should cooperate with this campaign of the government and we should connect all the children with Anganwadi.


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