Deus Ex Mankind Divided Walkthrough

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How to get the Neon Nights achievement, where to find a party pass, how to get into the drug laboratory and stop its manufacture.Neon Nights is the first of 13 optional quests in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided that will reward you with a special achievement. You can start this mission after you’re in Prague, but it’s easy to miss.In order not to spoil your impression of this and all subsequent tasks, we will try to keep the number of spoilers to a minimum.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Walkthrough


If you are only interested in the achievement, go to the sewers , the entrance to which is located to the right of the entrance to Adam’s residential complex. Get to the laboratory and stop the production of the drug. But then you will not receive the experience points provided for completing the stages of the task.

How to start a task

For everyone else, on the wall in one of the flights of stairs of the main character’s house is the entrance to the ventilation shaft. Use it to find yourself in apartment 22, where there are two unfriendly dealers. Hack the computer (level 3) in their kitchen, and you can proceed to the passage.

Another way to find out the location of dealers is to eavesdrop on a conversation between two drug addicts near the police station.

Apartment 202

Get down to the subway and follow the signs. They will take you to apartment 202 at 33 Hlavni Street. To get inside, you can:

1. Hack the panel near the entrance (level 2).

2. Take advantage of the ventilation (you will need to improve your legs) in apartment 203 on the opposite side of the residential complex.

3. Remotely open (requires an appropriate upgrade) the curtains outside the building and jump through the window.

Once inside, as soon as possible (the smart home system recognizes you as a stranger), go to the bathroom on the left and pick up a pocket secretary. Now you can go to the party.

How to get to a rave party

To get into the dance marathon of drug addicts, you will have to use either force or cunning. In apartment 202, there will be a locked computer to the right of the entrance. Hack it and ask the “smart home” to call the ” cleaners “. After that, go down to the subway, go to another area of ​​the city and return to the apartment. Now it shines with cleanliness, and a party pass will be waiting for you on the bed on the second floor .

If you are a supporter of forceful measures, then you can simply blow up the door, and break through the wall on the left. After you are waiting for a sprint race on an electrified floor, however, even with a minimum level of health, it is quite possible to reach your goal.

At the party, you are interested in the only locked door, which is in the hallway on the left. Hack the terminal (level 1) next to her and pick up a pocket secretary from the junkie inside.

How to crack the safe in apartment 84

Follow the signs until they lead you to the Libuse residential complex. There are at least two ways to get to the apartment 84 you are interested in:

1. Through the main entrance (you will need to hack the level 2 terminal).

2. Through the ventilation passage in the courtyard of the building (see screenshot).

Using the ventilation, you will immediately find yourself in the room you need: crack the safe (level 4) using the multitool and pick up the pocket secretary.

If you decide to go the civilized way, look for a spray bottle near the sink: it will give you access to a pantry with a safe.

How to get into the neon lab and stop drug production

Go down into the sewers near Adam’s apartment and follow the signs until you reach the location shown in the screenshot below. Enter code 0311 into the terminal on the right and go around the turret. Hack into the computer (level 3) behind her (password is IMCARCOSA ) to eliminate a potential threat, or just run past. Go up the stairs and enter 0311 again in the terminal .

You will find yourself in a drug laboratory. Your target is in the far right corner. First of all, use the laptop (level 3) on the second tier of the room to disable security cameras and laser protection in the room where you are heading. You can do this by making your way through the massive pipes to the left of the entrance to a small nook with a single enemy inside.

Having reached the goal, talk to the woman sitting at the computer and persuade her (options ” Warn ” and ” Resist ” in the dialogue) to stop the production of the drug. If the venture is successful, you will receive the Neon Nights achievement. Otherwise, you will have to personally disable the reactors using your hacking abilities and two batteries to restore powe

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